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The Callisto Protocol - Review



You play as this guy named Jacob who delivers cargo to a maximum security prison but unfortunately you crash-land and they save you but it turns out the people who are running the place aren't so nice and, end up capturing you and make you a prisoner also but thinks start to hit the fan even more by a mysterious out break transforming the prisoners into weird zombie alien tentacle creature thingy's.

Is this like Dead Space? or a Dead Space clone?

One thing I wanna mention is that this feels like nothing like Dead Space I think a lot of people ( well I did anyway) that saw the gameplay of this and thought it might be a DS copy or very similar really I can only think of 3 things like The health bar here its on your neck and DS its on your spine and of course there's the kinesis glove, and last being the stump animation which I must admit is pretty satisfying.

Four Biggest problems in The Callisto Protocol

The four BIGGEST problems for me in this game are Story, Horror, difficulty, and GAMEPLAY especially gameplay.


So for this its like a turn base don't get me wrong I took my time with this and I actually started to get the hang of it you have to hold left or right on the thumb stick before the enemy attacks to dodge which the game also makes it a point tell you never dodge in the same direction more than once or you'll get hit through out the

game the enemy as a 2 hit combo and once there done its your chance to swing at them with your stun baton then a little icon well pop up to indicate that you can shoot with your pistol to critical hit them. You use your stun baton a lot in this game they focus heavily in mele so it highly important to put point in upgrading it here guard break is another important one to get when upgrading the baton too

but I say evenly spread out your points don't just focus solely upgrading the baton or your gonna have a rough time, NOW to talk about the frustrating aspects of the dodging mechanic - if there's more than 1 enemy your screwed it just feels so unfair

and cheap feeling a perfect example I can use is the 2nd encounter you have with the mini boss (which you fight a good 4 times) now the problem with this 2nd encounter is that now they added a regular enemy in the mix the boss isn't hard to beat nor the regular guy the problem starts when the mini boss attacks and as your

holding the left thumb stick in whatever direction to dodge his attack the other guy can attack too so even though this is a turn base game and normally SOMETIMES enemies wait there turn the game just likes to say "Nah.." and kill you in a hit so as

your dodging the mini boss your also still in animation and you cant get out of the situation when the other guy decides to attack to so once you in animation thats it your screwed there nothing you can do about its so weird its like nobody playtested this game and found that out when other games like Dark souls and bloodborne

when you die your fault and those games are supposed to be hard and there rewarding here its flat out broken and cheap feeling in fact during that 2nd encounter with that boss I had to switch the difficulty to EASY just to make it

because on hard i just kept running out of ammo when fighting him and unfortunately you need ammo to fight the mini boss and hes just a meat shield on hard which brings me to my next problem.


So when I first started this game I played on normal actually (and dead a lot) but once I understood somewhat on how to play I just stuck the game on hard but funny enough normal felt hard already and hard just felt like i was still playing on normal on normal you literally dead in 1 or even 2 hits hard is just the same this one review I watched this guy was really big into dark souls and he actually recommended playing on easy and I totally see why you just die too easily.

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When it comes to the horror aspect this game falls flat on its face I think even the original Dead Space felt more terrifying to be perfectly honest there is a few times when the game tries to build tension but it goes no where or most importantly in the beginning when in the prison Jacob mentions to the guy that helping him that he saw something and the guy was all like

"being in this place you'll start seeing things..."

and i believe they mentioned that having the implant you'll start seeing things? but we don't get that though really towards the end Jacob starts seeing things but its not not impactful here no mind trippy sections when the walls are turning or ghosts, demons, nothing like Event horizon no spooky dreadful set pieces here we get a lot of jump scares though which that's another negative.


The story isn't good. the plot is just way too same-E we've seen this countless times before

"a mysterious out break"

"Scientist's screwing around with things they shouldn't then something bad happens"

"discovering a shady corporation and them trying to cover up the EVIL things they've done then you finding out about it"

"discovering on how to evolve the human species"

all this as already been done and better too one thing that comes to mind is Doom, or maybe that's what the creators who made this game was going for maybe they were just trying to play it safe but in my opinion it failed.

Few other little cons to add

One thing I didn't enjoy was when collecting the audio logs the game is never clear on where the new audio log is yeah when you push up on the D pad there is a blinking dot on the audio log tab to let you know you got a new one but once you scroll over theirs no way to tell were it is so I'm busy scrolling throw all the other audio logs I have just to hopefully find the new one I just got.

Oh another one is the characters! the characters are not likable at all you don't care what happens to any of them especially this lady who constantly being rude to you for no reason at all than all of a sudden towards the end of the game were supposed to care about her but you just don't

One last problem I can think of is that the way the game is designed when it comes to upgrades the only way to fully upgrade everything is new game plus but the problem is that there is no new game plus I think I did here that Krafton or whoever is suppose to later but I wouldn't want to come back a 2nd time its just weird why they didn't already add that feature in here.


besides all those problems the game does do some things right one thing being the music, and the the graphics - this game is amazing to look at, the sound design is another good one but besides that that's all really.

Final thoughts

Honestly this game to me is a big disappointment I was really hoping the team behind Dead Space would bring something new here but I hope they listen to feedback and maybe pull a Evil Within 2 and really make something amazing.

My final score I'm giving The Callisto protocol is a


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