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The Cafeteria in Alcatraz, Mob of The Dead - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies


In Alcatraz, the Cafeteria is my preferred area for running a train. It is basically a large room with an obstacle in the middle. This provides a perfect doughnut shaped running area. Because it is out of the way you should not receive a lot of interruptions for the other players in the game.

This Article will Discuss

  • Items located in the Cafeteria
  • How to access the Cafeteria
  • Layout of the Cafeteria
  • What you need to know

Items Located in the Cafeteria

  • A Building Station
  • A Mystery Box Location
  • Claymores
  • The Acid Trap
  • A spoon you will need for obtaining the Golden Spork

How to Access the Cafeteria

The Cafeteria has two access points, one from the Infirmary and the other from the Cell Blocks. Before you enter from either of these areas you will first need to buy a door for 1000 points.

You can enter from the Cell Blocks on the lowest level by the second location for the Warden's Key. This entrance is also close to the entrance that leads to the Showers.

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The entrance from the Infirmary is next to the entrance from the Cell Blocks. However, you will take stairs down from the Infirmary to get to this area.

Both entrances can be blocked by activating the Acid Trap.


Layout for the Cafeteria

The layout for the Cafeteria is ideal for running a train. It is a large room with a pile of burning furniture stacked up in the center. This allows you to keep the majority of the zombies behind you. The mystery box is located on one of the side. This causes the only bottleneck in this area. However, by running clockwise you can escape through the front entrance if the bottleneck is blocked.

The Acid Trap is in the entrance to this room. If you get in trouble you can leave through the main entrance and activate the trap.

What You Need to Know

  • Kill slowly when training in this area. Killing zombies quickly could cause a flood of zombies to block the entrance and your running route.
  • This area is great for taking down Brutus. Run him around the circle until you knock his helmet off. Then run out of the room, turn around, and lay into him.
  • If you are planning on running in this area you should consider building the Zombie Shield here. It will be easy to pick up when your shield breaks.
  • Building the shield in this area will also add to the player traffic in this area.

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