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The Best Jump Break Sticks - Jump Break Cue Reviews

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Jump Break Cues

have come a long way in the past 20 years. No longer are pool players using re-purposed house sticks with hard leather tips for breaking and jumping when playing pool. These new cues are something different. From the moment Mike Gulyassy first placed a phenolic tip on his break sticks, the game changed completely. These days Jump Break cues are so technologically advanced that they challenging to review in plain English. From the new materials being used for the tips to carbon fiber and metal reinforcements in the joint, the new age Jump Break cues are truly amazing works of art. They are weighted and balanced in a way that makes most of them a breeze to use, especially in comparison to the older styles of Jump Break cues. The difference is incredible.

As with all good things, there is more than one Jump Break cue on the market that is worth the money. Just about every cue company that makes a shooting cue also makes a Jump Break cue. Thus, there are hundreds of different models and styles available to choose from. I've had the opportunity to test and use some of the most popular of them, and in this hub I will share my opinion on them as well as a bit of product information on each. If you enjoy this article, feel free to check out my latest hub on the newest cue shafts. You can find it as well as many other articles on my profile page.

The Mezz Dual Force Jump Break Cue

is the latest model of Jump Break cue made by the Mezz corporation. This uniquely designed cue can be arranged in an assortment of ways. It's a 3 piece jump break, but it can do something most jump break cues can't. The end piece of the butt can be connected directly to the shaft to create the longer handled jump stick, instead of adding an insert to the mid section or having an entirely separate piece for the job. It works like a charm. With the short handle, you can get up into the air quickly, or switch to the longer handle for more distance and better control.

Some of the other notable features of this cue are it's specially designed shaft, the "sonic" ferrule, and trance tip. Combined, they provide a powerful strike that doesn't sacrifice control. On top of that, it comes with a mesh leather wrap, which creates a really nice feel in the hand. The leather not only helps absorb the shock created at impact when hitting a ball, it also helps wick away moisture from the hand. If your hands sweat anything like mine do when I play, that's a wonderful benefit to owning this particular cue.

My take on this cue is that it is a good value, even at it's healthy price tag. It's the most expensive of the pool sticks on this list, but as with most things, you get what you pay for. The Mezz Dual Force Jump Break delivers all of the essential elements of a great jump break cue. It can crush the break, jump through the roof, and do both while still providing a good amount of control when striking the cue ball. Mezz cues hit a home run with this one.

The McDermott Stinger

The McDermott Stinger NG05

is the first Jump Break stick we're going to discuss. If you purchase the whole kit, it comes with all the parts to make it both a fully functional break stick and a regular jump stick with the optional "stinger" butt piece. It uses McDermott's patented "G-Core" technology, which refers to the design used for building the shaft. Basically, it has a carbon fiber reinforced ferrule, as well as the last 7 inches of the shaft, which provides a very solid hit and minimal vibration. The tip is a specially shaped layered leather tip called an Everest, which is one of the Tiger company's most popular tips. McDermott claims the flatter profile on the tips provides a bigger sweet spot and better contact on impact.

The singer, in my humble opinion, is a great Jump Break cue. The cue hits like a tank, while still making solid contact, even on less than pure strikes of the ball. It is much more forgiving than some of the other jump break sticks I have tried and I would definitely recommend it, especially for beginner to intermediate players. The over sized sweet spot is a huge plus for anyone without perfect form.

Pure X Jump Break Demo

Have you used the Players Pure X Jump Break?

It's Available from Amazon

The Players Pure X Jump Break

cue is another example of just how good jump break cue technology has gotten. This is built in the style of the standard 3 piece jump break, but yet it is something else completely. This is a 4 piece monstrosity that somehow manages to maintain a quality strike, even with that many joints in the cue. Instead of the standard taper on the butt, the piece where it meets the shaft is built more like a jump stick handle, then flares quickly where the second joint meets the middle segment of the butt. It also has a soft rubber grip on the bottom of the butt, which feels really good in the hand. This beast also comes with a slew of other features as well. Here's a list of the best of them.

  • Maple forearm and sleeve with a rubber wrap
  • 100% North American hard rock maple shaft
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  • XLG Quad Face tip
  • Unique Quick Release Joints
  • Carbon Fiber Collar
  • 1" HXT Low Deflection ferrule
  • Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects on non-wearable parts

My opinion on the Players Pure X Jump Break cues is that it is simply amazing. With a sticker price that is around half of the others on this list, it wins best value by a landslide. The cue design and XLG Quad faced tip give it both the solid strike that doesn't over spin that you look for in a jump and break cue, while still providing consistent control at impact. It jumps effortlessly, too, sending the cue ball soaring through the air with an incredibly minimal amount of cue swing speed. This is by far the best Players brand cue I've ever seen. It is light years ahead of their original low budget wares. I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

The IceBreaker 2

The Tiger Icebreaker 2 Jump Break

is another highly sought after jump break stick. This time out, Tiger has truly designed a quality jump break cue. Like most of the other names on this list, they've been in the lab working on new design features that will make their cue stand out from the pack. What they ended up with is nothing short of outstanding.

The Icebreaker looks at first glance much like any other jump break stick, minus a wrap. Tiger designed it to look very simple, however, it is anything butt. (forgive the pun, I couldn't help myself). They make the butts using a technology Tiger calls X5, referring to the lamination process used when building the cue. The result is a 3 piece butt that still delivers a powerful payload at impact. Add on the 13 mm phenolic ferrule and Icebreaker tip attached to the shaft, and you have yourself one fantastic jump break stick. The cue, when purchased new, also comes new with joint protectors and a soft case.

Personally, I think the Tiger Icebreaker 2 is one of the best jump break cues on the market today. The balance and stability provided by it are an asset to anyone who plays the game of pool. The Icebreaker 2's 3 piece butt also gives you the ability to adapt to almost any situation you could encounter. When combined with the optional X series shaft that has a normal tip, you can even conquer shooting a tough shot when playing in a space not quite large enough for your full length shooting cue. Any way you use it, the Tiger Icebreaker 2 is worth it's salt.

Thanks for reading

That's the end of this segment, folks. I hope you enjoyed the information. Feel free to stop by ebay or Amazon through this page to pick up a jump break cue for you or a friend. I have provided links directly to pages where you can pick one up below retail. You can thank me later.

In all seriousness though, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section. If you have a personal favorite that I left out, I'd love to hear about it. If you have a great story about one of the models reviewed on this page, please share it. Your participation is not only acceptable, it is encouraged. Have a great day.

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