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The New Furby For 2012 - Release Date, Price, Buy Online

Whether you are happy about it or not, the fact is that the Furby is back. On this page we are going to take a look at the new Furby for 2012 from Hasbro. We will talk about the release date, price and where you can get hold of this exciting new toy. If you were a fan of the original Furby all the way back in 1998 then this one should really impress you.

So the original Furby came out around fourteen years ago. It was marketed as the toy that never sleeps, this was true as the only way to turn the thing off was to rip the batteries out. This was a huge seller for toy company Hasbro and now they are bringing out an updated version for the children of 2012. This new model is far more technical with far more interactive elements yet it still has it’s original charm and cute factor. So let’s have a closer look at it.

The New Furby


Get The New Furby Online

The Brand New Furby Is Here

So as you can see from the picture this cute little fluff ball is designed to appeal to younger children. With big eyes, round ears and soft fur, this little pet looks like a regular stuffed toy. But obviously it is so much more than that. Your new friend will talk to you, dance for you and jump around excitedly whenever you either touch it or talk to it. The new toy comes in ten different colors, so plenty to choose from. Makers say each one will basically have the same personality when it comes out of the box.

The great thing about the new Furby though is that it’s personality will change as you interact with it. So at first it will have very basic language skills and limited moves, as you play with it though you unlock new features. It is almost as if the Furby is learning as it goes along. The toy has various touch sensors, tap it’s head it will respond, touch it’s side it will make a sound. If you hold it upside down it will say something, throw it around and it laughs. If you pull on it’s tail it will actually burp and then giggles. Place your finger in the mouth and you will hear it making a nibbling sound.

The eyes are also very impressive. They are actually mini LCD screens so they are capable of looking in all different directions and even different expressions. The eyes will move in time to the rest of the body or when the toy is talking, this is really impressive and make the toy look much more life like. As with the old version this one will also dance. It will respond to any music you play and start rocking around, some would argue there are better dancing robots but this one is still good fun. The old toy was quite limited in the movement it was capable of, not this one, the new version for 2012 will rock around and dance all over.

The Old Version


New Interactive Features For 2012

Some people have claimed that Hasbro have released this toy to rival the Fijit Friend toys that Mattel have been doing so well with. There are quite a few similarities between the two. The level of interaction on the Furby though is seriously impressive. The toy actually has it’s own language, Furbish in case you were wondering. So what sounds like mindless babble is actually a calculated response to certain sounds. This becomes apparent when you start using the interactive app.

This runs on smart phones and you can use it for various purposes. You can play games with the toy, such as throwing things to it and it will respond. The impressive thing though is that you can use the app to learn Furbish. Just place your device near the toy and it will translate what your Furby is saying. Then it will repeat it in English for you, so your child can actually learn some of the basic language. This is a very impressive feature and it is thought you will be able to use the apps to open up various new responses and actions.

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Another great feature is that the toys will communicate with each other. So put two or more of these together and they will have there very own conversation in Furbish. If you really want them to look good together, play them some music and watch them all dance around in unison.

Release Date, Price & Availability

So now you know a little bit about the new Furby you may be wondering when exactly you can get your hands on one. At first we were unsure of the release date, but now this has been confirmed as mid September. You can actually pre-order the new Furby on Amazon and it states there it will be release on 16th of September. The release date will no doubt be in good time for Christmas so that Hasbro can take advantage of the Christmas rush there may well be for these toys. When it comes to price we are expecting these to retail at around the $60 mark so they are not cheap. You may find after the initial rush to buy these the price does start to come down a little.

One thing we should mention is that once again there is no off button! This may worry some people as the old toys were notorious for being extremely irritating to parents. The new ones will chirp away merrily until you stop playing with them. The idea is that if you leave them for a few minutes they will enter sleep mode and then to get them moving again you need to start the interaction. So although there is no off switch they should not be as bad as the old toys were.

As you can see the new Furby for 2012 looks rather impressive. This is a bold move by Hasbro bringing out an old toy with a new look. But if they can be anywhere near as successful as they were first time round then they could well be onto something. By Christmas we could well find that these cute little toys are chirping up and down all over the place. With the level of interaction and all the different features that these have, we are expecting them to do very well over the next few years.


keira on November 02, 2012:

Can you tell me what games you can play with 2012 furbys?

someone on October 02, 2012:

im begging my mom to buy me a furby (purple or blue)but we don't no were to buy it we spended like 6 difrente stores and we found nothing.i wish i had a furby :(

thanks p.s first to comment yay

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