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Fun Ideas for The Sims 2: University

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Amanda has been a Simmer (fan of "The Sims" games) since childhood. To this day she still discovers new ways to play.


The first Sims 2 expansion pack to be released was The Sims 2 University, in March of 2005. Unfortunately, it is also the one that Sims fans most frequently grow bored with. Players send a few sims to college and play them for four 'years' in days that don't -- seem to, at least -- leave many different activities to do.

The Problem

With most Sims 2 expansions the new content just becomes an everyday part of the game. Weather suddenly exists alongside your sims' daily activities (Seasons) or your sim can come home from work and go on a date (Nightlife). But The Sims 2: University functions a little differently:

When teenage sims get close to adulthood, they might choose to prolong their youth and expand their minds with some college years by going off to university. But this takes them out of their home neighborhood, where the rest of the household continues to exist in stasis, and plants them in a town specifically for young adults and the professors teaching them. They'll reside here and go to class and live in a dorm (or house, if they're lucky enough to have the funds. Or they may join a sorority/fraternity), but due to the isolation from the "real" Sim world and their family and the potential for work it can feel as if they do not progress in this time. Each day has the possibility of being exactly the same for a young adult sim.

If you easily and quickly grow bored with the university life in The Sims 2, read on for a list of suggestions of things to try, to experience, to sit back and relax and watch your sims do. You've probably heard or played at least some of them, but I've found that being reminded of the endless (yes, endless when you constantly create new combinations of activities and character traits and scenarios) potential for young adult sims refreshes the game.


The Solution(s)

Remember, good grades aren't the point of college in this case!

--Go streaking on a community lot.

--Become friends with your professor and watch your grades climb without any extra work.

--Have an affair with your professor: a little woohoo will do so much more for your sims' grades than a handshake or hug!

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--Work in the kitchen for some extra cash.

--If you've got enough simoleons then start furnishing your dorm to be a little more fun!

--(Try to...) Join a fraternity or sorority.

--Better yet, become a part of the 'secret society'. This is an invisible (until you join) lot on campus, a lot certainly worth gaining access to. Once you have it, you can hack your grades. To become a member you must find and befriend three sims who are already members. An identifying feature is their black blazers.

--Make enemies with one of your professors and try to keep your grades up anyway.

--Flunk out!

--Focus on the sims' individual personalities. Is a sim obsessed with popularity really going to be so concerned with good grades or should they be making friends and throwing parties?


--Get out of the dorm and go to the library for study time.

--Join/form a band if there are enough instruments on the lot! No musical talent? Well, that's even more fun then.

--Take time for those little interactions that you've gotten used to passing by with your regular adult sims. Pillow fights are perfect for young adult girls.

--Spend a couple days doing nothing but playing pranks.

--Start a fight.

--Going a little crazy hanging out only in the university town? You can go back to visit the other neighborhoods. Meet Mom for a cup of coffee or go check out a club.

--Ask yourself some basic questions: Does this sim even go to college? Do they make it through all the semesters? Do they have a girlfriend/boyfriend? (You could even make 'Do they have a boyfriend or girlfriend?' the question) What is their aspiration? Then grab a die. Number the aspirations and assign "yes" and "no" to certain numbers. Let the roll of the die determine their fate. It'll mix things up a little.

--Play a full household (whether they actually live in a house or dorm is up to you). It's too many Sims in too large a situation to control all at once without working really hard. Either they'll keep you plenty busy or you'll have to let go a little and let them create their own story-lines, which can get very interesting and fun.

How do/did you play The Sims 2 University? Was it fun? What are some of your tips for making The Sims 2 University fun?


Dora on November 13, 2016:

Thank you!

My tactics in university is that I make as many friends as my future job requires. So I just need to keep in touch.

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