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The Problem with Events in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and Doom Eternal.

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Before I begin

A event is special moment where for a temporary period you can get some special gear in a video game, such as Animal Crossing might do something in the vain of Christmas or Halloween. These events only last for a period of time occasionally repeating, however I have come across a few problems concerning these events in games mainly Animal Crossing Packet Camp and Doom Eternal.

Every other game that has events do it fine but these two games tend to get everything wrong it's nothing so big as to warrant not using them but something to keep in mind when taking part or if you are a programmer or developer making them. Join me as I explain just what my problem is with events in these two video games.

To many chores

Animal crossing is really bad at this

Animal crossing is really bad at this

In most events task for the day is usually something simple, find this guy or fight this which gives these to buy something with, however in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp you are often riddled with task meaning you have to keep checking your phone around the clock to see if you can comeback and collect more fish or gyroids, and in my opinion that just shouldn't be. Most of us are very busy people and don't often have time to check up on games around the clock. You are probably thinking "you should spend only the time you need," and your right but that goes into my next point.

It doesn't come back

It's your only shot period

It's your only shot period

I you have played DC Universe Online or any MMO you will know that even if you somehow miss this event it will comeback next year and you can get your spiffy new cap thin. However in both Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp once the event goes by that's it. Occasionally Doom brings a mini event to wtich you can get that old stuff then you only get a week to the stuff that you couldn't get before and Animal Crossing only revives the holiday events such as Christmas or Halloween meaning if they decide to do a coffee event for some reason and you somehow miss out chances are, it's lost.

I for one don't think that's how it should be give some of us who have a full time job or simply other obligations a chance at these things at least give us the option to straight out buy them if desired to which by the way, Animal Crossing does actually but not Doom.

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There's is another event around the corner

You really should take a break.

You really should take a break.

Let set the scene for you. You have been working on Doom Eternals Summer Bake Off event and you just won the the final prize, the Doomguy skin with the "rip and tear" apron with victory animation of flipping burgers at the barbecue. You can now relax you think and play something else for a little while you go and check your emails and right there in a email it says that they will be launching another events in Doom and it starts in just a few days.

My Point is that the events are to frequent and never give the player a proper break I can even remember a time or two in both games in which two events where running at the same time, and just shouldn't be.

Sometimes You Just Need a Break

I have other obligations

I have other obligations

With all the task you have to complete and all the hours you put into the games completing said task it doesn't take long to get tired of a particular game. even if it is a game you love every now and then you just need a break from it if nothing else to make coming back to it feel like a delightful reunion.

There are so many different games and activities that full out our lives, it becomes a challenge to decided just how to spend what free time we have. The last thing we need is to feel like we are being forced to spend time on a game that we are growing tired of simply because we want that base item and/or costume.

Final Thoughts

I talk mainly about Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp but in fact I speak about all events in video games, most are done right but some times they are done wrong. I understand that the point to an event is to give the game replay value but if we are smothered in events it might push us away from the game versus bringing to the game. Or at least that is what happened to me with both of the games above but what do you guys think please leave me comment in the section below. I'm Wanderin Jim and I hope you all have a super happy day.

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