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The Most Complete World Boss Guide for "Summoners War"

World Boss Pan'ghor


Why World Boss Is Important

Pan'ghor is one of the most overlooked aspect of gameplay in "Summoners War". A lot of players will just spend their 30 energy everyday on it and move on without thinking about it. They are wrong though. World Boss has an incredible loot table. One that doesn't even require much effort to obtain the best drops. Seriously, a week or two of work will get you 3 chances a day at Legendary Scrolls and Devilmons....yeah. So read the guide and get to work.

How the Loot Works

World Boss gives you 3 chances a day to get various loot. The highlights of this are Legendary Scrolls, Light & Dark Scrolls and Devilmons but you can also get evolution materials, Other Scrolls, Manastones, Summoning Stones and Crystals. Even when you aren't getting one of the big 3 prizes it's usually worth the 10 energy each attempt costs.

After completing a run of WB you will be given a rank between F and SSS. F being the worst and SSS being the best. What loot and how many chances you have to get it will depend on rank.

For example: Whole Legendary Scrolls only become at C Rank or Higher. C rank will give you 5 items from the loot table. So 5 chances at a Legendary Scroll. B Rank will give you 6 items. B Rank gives you a better chance to get a Legendary Scroll.

SSS Rank Drops from World Boss


Loot Table for World Boss

MS=Mystic Scroll, EleS=Water, Fire, Water Scroll
L/D=Light & Dark, LS= Legendary Scroll

Rank# of DropsNotable Loot



MS, EleS, L/D Pieces, LS Pieces



MS, EleS, L/D Pieces, LS Pieces



L/D Scroll, Devilmon, Legendary Scroll



L/D Scroll, Devilmon, Legendary Scroll



L/D Scroll, Devilmon, Legendary Scroll



L/D Scroll, Devilmon, Legendary Scroll

Final Thoughts on Loot

As you can see from the table above getting a minimum of D rank is essential to getting the access to the best rewards. This means it can sometimes be better to split your best units evenly among your 3 attempts if you find you aren't getting D or better on all attempts.

Each rank above simply increases your chance to get the better loot with more drops. There also levels to each rank. Either a + or a - will be added to the score. So score affects the drop rate of good loot. A+ will get you the same amount of drops as A but with a better chance to get good items.

How the Score is Calculated

Com2us doesn't let us see how the calculation works. The number also has a variable factor I'll discuss further down that can make it hard to be certain about the specifics. With that in mind here is what I can tell you affects your WB score for sure.

  • Monster Level
  • Amount of Monster Brought
  • Awakened Monsters*
  • Skill Ups
  • Rune/Artifact Quality
  • Total Monster Stats
  • Pvp Stat buildings (Ancient Sword, Sky Tribe Totem, Etc)
  • Monster Element*

Sigmarus is the Perfect Monster for this

Water type on a Natural 5 Star monster that can be skilled up without Devilmons.

Water type on a Natural 5 Star monster that can be skilled up without Devilmons.


Pan'ghor is a Water/Fire type which something we don't see anywhere else in the game. This means that certain types will score better against the boss. I don't know why Com2us made this choice but it means Water monsters will have an advantage.

See the Table below for explanation.

Type Advantages

Water is best, Fire is Worst and the rest breaks even.

TypeAgainst WaterAgainst Fire
















Stats Over Everything

Monster Level, Rune Quality and Pvp buildings can all be summed up under "STATS". Pan'ghor doesn't care how well your monsters are runed, all it cares about is pure numbers. You will see this go up naturally as you play the game. Every time you level one of your top 60 monsters you will be increasing your world boss score. The same is true for leveling runes and artifacts. The higher the numbers the better.

This means natural 5 star monsters will typically out perform other monsters. They tend to have much higher base stats and just get bigger. Lower star monsters have their advantages though as will be discussed below.

Note: You can create a World Boss Slave out of your high quality bad Runes.

Skill Ups to Boost your Score

World Boss score is heavily influenced by how many skill ups a monster has received. There are two things we can take away from this.

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Firstly, devilmons are the most valuable resource in the game. Using these on your best natural 5 star monsters is an easy way to increase your rank in World Boss.

Secondly, even 2-4 star monsters can be very good in WB. Even though their stats are weaker they make up for it by being much easier to skill up. Monsters Like Chilling, Galleon and Megan will perform well because you will be able max them out fairly easily.

Which Stats are most Important for World Boss

Ok so this is where things get complicated. No one knows for sure which stats are best. There is some small studies done by players but for every piece of evidence saying one thing there is usually a contrary answer. Seiishizo who was at least once the #1 player for WB says that Speed doesn't do much more good. Another player named Khanforpresident ran an experiment where he extrapolated that Crit rate and Speed were the most important.

So it's hard to say. My Advice is to rune for the stats that monster already excels at. If it's and HP type than HP % runes will likely give you the best result because the % will be bigger.

