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The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Lukiul Uxith: Hunting Invaders, A Storm Broken

The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

The residents of Tamriel are never safe while the Covenant lives, it seems, and the Argonians of little Lukiul Uxith face a constant stream of troops attacking their town. The hunters are more than capable of holding their foes at bay - but one of their number may be too adventurous for her brother's liking.

Hunting Invaders

Location: Lukiul Uxith

NPC: Chitakus

Level: 11

Reward: 69 gold

- You'll find the NPC who triggers this quest, Chitakus, at the southeastern entrance to Lukiul Uxith, likely upon your first visit to the village. Speak to him and he'll direct you to Elder Seven-Bellies up the road.

- Seven-Bellies in in roughly the center of town, beside something of a monument. he reveals that they have a greater problem than dealing with the Covenant - his sister, Pash-Riha, is missing. He asks that you go find her for him.

- Leave Lukiul Uxith and head northwest along the road, towards the Fort Virak Wayshrine. Along the way you'll run into several shallow pools populated predominantly by Nix-Hounds. There's a small camp on the other side of the pools; head to it to find Pash-Riha.

Hunting Invaders in Lukiul Uxith, a swampy region in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Hunting Invaders in Lukiul Uxith, a swampy region in The Elder Scrolls Online.

- Pash-Riha can clearly take care of herself, but she needs your help in tracking down two threats to her town: an Orc and a Storm Mage. She tells you to look for another Argonian, Meejapa, to the east of her location.

- Follow the twisting road through the hills to the next waypoint in the east, northeast of Lukiul Uxith. You'll find Meejapa tucked up beside a huge outcropping of rock at the side of the road, near some dead Covenant soldiers. He'll warn you about the Orc and his mage companion, telling you that they're down the gorge further east.

- The gorge ahead is teeming with Covenant troops, a mixture of soldiers, Marksmen, and Storm Mages. All are dangerous, especially in packs, though you want to be especially careful of the Storm Mages. They're defensively weak, but their wide AOE attacks are very powerful and difficult to avoid if they go off. If you find the lot of them difficult to take down - you have a fair distance to go through this gorge - there are plenty of ways to sneak between their lines.

- Your targets, the Orc Borolg and the Storm Mage Solme, are at the end of the gorge path in the midst of some ruins. It's quite easy to get the drop on them, though beating them - especially solo - is another thing. Solme is annoyingly good at keeping Borolg healthy, and Borolg himself is extremely painful with his strong melee strikes and wiiiiide AOE attack. Get the drop on Solme first, pulling her away from Borolg and smacking at her poor defenses until she goes down. Try to keep her away from Borolg. Once she's gone, take on the Orc as carefully as you can, circling him constantly to avoid his stronger attacks. This is a much easier fight with at least one other person, as you can assign one person to each fighter and prevent Solme from ever busting out her healing magic.

- (If you get knocked out and have to make a return trip, come at the campfire from the Hrogar's Hold Wayshrine. You'll skip the vast majority of the Covenant soldiers in the process.)

- Drop off the side of the campfire sight to make a quick trip back to town, where Seven-Bellies is waiting. Speak to him to earn your reward. You'll also trigger another quest, A Storm Broken.

Taking on a powerful mage during the quest A Storm Broken in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Taking on a powerful mage during the quest A Storm Broken in The Elder Scrolls Online.

A Storm Broken

Location: Lukiul Uxith

NPC: Seven-Bellies

Level: 11

Reward: Mota Fang, 69 gold

- You need to find Pash-Riha, Seven-Bellies' sister, yet again. She's still outside town, though now she's to the south of her old camp, near a group of Covenant soldiers. Kill off the soldiers, then look for Pash-Riha laying just north of a few tents. She's not dead, despite how it looks - and she wants you to kill the lieutenant she was hunting previously. Sounds like a plan. She'll give you a Mota Fang to sup of the man's flesh after you've offed him.

- Head south through the gorge, killing soldiers, on your way to a nearby pavilion. You'll see Lieutenant Hawrond standing out front with another soldier. Lure away and quickly kill the subordinate, then take on Hawrond. He's a beefed-up version of a Storm Mage with basically the same offensive capabilities, and once you get up close and knock him around he's not too difficult to kill. Make sure you take out the other soldier quick, though, or Hawrond will provide some rather brutal support.

- After the lieutenant goes down, use the Mota Fang on him. Don't forget to do thisI

- Return to town. Speak to Pash-Riha and she'll give you the blade as a reward, as well as some coin. Woo!

While you're in town, there's one other available quest you might as well take on. You're here anyway, right?

Enlightenment Needs Salt

Location: Lukiul Uxith

NPC: Nojaxia

Level: 11

Reward: Murkreed Mantle, 69 gold

- The NPC for this quest, Nojaxia, dwells within one of the houses of Lukiul Uxith. Pop inside to chat with her.

- Nojaxia is an aspiring mage, and to that end she wants to brew up an impressive potion. To do so she needs Grub Grass, which grows at a waterfall nearby. She asks you to retrieve a sample of it for her.

- The waterfall in question is Greymist Falls, found to the west of town. Leave through the western gate and you'll be in the proper area in moments. You'll find the Vial of Grub Grass waiting at the base of the falls. Grab it and take it back to Nojaxia...

- ... and she'll tell you to send it off to her assistant, a nervous dude called Not-So-Quick. Receive one Dark Orange Potion in exchange.

- Pop 'round back of Nojaxia's hut and travel south. Not-So-Quick is behind the next hut over, and he's, indeed, not so quick. Watch him gulp it down, then return to Nojaxia.

- She's not done yet. Next Nojaxia will hand over a Strange Elixir, and she wants you to drink up. She also advises you to do so in an open area... namely the center of Lukiul Uxith. Leave her hut and walk towards the center of town until you receive notification that you can drink up.

- Huh. Okay.

- Return to Nojaxia. She'll reward you for your... stupidity. Yay.

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