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The Intellivision Amico: A Case Study in How to Succeed in Grassroots Marketing

The Intellivision Amico is a brand new console inspired by the Mattel Intellivision of the 1980's. It hopes to bring families back together.


The Face of the Franchise


Is it strange for the big boss of a company to be the face of the company? Absolutely not! Bill Gates has been the face of Microsoft since its inception. Steve Jobs was the face of Apple. Dave Thomas was the face of Wendy's. Colonel Sanders was the face of Kentucky Fried Chicken. It has been done before and done to great success.

Tommy Tallarico has become the face of the Intellivision brand since he formed the new company Intellivision Entertainment in May of 2018.

He has appeared on countless interviews and on official promotional videos. Tommy and the Amico have also been featured in many articles on magazines and on various websites.

What is Grassroots Marketing?


Grassroots marketing is known in some circles as guerilla marketing. It is concentrating your efforts on a small group of people and hoping that small group spreads the word around to a much larger audience.

It is being used by many companies due to its low cost as compared to marketing through more traditional methods.

Why is Intellivision Using Grassroots Marketing


Intellivision has a passionate core audience that was built up in the 80's and 90's. They would love the idea of a reimagined and updated version of the

Intellivision they grew up with. They would then share that same passion to their friends and relatives.

So far the main forms of grassroots efforts that Tommy Tallarico has utilized are via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and AtariAge.

This is an effort that has cost Intellivision nothing in terms of marketing dollars yet has yielded significant results.

Already, Intellivision has generated the following results

-2600 Founders Edition Units sold in under 5 hours.
-Over $25,000,000 in purchase and pre-orders.
-Over 100,000 units pre-sold to fans and retailers.
-Nearly $8.5 million in investments raised through Republic.Co as of the end of February 2021.

Not bad for a company that has spent nothing in terms of marketing and advertising dollars right?

Value and Trust


For consumers, Intellivision offers a system that is family friendly, has affordable games and does not have monetization in the forms of loot boxes, paid downloadable content, microtransactions, season passes and in-game advertising.

For investors, it offers them a chance to capitalize on the $3.1 billion worldwide casual gaming market which has been largely untapped by Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

Tommy Tallarico recognizes that he does not have billions to spend on advertising and marketing so he is being a good steward of the money his investors entrusted him and only makes necessary expenses. He keeps the powder dry until it is actually needed.

Rooting for the Underdog


Tommy Tallarico is a fan of the Rocky Balboa movies where Rocky overcomes great odds and vanquishes his opponents. Tommy has developed the same underdog mentality where he tries to overcome the odds to succeed.

When he and Victor Lucas started Electric Playground, people thought nobody would waste their time watching a show about video games. The doubters were
proven wrong and the show ran on television from 1997 to 2015 and still continues until this day on YouTube.

When Tommy decided to channel his passion for video games and music into Video Games Live, everyone thought it was not a good idea as nobody would pay to listen to video game music. Tommy founded the company in 2002 and has had more than 420 shows and has been viewed by millions of people.

Now that Tommy Tallarico is now in the video game console market what is there to doubt based on his track record?

Tommy has decided to pay it forward and help small content creators on YouTube. He will make time to talk to you in an interview whether you have 100 subscribers or 1,000,000 subscribers. He decided to help the underdog.

This creates a very good public perception of Tommy Tallarico and Intellivision as most CEO's tend to be aloof and inaccessible. Tommy comes off as a very humble and down to Earth guy. Tommy comes off as a regular guy despite him being a multi-millionaire.

Using Traditional Advertising


Will Intellivision use traditional marketing and advertising methods? Of course! But they will do so closer to the launch date of the Amico. It is useless to keep on spending money on advertising and marketing when you do not have any product to sell yet.

According to Intellivision President and CEO Tommy Tallarico, they have earmarked $10 million for this purpose. This will allow them to be able to show television ads as well as ads in print media and on the Internet. This would also enable them to get consoles in the hands of people through various retail outlets.

It does not mean that if you use grassroots marketing, you cannot use traditional means of marketing and advertising.

© 2021 Jan Michael Ong

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