KhanforPresident and Seiishizo

Step by Step World Boss Guide

World Boss opens up after clearing the dimensional rift one time. I think at this point most player will have 10-20 monsters that meet the requirements to participate (Level 15). So I'm going to start from there. Most of you reading this will be past this point so just jump in on the instructions where it lines up with your experience.

  1. Get 30 Monsters Above Level 15
  2. Put Runes on those monsters
  3. Start building accessible 2-3 star monsters*
  4. Fuse Veromos or Sigmarus
  5. STOP Until you can farm Giants b10 or higher
  6. Start investing in Pvp structures
  7. Get 60 Monsters Above level 15
  8. Improve rune quality
  9. Get 10 Monsters to Max level
  10. Start getting Artifacts for Max level monsters
  11. STOP Until you can you can reliably farm Rift Beast on R4 or higher

At this point you should be able to play all aspects of the game competently. The following steps should be followed in whatever order makes sense for you.

  • Max all Pvp Structures
  • Max Skill all water Nat 5's
  • Fuse more phoenix for skill ups
  • Buy from Guild shop or Fuse ifrits for Theomars or other non-fire ifrit
  • Increase Rune Quality
  • Increase Artifact Quality
  • Create Rune Slave monsters just for World Boss

*Monsters like Water Howl, Water Hellhound, Water Inugami are easy to get skill up for and will help your score raise quickly.

About Second Awakenings

Second Awakened Monsters gain a boost to base stats much like the first awakening does. You would think this mean they would do better in World Boss and this half true. A monster will be score less points after second awakening. The reason for this is the lack of skill ups. Which are highly valuable in the score calculations. Now of course once max skilled they will perform better than before. Just keep in mind your Lulu will take a big drop in WB contribution after gaining it's friends.

Should you second awaken monsters for World Boss? Yes, because you can always make more free skill ups for them. Just takes time.

2A Hemos

My most recent 2a actually took Hemos from 2nd team to 3rd team.

My most recent 2a actually took Hemos from 2nd team to 3rd team.

Side by Side Base Stat Comparison

Better Base stats after Second Awakening. Worse Contribution to World Boss.

Better Base stats after Second Awakening. Worse Contribution to World Boss.

Why Your Score Changes Everyday in World Boss

After a week or so of running World Boss daily you will start to notice the numbers don't always add up. It can be especially frustrating when you spend all day making a new max level monster just to see your score down. This is because the calculations have a variable factor. Your score will will go up and down daily by a undetermined amount. This has been reported has 200,000 points and also as a 15% swing. It's hard to say which is right because as far as I know there isn't anyone who has run the same units without upgrading them for long enough to get enough data.

Just don't get discouraged if your score goes down. It will come back.

Ranking Against Other Players

I've covered what you can expect to get from loot at the end of each attempt but here is something else to be considered. Depending on where you rank amongst all other players you will be awarded an amount of crystals every time the boss goes down. This ranges from 5 for just showing up to 300 for being in first place. Top 100 gets you 200 crystals. This is pretty difficult to get and requires gaming the system a bit which I will explain below. So what you should be aiming for is the top 5% of all players which will get you 175 crystals. Even top 20% will get you 100 crystals. An extra 100 crystals a week will certainly help improve your progression in any area of the game.


Current Best Rank as of December 2021

Current Best Rank as of December 2021

Competition Keeps Growing

The longer Summoners War continues the stronger the average player becomes. Free event Natural 5 stars, weekly devilmons and adding content like artifacts and ancient runes will keep raising the bar. Don't forget to keep your team competitive you will need to upgrade regularly.

Don't get discouraged. Your damage may go up while your rank my fall. This is normal.

Gaming the World Boss (How to Get into the High Ranks)

If you are trying to rank high amongst your fellow players or just trying to move up a bracket you will need to know how to game the WB to you advantage.

Once spawned it takes the player base a few days to kill the boss. Once he goes down he is gone for a few hours and then respawns to start all over again. This means that every few days you will have a day where two World Bosses exist on the same day. This is important because you only get 3 attempts and if you use them to finish off the old one you won't be able to attack the new one. Likewise you can save your attacks for the new boss. Using this wisely you can get an extra attack on a boss you are doing well on or you can get a head start knowing half the player base attacked the dying boss.

Occasionally you will find the perfectly timed boss. This means a boss that dies within a few minutes after server clock rolls over. For example a boss that has 1% health at 12:05 am. When the clock rolls over you can get 3 fresh attempts and get your attacks in before it dies. This is how I broke top 5% for the first time.

Tips for World Boss

Down here at the bottom I'm going to put a list of tips that can help you edge out a few more points to raise your rank.

  • White Artifacts are cheap to level and can add a lot raw stats.
  • Gildong (water toaist) Is extremely strong because he is a Water Nat 4 with 3 star skill ups.
  • Buy 5 Star Rainbowmons from Guild shop weekly to grow your stable.
  • Tartarus is free way to get grindstones and gems if you haven't put together a raid team yet.
  • Check Runes often to make sure you aren't using old poor quality ones.

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