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The Disappointment of the Summer Game-Fest Sonic Central Conference.

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The disappointment started here.

The disappointment started here.


The title says it all. Because when Sonic Prime and Sonic Frontiers were announced, I was expecting we'd get more information about both as time went on. So when I saw that there was a Summer Game-Fest conference by Sonic Central, I was excited. Because I expected to hear more about Sonic Prime and Frontiers regarding the plot and cast, and release date for both. And when we didn't get that, I was left bitterly disappointed.

So with that said, let's get into the assessment.

A screen shot from the trailer shown in the showcase.

A screen shot from the trailer shown in the showcase.

The Assessment...

Sonic Central started with showing Sonic Origins, the latest re-release of of the original three Sonic Genesis games. The trailer showed how you’ll be able to play as Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails, and had new modes. These modes included classic, anniversary, boss rush, and missions, mirror mode, and museum mode. Sonic Origins dropped June 23rd, and apparently hasn’t lived up to the hype.

Hopefully it’ll improve over time.

After that was Sonic Speed Sim in Roblox. where Sonic has to save the electric Chao from Dr. Eggman who’s using them to power metal Sonic. Sonic Central even offered an exclusive chao, “Amy Chao” with the code “Sonic Central.” Sonic Speed Simulator dropped June 11th 2022, meaning it’s available now.

After that was Sonic Forces DLC with Super Shadow being available in November 2022, and prior on Halloween 2022 Mephitis The Dark will be available. For Sonic Dash DLC there will be Sir Percival.

Next was news of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 film coming to Blu-Ray. It’ll include the usual deleted scenes, bloopers, a look at the behind the scenes of making the film, and an animated short that takes places after the events of the film. It also has several extras like: Rapid fire responses with Ben Schwartz, Robotnik Re-imagined, Finding Your Team, A sibling for Sonic:Tails, and The Powerful Punches of Knuckles. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 will be available on Blu-Ray August 9th, and I’m so there.

After that was an advertisement some Sonic merchandise. First was Knuckles themed G-Fuel cups and sour candies that will be available this summer. Then there was the Eggman battle set toys from Jakks Pacific, which will be available in the fall. A Razer Sonic The Hedgehog Xbox custom controller, posters from MOOR ART, and clothing inspired by the Sonic series. Then there four figured of Amy Rose, Tails, Sonic PEZ dispensers, and Sonic controller holder. There were also Sonic the Hedgehog statues for classic and modern Sonic.

Next they announced the return of the Sonic Symphony. The concert will be held in Brazil Game show this October, and will feature music from the Sonic games. Further tour dates have yet to be announced.

Then there was an announcement that Sonic and Knuckles DLC skins will be featured in Fall Guys. This DLC will be available in August 2022.

Lastly was a sneak peek for Sonic Frontiers. They showed the Knuckles clip that was already uploaded, and they showed a snippet of a Sonic Frontiers boss fight. A new boss where you run along these streaks the boss created while dodging fireballs in order to attack it. Looks promising as far as challenges go.

At least the game looks good.

At least the game looks good.


In conclusion This showcase was a massive disappointment. I was hoping to learn more about Frontiers and Prime, but instead I didn’t learn squat! The Sonic Frontiers and Sonic Prime content was what I was looking forward to, and while I got very little about Frontiers, I didn’t get squat from Prime. Oh well I’ll just keep an eye out for more information about Frontiers and Prime.

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