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The Different Diecast Versions of Lightning McQueen


Diecast replicas of Lightning McQueen

Head's up to new diecast collectors of the movie Disney CARS. Seasoned collectors already knows this but to new collectors out there, things can get a little out of hand real fast if you have no focus or is unsure on what Disney CARS movie diecast to collect.

There are thousands of Disney CARS diecast, literally and figuratively. The best tip to new collectors is to know what you want to collect and not just anything that you can get your hands on. However, please note that this might be hard at first with the wide selection of Disney CARS diecast models. Some collectors choose all the World Grand Prix race characters, some all the residents of radiator springs, etc.

A good suggestion would be to complete the diecast CARS replica of the different versions of Lightning McQueen that officially appeared in the two movies. These are actually quite few and a relatively easy task.

Regular LMQ - also known as Rusteze McQueen. Prominently shown in the first movie

Regular LMQ - also known as Rusteze McQueen. Prominently shown in the first movie

Regular McQueen or Rusteze McQueen –

First off, we have the regular Lightning McQueen. Some people may have not noticed it, but this version is also called Rusteze McQueen - his original race sponsors on the first movie. Rusteze McQueen is also the most used color / design of LMQ on the first film which is the reason why it is not that hard to find.

Radiator Springs McQueen –

Next is radiator springs McQueen. This is the design of McQueen whenever he is not racing and staying at radiator springs. This color scheme is most prominent in the Disney CARS TV series Mater Tall Tales.

Cruisin McQueen. Notice that this version has no spoiler and also has white wall tires

Cruisin McQueen. Notice that this version has no spoiler and also has white wall tires

Cruising McQueen –

Cruising McQueen (or as I call it “date night” McQueen) is the design of McQueen whenever he goes out with Sally (remember part of the movie where he and Sally went on a date and everyone is having a good time). This diecast replica is quite special as this the only McQueen diecast version that does not have any spoiler.

Intro McQueen or Piston Cup McQueen –

A lot of people who saw the second installment of Disney’s CARS may have not realized that the paint job of Lightning is different from the first movie but there is a number of striking resemblances. The number 95 is still there but the lightning and sponsor stickers are now added with Piston Cup. This is quite a given as he is won the race successively. The diecast version mold is similar to the first diecast McQueen featured on this post – the main difference is the decals.

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World Grand Prix McQueen diecast –

Lastly, this is the design of LMQ when he participated on the WGP event. The spoiler is totally different and he is shown to have real working lights instead of just stickers.

That’s just about it. A lot of readers might be wondering how about the diecast replicas of Dinoco McQueen, Cactus McQueen, dirt track McQueen, etc. Unfortunately, the mentioned diecast replicas are not the main design of Lightning on the movie. The Dinoco color scheme (blue) is only shown while he is dreaming. The Cactus McQueen diecast is just a replica of when he stumbled to the cactus.

As mentioned, Lightning McQueen diecasts have numerous variations and models. This is the reason why it is important to stay focus otherwise, you’ll end up just like the collector on this post: The Problems Of Collecting Disney CARS diecast.


writerjj (author) on December 25, 2012:

Hello Peachpurple.

thanks for visiting this hub. The good thing about this toy car is that it is not only appealing to children but to people of all ages :)

thanks again.

peachy from Home Sweet Home on December 24, 2012:

my son loves lightning mcqueen. He finds any red sports car- claimed is lightning mcqueen. Now i know there are many versions of this cute car. Thanks for sharing

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