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The Postcrossing - How to Write a Postcard

The postcard from year 1935

The postcard from year 1935

If you are already registered in Postcrossing it is time to send your first postcard. In this article I would like to sketch some ideas what to write or how to write a postcard. I hope that you will find here useful info and get an inspiration. Please keep in mind that these are just recommendations, all what to write it is up to you and there are no correct or incorrect options.

Check recipient`s profile

Before you start write, first step is carefully read recipient’s profile on Postcrossing. You can find there a lot of handy info. For example, if postcrosser mentioned that he likes poems, you can write your favorite one. Or if recipient prefers learning new languages, so you can put down some words in your language with translations to English (obviously this is tip for non-English users). I hope you get the picture, these are samples you will find many more I you will be active postcrosser.

Tips for postcards

Another option is accomplishing recipients’ requests. They may want your favorite quote, movie, something interesting about your country or about you. Common request is date your postcard. Lately I had the one special – recipient wished for drawn tree, not specific just tree. I have fulfilled her desire and I drew the tree on the back side of postcard. I hope that she recognized that it was the tree, because I am not very good in drawing :)

Say “Hello”

On top of your text should be greeting. You can apply classic “Hello” or “Hi”, but alternatively you may use your own salute typical for your country. After that it is preferred to use recipient name, it is much more personal and it improves joy from receiving postcards. Name of recipient is usually noticed in profile on Postcrossing.

Old postcard in French, wrote in German, 1918

Old postcard in French, wrote in German, 1918

Postcrossing ID

Do not forget on Postcrossing ID, it is very important for registering of your postcard in the system. I would recommend to write it twice or thrice on different places on your postcard. As you know postcards can be damaged during route and your ID can be hard to recognize. So make your life more easily.

Ideas for writing or how to write a postcard

So let’s go. Here are some ideas for you what to write on a postcard:

  • Describe your postcard, which you have sent. You can explain why you chose this card or what recipient cans see on the postcard.
  • Describe yourself; write something interesting about you, your job or family.
  • Write about your favorite food and in this case you can write a recipe.
  • Put down some attractive facts about your country, region, history of your town etc.
  • Write your favorite poem or quote.
  • Mention about your hobbies, as collecting stamps (is common) or beer coasters, playing the guitar, like swimming and so on.
  • What you are doing now, of course no this way - I am writing postcards... Rather “I am seating in our garden and I have a good time with my family”.
  • Write jokes, but keep in mind some definite limits by reason of fact, that Postcrossing is worldwide project, so you can meet some cultural differences.
  • You can write about your friends, family or colleagues,
  • If you can draw, use your creativity and draw something,
  • And finally, if you really do not what to write, you may talking about the weather ;)

Every newcomer needs to get some experiences with writing postcards. You can be inspired by other postcrossers profiles or you will just read received postcards. After couple weeks you will know how to write a postcard very well.

The historic postcard from Norway

The historic postcard from Norway

My example of writing a postcard

Hi Shelly,

I am from Rožňava, small town in Slovakia. The name of town is derived from word "rose". It is old mining town and we have a lot of caves and beautiful nature. On this postcard your can see The Town Tower (built in 1645), it is symbol of our town. I like sitcoms and I play the guitar.

Some slovak words:
Láska - Love
Pohľadnica - Postcard
Svet - World

I wish you all the best.

Closing recommendations

Remember that main goal of Postcrossing is connecting people across the world through postcards. It is about fun, explore new countries, meet new friends, so be tolerant, nice and enjoy it. Keep it creative and interesting. Bear in mind cultural differences and fact that your postcard can receives by a child.

If you are new in Postcrossing and you want to know more, check my other article and learn about this interesting hobby. Join the postcards crossing project and send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world!

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If you like my article The Postcrossing - How to Write a Postcard, please share, rate or comment it. If you have some ideas to improve my hub, please feel free to contact me. I hope you will be inspired and I wish you a lot of beautiful and interesting postcards.


xmetow (author) from moon on January 09, 2020:

It is information about current weather on place where is the poscard written.

Beverly Viljoen on December 23, 2019:

Why do some people write the temperature on their card?

xmetow (author) from moon on April 27, 2012:

Hi amber, I wish you a lot of beautiful postcards ;)

amber on April 27, 2012:

Thank you for your post. this is a cool article. since I start postcrossing, it helps me alot

xmetow (author) from moon on April 01, 2012:

Thank you for commenting, you are welcome. It is nice to read that my article did something good for you.

bkmuze from Northern California on April 01, 2012:

I had forgotten about Postcrossing and now that I think about it, I really miss exchanging cards there. Thank you for reminding me!

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