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Life Is Like A Card Game, An Analogy


Life is like a game of well you do in the end will depend on what you do with the cards you've been dealt.

Definition of a Card Game

A card game is really any game that uses cards to play. There are numerous card games in existence. Some of the games have standardized rules that are very specific, while "others can vary by region, culture, and person."

When one chooses to play a card game it can be for any number of reasons, but the two most common reasons are:

  • 1) Simply for the pleasure of the game. When pleasure of the game is the main reason for playing it, the player has a tendency to relax and see what cards come their way. They may have a desire to win but, the desire to have fun, is simply more overpowering. They are, quite possibly, more interested in the social aspect of the whole affair and winning, although nice, is not their main priority. It is this player that is friendly and will sometimes engage in small talk while playing.

Playing For Fun

  • 2) To win the game. This player has their mind focused on one thing, and one thing only, becoming the winner. Their goal is set, and even if it is at another's expense they will play to win. This may sometimes be referred to as "cut throat" playing. Although, at times this player is fun to play with, being jovial and charismatic while in the lead, they can often become sullen and moody when challenged by another player. At times this player allows his objective, to win, overpower his social skills and is no longer a pleasure to have in the game.


The Rules

Before one can begin to play the game, an understanding of the rules of play is required. The best type of rules and regulations are ones that are specifically written down for all to view, if they desire. These rules must be thoroughly conclusive of all aspects of the game to avoid confusion during play. When the rules are too vague they are left to the interpretation of the players and arguments sometimes ensue. A good game will have a simple explanation of all the rules conveniently available for all players. These rules must be consistently followed by all involved, so that favoritism does not become an issue in the play of the game. The person enforcing the rules must be fair and unbiased, simply providing the consistency the game needs. Once there is a clear understanding of the rules the game can begin.


The Player

Another issue that may be faced when one is willing to engage in the game is the difference of personality and character displayed by each of the players. The game is made up of different individuals from different backgrounds with different standards. With that said, there are some qualities that are more desirable for a player to possess, that can make playing the game more enjoyable. Each of the players must show some form of integrity, cheating is simply not allowed. Each of the players must show some form of charity, brow beating and impatience is not attractive during the game. Each of the players must know simple rules of etiquette, these include but are not limited to; waiting their turn before engaging in play, using please and thank-you's, not raising their voice, not throwing the cards and, by all means, no swearing is allowed.

Tony Clark's Award winning Card Manipulations

Card Shuffler

The Dealer Shuffles and Gives You The Hand You Are Dealt

In each of the different games that may be played with cards the value of the card depends upon the game that is played. The standard deck consists of 52 playing cards with 2 jokers. There are four different suits in the deck, diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs, each suit containing 13 cards.


The King

At the top of the rank is the King. The King is the first position in the chain of royalty. He most certainly has earned his spot by his measured dedication to the play. He is the "expert" or highest ranking official, only second to the rules. He, for the most part, outranks all of the other cards. When he is brought to the table, his influence is felt by all the lesser cards that have been in play.


The Queen

Next in line, only second to the King, is the Queen. The Queen comes into play when the King has already made his stand. She is a little less overbearing although in her passive-aggressive way she still has the power of intimidation on her side. When she is played she cleans up what the King has left on the table. Although she is kinder, possibly a little softer, she still let's you know who is in charge in the game.


The Jack

Following the Queen in the line of royalty is the Jack. The Jack is a climber, he wants to be a King but because of his position he will just always be a Jack. Still influential in intimidating the cards of lesser value, he actually is a "Jack of all trades, but master of none."

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The Ten

The last of the high ranking cards is the formidable Ten card. Not really part of the royal family, he still makes quite a few plays. He prides himself in being the perfect score, the "10" but only when the rest of the family has already been played. He is in the middle of the road, keeping his little Ten nose clean, but if necessary he can be thrown on the table and take down the lower cards.


