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The Future of AI: Meet HLN-A in Genesis

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Your AI Companion

ARK: Genesis is a DLC for the Steam sandbox survival game ARK: Survival Evolved released in February 2020. The story of ARK: Genesis should take place after the Extinction DLC, but players enter the game only to find that the story within this DLC seems to have nothing to do with ARK: Survival Evolved as a whole. To explain this issue, ARK: Genesis introduces a small, high-tech robot: HLN-A, a new companion operated by artificial intelligence.


Although HLN-A is said to be a piece of technology from the future, she is surprisingly talkative and has to explain everything she encounters first. Thanks to her explanations, you will be able to understand the characteristics of each area of ARK: Genesis, as well as understand why the world of ARK: Genesis was designed the way it is designed.

Explore Genesis with HLN-A

ARK: Genesis is only the first part of an epic two-part story. ARK: Genesis has the player join a system simulation that has five unique environments: swamp, snowy mountain, volcano, space, and ocean filled with an invasion of hostile threats. At first glance, out of the five, the ocean environment is the safest, landing on the top of a small rock island. However, once you enter the water you'll quickly realize this biome is equally dangerous. In addition, every time the player encounters an incomprehensible phenomenon or a new creature, the HLN-A will appear to present it to the player in a thoughtful way, and with its help, the difficulty of the ARK: Genesis game becomes much more bearable and understandable for the survivor.


HLNA is a chatty assistant who will help give you advice on your new surroundings. Once you've gotten the hang of things and have become a veteran of ARK: Genesis, your chatterbox friend is a useful companion who can be used to teleport between the unique biomes along with a bit of welcome silence.

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And the Story Continues...

Genesis: Part 2 is the fifth and final expansion for ARK: Survival Evolved. It will group survivors in a huge world full of new and strange biomes, great stories to explore and exotic creatures to discover. The map will be contained inside a gigantic colony ship that travels through space. ARK: Genesis Part 1 and Part 2 conclude the epic saga of the ARK universe, and also serve as a connector between the current game and its recently announced sequel, ARK II.

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