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The Blundergat: Alcatraz, MOTD Wonder Weapon - Call of Duty, Black Ops 2, Zombies


The Blundergat is the newest addition to the Wonder Weapon family. It was added in the newest map, Alcatraz.

The Blundergat is a very powerful shotgun that fires multiple shells at one time. It can be upgraded in both the Pack-A-Punch Machine and using the Acid Gat Kit. Zombies are attracted to the acid rounds similar to the way they are attracted to a Monkey.

This Article Will Discuss

  • Weapon Attributes
  • How to obtain the Blundergat
  • Upgrading the Blundergat
  • Using the Blundergat

Weapon Attributes

AttributeBlundergatThe SweeperThe Acid GatVitrolic Withering

Magazine Size





Full Ammo

1 + 60

2 + 120

3 + 90

3 +150

Fire Rate

Single - Shot


3-Round Burst

3-Round Burst


How to Obtain The Blundergat

There are two ways to get the Blundergat in Alcatraz.

  1. The Mystery Box
  2. Collect the Crystal Skulls

Equipping The Blundergat

  • Two players can have the Blundergat as long as it was first taken from the box and then taken from the table.
  • A glitch will allow all players to have the Blundergat. When the players that have the Blundergat are in Afterlife the other players can get the Blundergat from the Mystery Box. This will likely be patched in the not too distant future.
  • One player can have both the Blundergat and the Acid Gat. The player must first get the Blundergat from the box and upgrade it to the Acid Gat. Then the player can collect the Crystal Skulls. They can pick up the Blundergat from the table. This also works for the upgraded versions of these weapons.

Upgrading The Blundergat

There are two ways to upgrade a Blundergat.

  1. The Pack-A-Punch Machine
  2. The Acid Gat Kit
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Upgrading the Blundergat

  • In order to use the Pack-A-Punch Machine you will need to build the plane and fly to the Bridge.
  • When the Blundergat is upgraded using Pack-A-Punch it will become the Sweeper.
  • In order to upgrade the Blundergat with Acid you will first need to build the Acid Gat Kit.
  • The Blundergat becomes the Acid Gat when upgraded using the kit.
  • The Acid Gat can be upgraded again, by using the Pack-A-Punch Machine. It will become the Vitrolic Withering.
  • The Sweeper can be upgraded using the Acid Gat Kit. It will become the Vitriolic Withering.
  • When you upgrade the weapon in any manner the ammo is filled. Since it can be upgraded twice you can refill the ammo twice for this weapon.

Using The Blundergat

The Blundergat will have different properties when upgraded. We will look at using all four versions of this weapon.

The Blundergat

  • The Blundergat has a higher range than your typical shotgun.
  • It must be reloaded after each shot.
  • It can kill multiple zombies with a singe shot.
  • I will use the Blundergat as an emergency weapon. If my primary weapon needs to be reloaded and I am cornered I will pull out the Blundergat blast a hole in order to have time to reload.

The Sweeper

  • This has a slightly increased range than the Blundergat. It also has a lot more power and is given a second round in the magazine.
  • Because it is automatic holding down your trigger will cause it to fire off both rounds.
  • During low and medium rounds only one shot is required to take down a hoard. I like to quickly tap my trigger. This allows me to wait until more zombies are in range before taking the second shot.

The Acid Gat

  • The rounds from the Acid Gat will attract Zombies. This will only affect zombies in the immediate area.
  • The zombies will continue to run at you and the rounds will do a small amount of damage to you. Use caution when firing this weapon.
  • Because it has a 3-burst firing rate, you will go through ammo quickly. Use this sparingly in order to conserve ammo.

The Vitriolic Withering

  • The rounds from the Vitriolic Withering will stick into any zombies within range. They will be instantly stunned and will remain that way until the rounds explode.
  • The acid rounds will attract zombies in a slightly higher radius than the Acid Gat. However, zombies outside of that radius will still come after you.
  • The acid rounds will damage you when they explode. This is a small amount of damage, but can take you down when have already been struck by multiple zombies.
  • I like to have the Zombie Shield when using this weapon. When running away from zombies that were struck the shield will protect my back from the acid explosion.
  • If I am trapped against a wall I will shoot the approaching zombies with the Vitriolic Withering. Since they are stunned they will stop striking me. Then I will pull out my shield to block the acid explosion.

What You Need to Know

  • You will need the Acid Gat in order to get the Golden Spork and complete the Easter Egg.
  • The Acid Gat is not very effective against the Prison Guard. When shot with the Vitriolic Withering the guard will continue to charge towards you.
  • The Acid Gat is not very effective against other players when battling as part of the Easter Egg.
  • You will receive the Achievement, Acid Drip, when you upgrade the Blundergat using the Acid Gat Kit.

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