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The Citadel Tunnels in Alcatraz, Mob of The Dead - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies


The Citadel Tunnels make up a large portion of the Alcatraz map. They are located below the Cell Blocks and lead to the Docks. The tunnels are filled with stairways, narrow passages, confusing turns, dead ends, and various obstacles. Some areas are big enough to run a small train. However, the tunnels are commonly used as a large passageway.

This Article Will Discuss

  • Items located in the Citadel Tunnels
  • How to access the Citadel Tunnels
  • Layout of the Citadel Tunnels
  • What you need to know

Items Located in The Citadel Tunnels

How to Access The Citadel Tunnels

The Citadel Tunnels have three access points. You can get to the tunnels from the Showers, the Cell Blocks, or the Docks. The Showers and the Cell Block will allow you to enter the top level of the tunnels, while the Docks will grant you access to the bottom level of the tunnels.

You can enter the Citadel Tunnels from the Showers by buying the door that is located on the wall across from the entrance to the Cell Blocks.

To enter from the Cell Blocks you will need to go down a flight of stairs by the Warden's Office. This will lead you to the room that has Double Tap.

In order to go from the Docks to the Citadel Tunnels you will need to go through the passage way that leads to Jugger-Nog and the electrical room.

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Layout of The Citadel Tunnels

For simplicity I will break down the Citadel Tunnel into three areas:

  • The Top Level - The area between the Showers, the Cell Blocks, and the Stairs.
  • The Stairs - The area between the top and bottom level of the Citadel Tunnel.
  • The Bottom Level - The area between the Docks and the stairs.

The Top Level

This area is made up of several small rooms. A small train can be ran in several of these rooms. However, it is easy to be trapped in this small area. So, it is used mostly for traveling to other areas.

The Stairs

The stairs are made up of three separate set of steps. There is a spiral staircase in the middle that makes up the majority of the stairs. There is another set of steps below and above the Spiral stairway. These steps have less area and are strait instead of spiral. It is easy to get trapped on the stairs, so most players move through them quickly. There are not any good areas for Training.

The Bottom Level

The bottom level of the Citadel Tunnels is primarily a single walkway that leads to a dead end. The rigging for the plane can be picked up in that dead end. That is really the only use for this area. The passageway between this area and the Docks could be considered part of the Citadel Tunnels. However, I consider it part of the Docks.

What You Need to Know

  • One of the last steps for the Easter Egg Takes place on the spiral stairway.
  • Brutus can easily trap you in one of these small areas. If he appears I suggest finding a better area.

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