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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Narsis: Payback, Plague Bringer

The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

The Maulborn have been driven into a corner, and the creator of the Llodos Plague is plainly getting restless. The plan is to export the deadly plague to Mournhold, the largest city in the district, and you cannot allow such a hideous thing to happen. It's time to strike a pair of painful blows against the cult before they can commit the unthinkable.


Location: Obsidian Gorge, Narsis

NPC: Scout Kanat

Level: 18

Reward: 177 gold

- To trigger this quest you must first complete Death Trap, detailed in this article.

- The dying scout, Kanat, tells you of wards in this cavern. He begs you to destroy them. He also warns you that the rest of his scouting party is down here, and they're not so friendly as they once were.

- Take a left in the cave. You'll descend into a wide cavern with three large platforms. On each of them is a Maulborn Ward. You must destroy all three. A lot of enemies spawn in this area, so it's vital you not run around too much while engaging groups of two. You'll find normal Maulborn troops in most of the cave, thoguh in the rear niches you'll find plague-spewing ghouls instead.

- After trashing the wards, run back upstairs. Captain Diiril is waiting. He'll ask you to follow the right tunnel through the cave and up to the cliffs above. Follow it, killing any Maulborn that get in your way.


- Head to the ruins to your right. Naryu Virian is here, along with a few archers. The archers are firing at odious crates; you must help Naryu protect them. Turn around and defend the pillars from incoming Maulborn. They typically appear in packs of two or three. This runs from mildly difficult on your own to a piece of cake if there's even one other player here to help. After you finish, follow Naryu back to the cave and speak to her to complete the quest.

- And after you're done talking with her...

Plague Bringer

Location: Obsidian Gorge, Narsis

NPC: Varon Davel

Level: 18

Reward: Ordinator Chausses, 1 Skill Point, 177 gold

- Varon is right beside Naryu upon reentering the cave. He'll send you off to find Diiril, who may have gotten a little stir crazy and run off ahead of the rest of the troops. Varon sends you off to find him.

- Pop back out of the cave (it's a bit faster to return to the ruins above) and get down to the road south of the Obsidian Gorge marker on the map. Follow it to the cluster of ruined steps and pillars that lead up to Diiril's waypoint.

- Talk to the captain. He and his troops have Merdyndril, the creator of the Llodos Plague, cornered in the cave ahead. Time to track the jerk down.

The Apothecarium

- Start by searching for clues. What you're looking for is on a desk that's dead ahead. Check it to bring Diiril over for a look.

- The alchemist will inflict your three companions with the plague. Kill the first two with Diiril's help, then take out Diiril when he, too, changes.

- As soon as they're gone, Merdyndril himself will come out to play.

Battling Merdyndril, the vicious, axe-wielding final boss of the Plague Bringer quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Battling Merdyndril, the vicious, axe-wielding final boss of the Plague Bringer quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.


This dude's tough, despite his seemingly-innocuous appearance. Merdyndril is equal parts axe wielder and magic user; not only can he chip away at your health rather rapidly with his blades, he has two attacks which will make the battle nightmarish for you. The first is a green fog which will poison your character and cause them to have hallucinations, bringing a second enemy onto the field to attack you. Roll out of this fog the moment it appears to avoid its ill effects. The other is a binding spell which will root you to a single place on the field, after which Merdyndril will invariably use his green fog to poison you and call in an ally. Not fun.

There's no easy way to defeat Merdyndril beyond simple leveling, but you can mitigate the difficulty with constant strafing. Keep behind Merdyndril to force him to turn and face you, and step back whenever a green circle appears at his feet. Getting caught in this circle usually gets you killed. Shield bash whenever he starts to charge up, or simply move far enough away that the alchemist's binding spell doesn't stick. Keep slashing or casting until he goes down. Not easy, but it works. I repeat, do not get caught in his gas attack.

- After downing Merdyndril, leave his lair and speak with Scout Mamyne outside. She'll thank you for your aid and round off the quest for you. Woo!


cynthia on October 13, 2015:

In plague maker i could not defeat Merdynril on the ground so i climbed the rock and jumped over to a pedistal and used my bow at first he did not move or lose any health points but i used every arrow skills i had and he moved toward the bottom of pedistal i had him then . It was amazing

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