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The Infirmary in Alcatraz, Mob of The Dead - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies


The Infirmary is small part of the map, but it is an essential area in Alcatraz. This area is vital to getting Hell's Retriever, building the plane, getting the Golden Spork, and accessing the Roof. With multiple small rooms this area is normally only used by players in order to travel to the roof, pick up parts, or complete objectives.

This Article will Discuss

  • Items located in the Infirmary
  • How to Access the Infirmary
  • Layout of the Infirmary
  • What you need to know

Items Located in The Infirmary


How to Access The Infirmary

There are a total of three entry points leading to the Infirmary. The entry points are connected to the Cafeteria, the Cell Blocks, and the Roof.

You can enter from the top level of the Cell Blocks by buying a door. The door is located in a small hallway that is at the end of the walkway behind Electric Cherry and the building station.

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From the Cafeteria you can travel to the Infirmary by taking the door that is on the side of the Cafeteria's main entrance. This will lead up a flight of stairs and into the Infirmary.

The third access point is from the Roof. This is more commonly used as an exit to the Roof. This door can not be bought. You will need to open in while in Afterlife. Opening the door is explained in detail in the article describing the Roof.


Layout of The Infirmary

The Infirmary is a small collection of rooms. There are two rooms that have bath tubs, a tiled hallway, the main room, and the small room that leads to the Roof.

The bathtub rooms are too small to consider any type of train. These rooms are normally used for travel, picking up parts, getting the Golden Spork, or hitting the box.

The tiled hallway is also used mostly as a passageway. However, the portal to open the Roof is also in this area and it is a possible location of the acid bottle for the Acid Gat Kit.

The main room is identifiable by the wolf head painted on the wall. This is also the room that holds the part for the plane. This room is normally passed through quickly. However, you will need to kill zombies in this room in order to feed the wolf and unlock Hell's Retriever.

The final room is also very small. This room has Deadshot Daiquiri and acts as a passageway to the Roof.

What You Need to Know

  • It can be difficult to escape this area during high rounds.
  • If the Prison Guard appears it is a good idea to bring him to the Roof or the Cafeteria.
  • Feed the Beast early in this area. It can be tricky as the rounds progress.

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