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The Showers in Alcatraz, Mob of The Dead - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies


In Alcatraz, the Showers are my second favorite area for training zombies. It is a very large room, with various obstacles. The center is filled with hanging bodies and sheets. There is a secondary area that is blocked by a fence. This area does not have a lot of items. But it is a necessary area for obtaining the Golden Spork.

This Article will Discuss

  • Items located in the Showers
  • How to access the Showers
  • Layout of the Showers
  • What you need to know

Items Located in The Showers

  • Uniforms - a plane part
  • The Remington - a wall gun
The Portal

The Portal

Blue Arrows mark the way

Blue Arrows mark the way

Travel the Passageway

Travel the Passageway

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Levitate to The Second Level

Levitate to The Second Level

How to Access The Showers

The Showers are located between the Citadel Tunnels and the Cell Blocks. You can access the Showers from the Citadel Tunnels by buying a door for 2000 points. However, to open the door tot he Cell Blocks you will need to activate it using a Voltmeter while in Afterlife.

Steps for Opening the Cell Blocks door

  1. Enter Afterlife by using the electrical box close to the door.
  2. Find the portal. It is on the wall beside the entrance to the steps that lead to the second level of the Cell Blocks.
  3. Enter the Portal.
  4. Go to the back of the passageway, levitate over any obstacles.
  5. When you reach the end turn around and levitate up to the next level.
  6. Go to the end of that passageway and find the Volt Meter.
  7. Shoot Electricity at the Volt Meter.
  8. Return to your body and revive yourself.

Layout for The Showers

The Showers are basically one large room with a small area separated by a fence. The center has bodies that protrude into the running path. This can make training difficult, but manageable. There are many bottlenecks, but careful planning can allow you to avoid these.

The small fenced in area is occupied by the washer that holds a plane part. Zombies do not spawn into this area, making an ideal area for players to camp. Three players can stay in this area, while a forth runs a train in the main part of the room.

What You Need to Know

  • In order to get the Golden Spork you will need to kill zombies in this room with a Blundergat that has been upgraded with the Acid Gat Kit.
  • This is an ideal area to face Brutus. However, if players are camping in the cage they should consider relocating until the guard is dead.
  • Due to narrow running area, it can be difficult for more than one player to run a train in this area.

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