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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Review


Warning: Possible spoilers ahead

So here is my second Legend of Zelda review, this time of Twilight Princess, which is a game I do really enjoy, but definitely nothing like as much as Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. In fact, although I still love it, it is probably the bottom of my favourites list, having played and completed only 5 (well almost 5 at least) Zelda games, but loving all of them of course. The reason for this is that there were certain aspects that I did actually find to be a bit of a niggle, finding it easily the most flawed out of all the Zelda games I have played. However, there were also aspects I loved about it too, making my feelings overall mixed, but still overall positive, about the game.

First of all, I loved the atmosphere and final boss fight of the game, as well how cinematic it overall was, all these being my favourite things about the game. This goes for the music too, which no doubt incorporates into the atmosphere, along with the immersiveness. It had some pretty impressive, epic cutscenes, giving a real cinematic and epic feel, with its dark, gothic, realistic art style giving off a really epic, amazing, dark atmosphere, which kept me really engaged throughout. I think a Zelda game with a lot of atmosphere is always a priority of mine, as it is just a truly amazing, magnificent feeling to feel like you're playing a game and watching a film at the same time, as it keeps you truly engaged, making the immersion feel all the more amazing. This is why I have a considerable preference for 3D Zelda games, the atmosphere is just really important to me, one of the most important factors to me at that. I also enjoyed the dungeons, with Arbiter's grounds, Temple of Time, Palace of Twilight and of course Hyrule Castle being real favourites of mine, although Lakebed Temple and City in the Sky where honestly the most frustrating, annoying, exasperating dungeons I've ever came across, being my least favourites in the series with just how overly and annoyingly confusing and complex they were, not to mention tedious they were! I'm surprised Lakebed temple isn't the most infamous water dungeon of the Zelda series, as really the infamous Ocarina of Time one is not that bad; in fact it's actually kind of fun once you get used to it, though admittedly is still a pain in the backside, though compared to Lake Bed temple it's pretty fun!

The Final Boss battle was absolutely epic and amazing, starting from the build up of making your way to face Ganondorf with Ganondorf's theme playing, something reminiscent of Ocarina of Time, giving a really amazing sense of tension, as well as fulfilment and accomplishment realizing how far you've come. The battle itself is easily one of the best in the series, being a whopping four-phase battle, which gives a most amazing, exciting feeling as you feel totally engaged and immersed in this never-ending fest of fun and epicness, being full of epic cutscenes, atmosphere and exciting gameplay. The final cutscene of the battle of Link dealing an ending blow on Ganondorf who then stands up and dies, standing up as well, as Link and Zelda look on, really tops it off! Plus I think any battle that involves Zelda helping you in the battle is always a real plus, again like in Ocarina of Time.

I loved the featured lore of the Hero's Shade as well as the Ocarina of Time reference to this, the fact this is actually meant to be the Hero of Time, teaching his descendant the skills for becoming a hero, I think that was a really interesting, fascinating piece of lore to include, especially as it incorporates the Hero of Time's story into the Hero chosen by the goddesses (or of Twilight?) story, and really adds onto the Hero of Time's story, which took place 100 years prior of course.

Now to the cons. Well, there are a few things about this game that I did find quite annoying, in particular the plot/story. I found the plot/story was just far too disjointed and incoherent, with there having been two (possibly even three) main stories that had nothing to do with each other, being first involving Link and the Ordon kids and Ilia (his apparent love interest), then the story involving Zant usurping Midna, then, if you count it at the very end, Ganondorf possessing Zelda's lifeless body! It just really annoyed me how disjointed it all was, as the main story was made out to be about Zant and Midna and Zant having cast Twilight onto the Light World, but then there was also this whole other story going on that seemed to be dominating quite a bit which was the Ordon kids and Ilia being kidnapped and King Bulblin going after them making Link fight against him, which had no connection whatsover to the main story involving Zant, Zelda and Ganondorf, which I just found really annoying, especially as none of the Ordon kids or any of the other characters involved in their thread (Renado, Telma etc.) seem to have anything to do with Zant and Ganondorf, or even Zelda for that matter, not even ever mentioning them or seeming to know they exist at all. This just seemed a bit weird to me, and annoying, especially with Zant being the initial, main antagonist, and Ganondorf being the ultimate and main antagonist, yet none of the supporting characters ever seem to mention them or even know they exist for that matter. It just seemed really disjointed and incoherent to me that you go from focusing on trying to defeat Zant and Ganondorf, being involved in Midna's story, to committing to saving the Ordon kids and Ilia, neither of which have anything to do with each other, making it seem overall very disjointed, incoherent and messy indeed. It's annoying as well I found that you spend all that time talking to Telma, Renado and all the other NPCs even, yet they never mention Zant or Ganondorf and the threat they are, despite them being the main antagonists of the game. Telma and Renado where particularly annoying for this, as they only ever seemed committed to the story with the Ordon kids, yet they kept popping up as if they were some significance, yet had nothing to do with the main plot involving Midna, Zant, Zelda and Ganondorf.

That being said, I found the Ordon kids and Ilia really annoying and most unlikeable, being very irrelevant to the main story involving Midna, Zant, Zelda and Ganondorf as they just keep popping up going on about their own thread while being completely ignorant to the main story, as well as just being really annoying and hogging the screen unneccessarily. They just added nothing to the story basically, only seeming to ever serve as what was clearly supposed to be a representation of Link's home and family. I found Ilia to be particularly annoying and unlikeable with just how very much one-dimensional she was, being a total Mary-Sue, who would just keep simpering away with her "sweet, kind and cutesy" personality and "pretty" face, while also being forced upon us as she is made out so clearly to be Link's love interest, despite the fact we as players grow no attachment to her at all, as she just seems to simply be there to serve as Link's love interest, adding absolutely nothing to the main story, having no connection with it whatsover. That (clearly romantic) cutscene of her and Link when Link finally restores her memory is the most exasperating, as it again has nothing to do with the main story, adding nothing to it, yet it seems to be shoved in our faces with a clear emphasis on how romantic this is. Colin was also really irritating, being all whiny and sappy, as he just kept hogging the screen and would not stop talking, while also contributing absolutely nothing to the main story, again having no connection with it whatsover. He just kept popping up annoyingly, trying to make out he was important when he really wasn't.

That was definitely my least favourite thing about the game, the thing I found most annoying, and if it wasn't for that I would've liked it a lot more. I also found the overworld to be too sprawling and complex for my liking, namely with Hyrule field being split off into all these different sections, as well as the side content being too tedious with the golden bugs that you have to keep squinting everywhere to see, only being particularly noticeable at night, being scattered all over the place, as well as the Poe souls being scattered all over the sprawling overworld, and only defeatable at night, and yet there is no suns song or any other means of changing the time of day like in previous games, making it quite the royal pain! I found it can be overall quite a tedious game to replay, especially after having replayed it every few months, due to the sprawling overworld you have to traverse, tedious side quests, tedious fetch quests (namely with the shadow insects), Lake Bed Temple, City in the Sky and the very slow, tutori-thon beginning! It's not a game you can just glide through, making the replay value pretty poor.

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However, it's still a good game, but for these reasons, particularly with the disjointed, incoherent story, it has easily bumped it down my favourites list to the bottom.

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