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The Final Reich Zombies Solo Tips and Strategy Guide on Call of Duty WWII

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The Final Reich on Call of Duty WWII is an in depth zombies map features 2 Easter Eggs, and has restructured the way we all have been playing zombies. While a lot of the old aspects are there, they have changed the way many of the traditional zombies works. In this guide I will teach you some tricks to starting out that will hopefully give you an advantage. This guide will also focus on tips if you are playing solo zombies.

I will also note that this guide will not be teaching players the steps for the Easter Eggs. That will come at a later time, with videos included.

Before you start your game

Before starting your first game you need to create your class. You have 4 types of characters that you can play of that include Offense, Control, Support, and Medic. Each class will have a meter in the bottom right which once filled will grant the user a special bonus. For the Offense class once activated you will have unlimited ammunition for a short period of time. For the control class you will create a burst of energy that will knock back nearby zombies, and holds them stunned. With the support class you special bonus will force all zombies to chase after the user. While being chased the player being chased will deal double damage to all zombies chasing him. Lastly is the medic class which once activated the player will be ignored by zombies, which would be a great perk if playing with a team in order to pick up your fallen teammates. Choosing your class should be solely based off of your play style, but for the sake of playing by yourself the Offensive class would make the most sense. Also keep in mind that there are perks that you can attach after you choose your class which should also mirror the play style that you typically use.

Round 1

When you are starting out on round 1 the very first thing that you should purchase is automatic self-revive. There is nothing worse than if on round 3 you accidentally go down after attempting to set yourself up for the rest of the game. Therefore a must purchase perk is automatic self-revive. The way this perk works is if zombies do manage to put you down, you can pick yourself back up automatically.

When you are starting the beginning of the round you should always focus on hitting a zombie 3 times with your pistol prior to knifing him, which will allow you to fully maximize the amount of points that you are going to receive.

Round 1 should be focused completely on maximizing your points as these zombies could be killed in 1 knife kill. You should also not be worried about buying a gun until later on.

Rounds 2-5

In rounds 2-5 you are still going to focus solely on building points. In the starting location you will only have the option of opening 1 door that will lead you into the village. If you manage to make it into the village early enough, you should be able to fill up the valves that will open the bunker entrance early on.

The first weapon that you are going to buy should be out of the mystery box. This gives you the best chances of getting a weapon that you can hold onto for later rounds. During these early rounds it is also beneficial to set yourself up for the future, and to buy the cheap increased damage station, and to also buy armor.

If you look at the bottom left of your screen you can see your health meter which is a yellow line that circles around your character. Within your character you can also see three armor pieces once you buy armor. The way this works, is that if you lose all your health, and get hit by another zombie you will lose on of these armor pieces. If you lose them all and continue to get hit you will then go into last stand, and if you bought automatic self-revive you will automatically get back up.

In order to make progression at the early stages you will need to fill 3 valves that lead to generator that can open the bunker. As said earlier it would be wise to do this at the end of rounds, or when you have less zombies chasing you. You will also have a couple jump scares when you are filling these valves, but a quick reaction will allow you to take the zombies out in these locations. Once you do have the bunker open, you can now walk inside and purchase a weapon via the mystery box. I still personally think this is the best route at an early stage because you get the chance of receiving a decent weapon that will significantly help you later on.

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Later Rounds

As said in the beginning, I am not going to talk about the Easter Egg steps in this guide, but instead create a separate guide that will walk you through how to complete the Easter Eggs. Going on into the later rounds, you will want to follow similar steps that you used in the early rounds.

Remember to slowly add more armor and damage over time. This will help you keep an edge on the zombies that are chasing you. If done correctly over time you should always be able to hold some slight edge over the zombies which will allow you to continue making it on round after round.

Running a circle strategy - This has been a popular strategy since the early Call Of Duty zombie maps, and still holds true to this one. If you are looking to survive later rounds you will need to train the zombies into a path, and occasionally turn around and kill them. While the zombies in this title move at different speeds, after a few rounds you will learn the correct way to get the zombies together, and be able to survive higher rounds.


Overall this zombies map is a lot of fun. If you follow the right tips, and set yourself up early on, you will be able to survive a decent amount of rounds. While this guide was written for a solo player, some aspects can also be used when playing with a team. I will also be writing a guide that will assist you for those times when you do play with a team. I will also be creating guides that will assist you with later rounds, the Easter Egg, and different aspects of this zombies map. Please comment below if you have any questions.

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