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The Future of Live Gaming

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SEO meta description: What is live gaming, and what is the future of live gaming? We take a look at the possible next milestones in the live video gaming and live casino gaming worlds.

The internet has been the precursor to a wide range of inventions and innovations, not least in the gaming sphere. The ability to connect with other gamers live through the internet is what brought about the live gaming niche, which, if you pardon the pun, has been a game-changer in the industry. We recap on live gaming and speculate on what the future holds for it here.

What is live gaming?

Live gaming is a niche within gaming that allows players to compete against other gamers in real-time. It can apply to both video games where players take on other players from around the world, possibly on their own or within teams. And it can also apply to live casino games available at reputable live gaming casinos.

Live casino games are a little different because the player is always against the casino, possibly in the form of a real person acting as a dealer. These games are streamed live from a game developer’s studio with real cards and roulette reels, as opposed to programmed games with animated dealers etc.

Developments in live gaming

Live gaming has continually improved over time. And these improvements have been simultaneous with improvements to internet connectivity and gaming technologies. We now have faster internet speeds such as 5G, which reduce ping for gamers, also known as lag time. And the devices and consoles we use to play live games have improved. In fact, products have been made specifically for live gaming, such as headsets where players can communicate with teammates or the enemy.

Another significant development in the live video gaming world is cloud gaming. This is where the gamer doesn't own a physical game, but instead, the game is located in the cloud. This allows the game to be playable across multiple devices and screen types. This makes live gaming accessible between friendship groups even when those gamers don't possess the same gaming console.

The future of live gaming

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the next big milestone in live gaming. The topic that creeps up the most is undoubtedly virtual reality. The introduction of virtual reality into the live gaming niche would be a huge milestone and will undoubtedly take live gaming to another level.

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At the time of writing, virtual reality is still regarded to be in its infancy, with the technologies still being developed and perfected. Although you can already play virtual reality games, combining this with live gaming is still extremely rare.

It would open new possibilities for game developers. For example, game developers could recreate real casinos from the Las Vegas strip in live casino gaming, where players could walk around and interact. Players may even be able to score virtual reality jobs as dealers or staff, who could then earn virtual money to be used on the virtual reality live casino games.

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