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The Enchanted Cave Walkthrough | Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Guides for The Enchanted Cave

The Enchanted Cave is a fun and exciting free online RPG which can be played at Kongregate and other online game portals. Featuring classic dungeon crawl style gameplay, many new to the genre require help.  Follow this Enchanted Cave walk through to ensure that you manage to get all the way to level 100 with as little trouble as possible.

Before you start, here are a few basic things you need to understand.

  • There are 100 floors.  To beat the game you have to get to the very bottom level of the dungeon and defeat the mystery boss.
  • You can escape the dungeon using the Escape Wings at any time.  Just drag them on top of your character and you will retreat.
  • When you escape from a dungeon, you will start back twenty levels earlier with all of the items you have picked up from yellow chests.  Stat bonuses will also remain.
  • Shops are on every level ending with the number "9"

The Enchanted Cave Tips - Starting Out

The first thing you should do when starting out on the Enchanted Cave is to buy equipment.  Your dinky starting weapon and armor aren't going to do much.  You only have 100 gold so it won't go far: your best bet will be to buy the strongest weapon you can afford.

As you venture into the cave, try to pick up as many treasure chests as you can.  They will help arm you early and make delving deeper into the dungeon easier.  Always make detours for yellow chests and gems.

Attack is important for the early stages but defense becomes a much more vital stat later on.  The most important stats are defense and attack power.  Magic is not very useful in this game, so intelligence can be a secondary objective.

The Enchanted Dungeon Restart Screen

The Enchanted Dungeon Restart Screen

The Enchanted Cave Walkthrough: Middle Levels

The middle levels of the Enchanted Cave are where the game starts to get tough. At this point, don't be afraid to skip treasure chests if the enemies are too tough. Only make special points of getting gold chests and good stat gems, get other chests only when you can.

Another important Enchanted Cave hint is to always use the enchanted wings when you are at 80 HP or below. Don't risk it: you get to start over with the items and levels you've gained, why lose it all?

You will probably want to spend most, if not all, of the gold you earn on healing potions. The more potions you buy, the further you can go into the dungeon without retreating.

The same goes for magic: save your MP for healing. Attack magic is not very useful as most fights usually end in three or four rounds anyway. Healing by using magic as often as possible will let you push through those levels that might otherwise beat you.

The Enchanted Cave Hints - Late Game

Late in the game, you will often end up with more items than you need. While elemental resistances are important, remember that they are capped at 100. If you have equipment that pushes it over that limit, consider replacing it with something more economical.

If you take anything from this Enchanted Cave guide, it should be: don't be afraid to retreat. You may have to run through the lower levels two or three times to get all the stats and equipment you need to make it to the end.

Another Enchanted Cave tip is to ignore the gold. At this point in the game, you'll make far more cash selling the many duplicate items you find lying around than killing enemies to get to measly gold bags. It is a waste of HP that you must conserve to reach the bottom.

For all the difficulty in reaching the bottom, the Enchanted Cave final boss is not too hard. Just make sure you have some healing potions to make it through the final gauntlet of enemies. With all of them defeated, it will be a cinch to beat the big boss and claim your final reward: a magical sword that you can use from the start of your next game.

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Sarah Forester from Australia on February 01, 2014:

Never heard of this game but it looks really fun and I love a good browser based game.

alexkoh1182 on September 01, 2011:

I went to the hunderd floors and defeated the boss.

anyway,here is the answers

For blaaaa:Its the shopkeeper(The Merchant) with 3850 HP

For Wang:Go to an enemy and click the spell and dragging it to the enemy.(Save it for better options like Healing spells)

Improvement for Twithic:It is actually kepping all the stats gems and kepping your artifacts and money.But when you use the wings,it will bring you to 1 shop before the last shop you have visited.

Hint:On floors 25,50 and 75 there are treasure chests!(For Free!)

The boss is on floor 100 with a few enemies guarding him.

Wang on April 30, 2011:

Ho do I use attack magic? like Fire Strike. can it be casted from distance?

Twithc on December 21, 2010:

You only get sent back 10 levels when using the wings. Not 20.

Darrin Perez from Puerto Rico on September 12, 2010:

Sounds like a very cool game. I'm a fan of RPGs but not dungeon crawlers (I've played one or two, but they're not my cup of tea). With that said, this particular dungeon crawler sounds nice.

Thanks for the hub!

blaaaa on August 23, 2010:

what's the final boss

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