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The Intellivision Amico: The Ultimate Family Console

The Intellivision Amico is a brand new console inspired by the Mattel Intellivision of the 1980's. It hopes to bring families back together.


Family Fun Reimagined


The Intellivision Amico is a reimagined version of the classic Intellivision console albeit with modern technology.

The original Intellivision came with analog controllers and came in a box-like shape. The Amico comes in a sleek modern design and the controllers are wireless and use touchscreen technology. The Amico also has RFID, motion controls, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The goal of the Amico is to bring the family together again through fun and simple games that your mom and dad, grandma and grandpa and aunt and uncle can enjoy.

Simple Affordable Family Entertainment


Simple - The Amico has casual games for the casual gamer. These games are simple enough to pick up and play. Even without an instruction manual or a tutorial anyone from your mom and dad, grandma and grandpa and aunt and uncle can participate.

Imagine playing Skiing with your mom, Astrosmash with your dad or Major League Baseball with your brother.

Anyone of all ages and skill levels can play on the Amico.

Affordable - At launch, digital downloadable games will cost no more than $9.99. That costs less than the price of a movie ticket or is just the cost of two cups of coffee at Starbucks. Going to the movies for a family of 4 will cost between $100-$150 if you include the cost of tickets, snacks and drinks. The cost of an
afternoon of fun on the Amico is just $9.99 or less.

The price of a game is just the price of 2-3 McDonald's Happy Meals. While the Happy Meal may make your kid happy for half an hour, the game you buy for your Amico will provide endless hours of enjoyment and can be replayed over and over again.

For the small price of $9.99 or less, you can spend quality time with your family, relatives and friends.

Family - Tommy Tallarico was nothing but a kid playing the Intellivision with his mom and dad and with his siblings Mike and Karen. Everytime he would get interviewed, he would fondly recall those times and would then be sad as he can no longer play anything recent with his parents as new games are so complex and intimidating.

Tommy aims to make gaming great again and make the Amico the centerpiece of your living room where the whole family can bond and have a good time together.

Tommy comes from an Italian lineage and Italians are very family oriented.

Thus all games are free from bad language, graphic violence/blood or sexual content.

Entertainment - The Amico aims to provide endless hours of entertainment by utilizing Intellivisions vast library of games and properties as well as some new properties. Whether you are a sports fan, a racing enthusiast or platformer lover, there is something for everyone.

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Trust and Value


The two most valuable things to Tommy Tallarico are trust and value.

He wants consumers to trust the Intellivision brand as a brand that is family friendly and a brand that produces quality games.

Imagine a console that only has ESRB E10 rated games. You do not have to worry about accidentally buying games that have foul language, violence or sexual content.

You also do not need to waste time figuring out how to set parental controls as everything related to the Amico is child safe.

The games also do not contain forms of monetization such as in-game ads, microtransactions, loot boxes and in-game purchases.

This gives you peace of mind. You do not need to worry about your child spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on microtransactions and running up your credit card bill.

The Intellivision Amico also provides you and your family tremendous value for only $249. It contains everything you need right out of the box.

It contains two controllers , six pack-in games (Skiing, Astrosmash, Farkle, Shark! Shark!, Cornhole and an unannounced sixth game.

Not since the Super Nintendo has a console come out with two full controllers.

It also has a downloadable app for Android and IOS that up to 8 players can play on the same console without the need for additional controllers.

You can also get new games for your Amico for $9.99 or less. No $60 or $70 games here!

You also get a free game on your birthday as well! No other company does this!



The Intellivision Amico goes back to the golden era of gaming where friends and family gathered together in the living room to have hours of fun.

Tommy Tallarico was a product of this era and intends to make gaming great again!

© 2021 Jan Michael Ong

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