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The Uses Of Toothpaste You Never Knew About (Other Than The Usual!)

Toothpaste Can Be Used For All Sorts Of Things!

Toothpaste Can Be Used For All Sorts Of Things!

The Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Toothpaste

Usually, people only think theres one thing they can do with toothpaste (brush their teeth!) They're wrong. There are also loads of primary uses for toothpaste which most people never knew about! I'll be showing you them here.

1) Clean Out The Scratches From DVD's

You can easily take out most thin, and some larger scratches on DVD's. You should just apply some to the concerned area, rub, let it dry for a few minutes. After you return, you should rinse it off in lukewarm water and rub with a soft towel

2) Temporarily Relieve Burns

To do this, just put toothpaste on the burn and leave it for a while. It'll cool the burn and relieve pain.

3) Clean Watch Scratches

I've been doing this with many watches and it works great, just dab a small amount onto the face of the watch and rub. Make sure not to get it into the works of the watch, because you won't be able to get it out easily!

4) Polish Silverware/Dining Sets

This is easy, just use the toothpaste to polish silverware and dining sets. This will really bring out the shine in old and rusted silver.

5) Remove Pen & Crayon Marks Off Walls

Using a wet, damp towel, rub the a good amount of (non-gel) toothpaste onto the wall with the towel and rub off the pen and crayon marks.

6) Remove Stains Off Carpets and Sofas

Squeeze onto the carpet/sofa and rub in, afterwards, rinse it all out.

7) Relieve Insect Bites

This really, really helps when out on a safari. Dab some toothpaste onto the swollen area and it'll help sooth the bite well.

8) Stick Things To Other Things

Out of glue? No problem, toothpaste works as a sticky substance and won't ruin what your sticking things to!

9) Clean Your Nails

As with watches, you can clean all the scratches and grub off of your nails by simply rubbing it in and washing it off later.

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10) Remove Dead Skin On Your Feet

Squeeze some toothpaste onto a damp rag/abrasive sponge and scrub away! This usually removes lots of peeling, dead skin on the soles of your feet. This is due to the abrasive nature of the toothpaste.

11) Clean Shoes

Toothpaste can be used to clean the soles, the rubber, and the scuffs. Use the toothpaste with a wet toothbrush.

12) Fill Plaster/Wall Holes

Squeeze toothpaste into plaster holes in a wal, fill to the top and scrape off the rest. Let it set and dry.

13) Treat Spots/Acne

This is only a temporary solution. Be sure not to use this often of let this get into the body. Apply a tiny amount, rub it in slightly, and leave it overnight. The next day, clean it off well with water.

14) Remove Cup Rings/Water Stains From Furniture

Scrub furniture with some toothpaste on a wet towel to remove the ring/water stain. This works well for wood tables which have a waxy finish.

15) Clean Shower Doors and Bath Tubs

You know when you get that dried up lotion stain on bath doors and bath tubs which won't come off with just water and cleaning material. Use toothpaste and scrub to remove it.

16) Freshen Up

Use a bit of minty toothpaste when washing hands to make them smell fresh. This also works to remove those smells that just won't get away, like eggs, garlic, onions...

17) Remove The Fog From Goggles

Rub in a bit of toothpaste to fogged up goggles to remove it. This works great and is a really easy way to remove that fog you thought was impossible to get off.

18) Clean The Grub Off Piano Keys

Do you have that browny, disgusting grub on your keys which you can't get off? Rub some toothpaste into it and it'll come right off.

19) Remove Scratches Off Glass

Remove the scratches from old glassware with toothpaste. Just apply some to the scratches and rub well into them.

20) Clean Rusted Jewellery

Clean rusted/old jewellery by rubbing some non-gel toothpaste into it, this will remove some of the rust and most of the grub you normally can't see/reach.

21) Make Your Teeth Whiter (No Brushing!)

Do this everyday for 4 weeks and your teeth will be noticeably whiter! Just rub a small amount onto your teeth and leave it on for about 4-5 minutes. It works well!

22) Emergency Hair Gel

Going out and need to fix that one, resistant spot? Try a small amount of toothpaste! Just apply where necessary and your hair will obey.

23) Breath Freshener (No Brushing!)

Late for a meeting and don't have time to brush? Just put a pea-sized dab on your tongue and let it move around the mouth. Don't swallow. This swill make your breath smell nice really quickly.

Remember: All these methods should be used at your own risk, be sure not to use them on things which you don't have the right to.



Anonymous on October 24, 2017:

Could it be used as denture adhesive. Trying to fix a fans cap for Halloween

christaktak (author) from London, UK on December 30, 2011:

Haha, I feel the same way. The newer the brand, the better it is for your teeth, but for the solutions above, try to stick to good old white, non gel toothpaste. :)

H C Palting from East Coast on December 29, 2011:

After reading that toothpaste can your exfoliate your feet, I guess that it can't be all that good for your teeth! I've got to switch to a gel ASAP.

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