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The Candy Store in Buried - Call of Duty, Black Ops 2, Zombies

The Candy Store in Buried, Resolution 1295.

The Candy Store in Buried, Resolution 1295.

The Candy Store is an important building in Buried, Resolution 1295. This is the only area where Candy can be acquired. Candy is needed to get the Giant to hold the Mystery Box, assemble Buildables, change Power-Ups, and many other tasks.

In This Guide:

  • A Description of the Candy Store
  • Items Found in the Candy Store
  • Entering and Exiting The Candy Store
  • What You Need To Know

A Description of The Candy Store

The Candy Store is hard to miss. It is a small wooden building with a large lollipop hanging above a green and white awning. To the right of the awning there is a large white sign that says 'Sweets'. There is not any sign that says 'Candy Shop', but you can see candy in the large window on the front of the building.

The interior of the building is broken down into four rooms. There are two rooms on the first floor and two rooms on the second floor. The front room on the first floor looks like the actual shop. There is a counter with a register and a lot of barrels filled with candy. The room next to the shop appears to be a storage room. There are more barrels in this room. Both of these rooms have stairs that lead to the rooms above. The room above the front room is the room where the candy was made, the room next to it can only be accessed from this room by going back down stairs or by going out through the balcony and in through the window. The last room is the room where you will find the power switch.

The Candy Store is in front of the Saloon, beside the General Store, and across from the Court House.

The Teddy Bear can be found sitting in a barrel.

The Teddy Bear can be found sitting in a barrel.

Items In The General Store

  • The Power Switch - Second Floor, Back Room.
  • Candy for the Giant - First Floor
  • Register for more Candy - First Floor, Front Room
  • Teddy Bear for Teddy Bear Song - First Floor, Front Room
  • Claymores - First Floor, Back Room

Entering and Exiting The General Store

There are many ways to enter and exit the General Store. The method you choose will depend on your current circumstance. You can access this building without opening a single door, but it takes longer.

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Method 1: Opening a Door

As soon as you start a game you will have access to the back door. This door will cost you 750 points to open. The front door will cost an additional 750 points to open. This will give you access to the second half of the Town Area. You can also access this area by breaking the barrier between the Candy Store and General Store by feeding the Giant Booze.

Method 2: Enter From Above

You can enter the Candy Store from above by jumping across from the Saloon. This will allow you to turn on the power and get Candy without buying any doors.

Method 3: Jump From The General Store

You can also get into the Candy Store by jumping from the balcony of the General Store. In order to do this you will need to buy the couch that blocks the entrance into the Candy Store. You can buy the couch when jumping from the General Store, but will have to go back up to the General Store and jump across again.

Method 4: Enter from The Haunted Mansion

When you are exiting the Haunted Mansion from the Maze you will enter a tunnel. The tunnel will have a steep decline that causes you to slide directly into the Candy Store. You can't go back up the slide in order to get to the Haunted Mansion.

Exiting The Candy Store

There are a lot of exits out of this small building. You can go through the front or back door, but you will need to purchase them first. You can also go out of the window in either of the two second floor rooms. Finally, you can buy the couch in the second floor front room and drop down.

The Candy can be found in the Candy store.

The Candy can be found in the Candy store.

What You Need To Know

  • You can access the Candy Store in Borough Grief. But there will not be any Candy or Claymores inside the Store. The Power is also already on when starting a game in this mode.
  • A new Candy will appear every round that can be picked up for free. If you want additional candy you will need to buy it from the register.

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