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The Best Pokemon Game You've Never Played. A Pokemon Outlaw Game Review.

I play mad games, yo. This little gem is sweet and I've played it a number of times. So, check it out.


Somewhere in the deepest darkest corners of the internet exists a game very few gamers have ever played. Somehow it's familiar and yet it's still so very strange and alarming. This is not your children's Pokemon game. This is Pokemon Outlaw...

Pokemon has long been a favorite franchise of mine. When I first popped that red Pokemon cartridge into my little blue Gameboy Color I was completely and utterly hooked. (Yes, I'm a super nerd.)

Pokemon allowed me to become someone else. I could be a young Pokemon trainer adventuring the world and collecting Pokemon. I could battle the best to become the best and stick it to my rival! I could have the strongest and rarest Pokemon of all my friends and is them to destroy anyone who dare challenge me in linked combat. Pokemon truly was (and still is) one of my favorite all time games.

Fast forward to today and I hadn't played a Pokemon game in years but that was all about to change. Laying in bed bored one night. I was scrolling through my game collection on my Android phone, looking for something to entertain my restless brain. Eventually I came across my Gameboy Advance emulator and decided to open it.

After opening the emulator I decided to scroll through my Gameboy Advance game collection to find something interesting to play. Suddenly I came across a strange file. I did not recognize the name and wondered what game it could be. It simply read "outlaw-completed". I decided it must be a custom rom hack that I had forgotten about. So I lifted my finger and I tapped on the game to open it.


The game opened and started off just like any other Pokemon Fire Red version. But after playing for 30 minutes I realized that this was no ordinary Pokemon hack. It was wonderful, it was new, it was gritty, it was dark, it was funny and it was definitely not for little kids. That much I knew for sure.

In Pokemon Outlaw you play as a 15 year old homeless kid from the slums. Life is hard and you have nothing. Not even a bed to sleep in. If you need to rest you have to sneak into a strange woman's house illegally and use her bed (creepy).

One day your luck changes and you meet a Pokemon professor. That's when you realize this game is going to be harder than any other Pokemon game you've ever played. Usually the professor has you choose from three above average rare Pokemon. Not in Outlaw. In this game you only get to choose from three rather lame Pokemon. One of which is a Sandshrew. Don't worry, that's not the only fun surprise in this game.

The introduction to the game. Written by the man who made it himself.

"Wazzup my homies!

This game is super awesome, bro. You're a 15 year old kid who's getting his first true taste of this world, with nothing but a set of old clothes and a crappy backpack. Don't worry though, you'll be alright.

You'll be expected to have experience playing other Pokemon games. So no one will be holding your hand.

At times, wild creatures and crazy people will try to steal from you, attack you and even kill you.

It's a freaking hard knock life. Nothing will be handed to you, you'll have to earn it. You can handle it..."


This game is completely rebuilt. The story is 100% original and the maps are all custom made. You'll still battle gym leaders to obtain badges and you'll still have to deal with the evil Team Rocket but everything else has changed drastically. The world is a darker and scarier place than portrayed in mainstream Pokemon games.

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The custom tunes in this game are actually quite amazing. There are many custom made songs in Pokemon Outlaw. The music is definitely another cherry to add on top of this already spectacular cake. I never expected such a good soundtrack on a hacked Pokemon rom. The first time you get in a fight with your brand new Pokemon highlight the hand made tunes. They sound crisp, clear and are some of the best sounds I have ever heard come from a Gameboy Advance game.

Now, this game has adult situations, language and drug use. So, I would not suggest this game for anyone younger than 17 years of age. That being said, the commentary and random things the characters say in this game are hilarious. The very first person I spoke to in the game asked me for illegal drugs and offered to pay for them in a very...ummm...unusual way. LOL.

When it comes to battles, Pokemon Outlaw is very much similar to any other Pokemon game. The actual fights themselves are the same but the trainers, gym leaders and even the wild Pokemon are much tougher than those in your average vanilla Pokemon game. You'll find yourself dying more often and grinding more to get your Pokemon strong enough to defeat your enemies. This game requires a skilled Pokemon trainer with patience and knowledge of Pokemon types and their weaknesses.

Outlaw will revamp any old Pokemon fan who still has an interest in the games. Especially those older players like me who are looking for something familiar but still fresh and exciting. Pokemon Outlaw took my almost forgotten love for the world of Pokemon and revitalized it.

I couldn't put this game down for 6 days straight. It has brought me old joys that I had forgotten and new ones I most likely will never forget(I will definitely never forget Bill as a sick Pokemon pervert LOL). I thoroughly enjoyed diving back into the world of Pokemon but with a dark and real twist. I suggest anyone who has ever played Pokemon and wants something new and fresh to play this game. I also suggest that anyone who has never played a Pokemon game because it was too kiddy or lame to find this game and play it! I truly think it's a great adventure with a lot of surprises and tons of laughs! Once you open this game and start playing it, you'll realize that...


In conclusion, Pokemon Outlaw is a great Pokemon adventure catered toward more mature audiences. This game is for those people looking for a new adventure in the Pokemon world that has comedy, drama, action and some good old fashioned Pokemon collecting. The weird commentary and strange things the characters in the game say is worth a play, alone. I literally cracked up laughing more than a few times. The level progression of this game is smooth. You would think this is a legitimate Pokemon game. I mean, besides the hilarious things people in the game say. The sound is awesome and it has a nice mix of different Pokemon game music from various Pokemon games made for the Gameboy Advance. I enjoy this game every single time I decide to a pick it up again. It is definitely a go to Pokemon Rom Hack for me. I suggest you Google this game as soon as possible and give it a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed with this one.

Pokemon Hacks

Hints and Tips For Pokemon Outlaw

Here are some very useful little hints and Tips for Pokemon Outlaw.

Make sure to save your game a lot! This game can surprise you at some points and be pretty brutal. Be prepared to die.

Sell your items and make cash. Sell all those items you'll never need or are just there for selling. You are going to want as much cash as possible for antidotes, potions and other useful items.

Catch as many Pokemon as possible. This games seems to be a heck of a lot easier with a large team. Catch those wild Pokemon and build a strong team. Do not forget to grind in the tall grass to level up your Pokemon.

Search the ground for hidden items. There are tons of hidden items. Equip that item finder and go to town! Pokemon Outlaw has treasure literally just laying around on the ground.

Over-prepare for Gym leaders. The gym leaders are tough in Pokemon Outlaw. Make sure your team is strong and ready for the battle ahead. Stack up on healing potions! The gym leaders Pokemon tend to be much higher level than usual and they always use potions.

Talk to everyone. People are totally hilarious in this game. Make sure you talk to everyone you come across. You don't want to miss a funny line and you don't want to miss any important information either. You may learn something that will help you progress thru the game.

Explore! Have fun exploring and finding new places. It's fun and maybe you'll find hidden areas.

Where to get Pokemon Outlaw

You can get a Pokemon Outlaw rom pretty easy. Head to Google and type in "Pokemon Outlaw Rom Download"

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