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The Best of Avocations, Reading

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I  3 reading.

I 3 reading.


My favourite hobby of all time is reading. It is one of my unexplained passions, therefore, I am a bookish individual. Reading takes me to wonderland and far away countries.

Three years ago, I entered a reading contest in my Arabic class. I went to the school's library and borrowed a classical novel which was translated into Arabic.That novel was Around The World in 80 Days, and it was the very first novel I read in my life. I believe that Jules Verne took me to a very adventurous voyage with Mr. Fogg. This was the first step of loving the new hobby. Oliver Twist follows then A Tale of Two Cities both by Charles Dickens. I became fascinated about classics and thought they're so interesting after reading the novels I mentioned.

I started reading daily. After a year or so, I thought of borrowing an Agatha Christie book from the library. I remember it was Death Comes As The End. Right after finishing it, I felt so impressed by Christie's novel and wanted to read more of her work. Up to this part, I basically can say I am done with my journey as a beginner reader.

Reading let me know more about my and other's cultures and civilizations, and of course know more about human's behavior. Plus, my writing skill has developed as well as my speaking. I, to some point, can understand or relate an author's writing with his/her personal life experiences or with the way he/she thinks. Thence, I can comprehend humanity.

We read to know we are never alone. Finally I'd like to share a very beautiful quote that is said by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu to whoever is reading this: "No entertainment is so cheap as reading nor any pleasure as lasting!" :)


Sara A. (author) from Amman, Jordan. on May 16, 2013:

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@Rose Anne Karesh Hello! It's me who ought to thank you for your uplifting comment. As the famous quote says, we read to know that we are not alone.

Thank you, once again, for reading my hub. I'm glad that you liked it! =]

Rose Anne Karesh from Virginia on March 07, 2013:

Hi Saralj, thanks so much for your hub! I hope more people read it and find their own journey into reading. Reading has been my best friend at times in my life when nothing else worked for me. I know I am a better person for the books I have read.

Sara A. (author) from Amman, Jordan. on November 10, 2012:

Thank you very much, Christy! Reading is a magical world, you can never get enough of it. :)

Christy Birmingham from British Columbia, Canada on November 08, 2012:

I love reading as well Sara! Nice hub and I vote up, interesting, useful, and sharing too :)

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