Nine Through Two

The next sequence of cards involved in the game are the cards of lesser value, these are the Nine through the Two. These cards do add interest to the game, for without them the game would really be no fun at all. What would the royal cards do with all the time left on their hands not having anybody to trump? They would simply sit at the top and wait for some unsuspecting card to happen along with a number they could challenge. Now what fun would there be in that really?


The Ace

The Ace must be the next card discussed. This card is multifaceted, a real complex one at that. Being the lowest in numerical value, it retains its humble stand, by being played in the position of the one. But when needed it becomes the "Ace in the hole" and shows its face to make a "Royal Flush" at the top of the cards, commanding all the other cards to fall in line.

Who Is Missing?

I bet you think I have forgotten somebody, but alas I have not, this is the card with the theme of the day in his face, The Joker; after all, there wouldn't be much to a Joke without the Joker, now would there?


The Joker

Yes, this little fellow is completely wild. Sometimes you see him and sometimes you don't. He is a devilish imp, playing pranks on the rest of the cards in the game. There are only two of them in a deck so they are very rarely seen in play, however when they are played they stop all of the rest of the play in its tracks. The Joker is known to command attention, taking the "wind out of your sails" if you are the brunt of his pranks, or raising you to the top, if you use him to your advantage. An interesting thing to note however, is that not all games require the use of the Joker, and in fact, oft times he becomes lost, misplaced, or simply thrown away and deemed unnecessary for the game. Such is the life of a Joker, short lived at best.


Life's Lessons

One can learn many things by playing a game of cards. One great lesson learned from experienced play is developing the power of discernment, or in other words, "you know when to hold ‘em." At other times it is best to "put one's cards on the table" and let others know where you stand. At all times it is best to "play one's cards right" especially if winning "is in the cards."

Let's Play

Yes, life is like a card game, you never know who the winner is until the last card is played.

So shuffle the deck and deal out the cards, I can't wait to see what is in my hand.

Yes, I Would Certainly Be In The Doghouse NOW



camdjohnston12 on June 03, 2011:

Great hub.

Tommy on October 28, 2010:

Great card manipulation video, thank you.

Pozyczki on February 23, 2010:

yeah that's pretty much the case

Paul on November 24, 2009:

The dogs playing poker looks just like my weekly local game!

tom on November 24, 2009:

I enjoyed the photos of the classic cards, they have true character.

gmpoint on October 24, 2009:

yeah that's pretty much the case

Shadesbreath from California on September 01, 2008:

Depending on the nature of the game is whether or not I play for fun or to win. Sometimes, it's fun to have a poker game where the point is to play to win. Everyone comes with the same understanding. Anyway, interesting hub. That video of the dude doing card tricks was very cool. I stayed with it to the end and have to say, his closing bit pulling endless cards out of the air was magnificient. Good pull on that video man.

In The Doghouse (author) from California on September 01, 2008:

@anime_nanet- Glad you enjoyed the video.

@Lilymag- Some of those old cards are pretty awesome, aren't they?

@akeejaho- My grandparents used to play Canasta, but I never learned myself. It looks like a really fun game however.

@Shirley- It is good to know your advantage point! I don't ever gamble myself either.

Shirley Anderson from Ontario, Canada on September 01, 2008:

I know without a doubt which player I am....not the winner! That being said, I did win a game of Old Maid once a few years ago. My opponent was 6. Without that kind of leverage, I'm sunk. I never go near the tables at a casino.

Good hub!

akeejaho from Some where in this beautiful world! on September 01, 2008:

Nice Hub Doghouse! Wasn't what I was expecting though! (When I read the title!) Nice job

We play Canasta here, with 16 or so decks. I don't know what gets more tired. My hand from holding all the cards, my butt from sitting so long, or my brain from adding up the score!

Lilymag from Upstate New York on September 01, 2008:

Ya know this is funny, I just dug out my old double box of Johnny Walker Red and Black cards the other day, they have to be 30 years old....Thanks for the great hub again!

anime_nanet from Portugal on September 01, 2008: