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The Best Agents for Beginner Valorant Players

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Valorant is a multiplayer game that has a rather steep learning curve. This means that if you are a beginner-level player then you have got your work cut out for you in terms of gaining XP, unlocking new weapons and skills, and tackling advanced-level enemies.

Now this doesn’t mean that there is no window for improvement, there are a lot of Valorant in-game agents that are an incredible fit for beginner-level players. Here is a brief introduction of these characters to add to your repertoire if you starting out with this game.



He is one of the five agents who are already unlocked when a player begins the Valorant adventure. Phoenix is able to quickly charge into the enemy lines delivering some serious damage, dodge most of the attacks, self-heal his wounds and other ailments procured on the battlefield, and can even blind your enemies. One thing that you need to be mindful of when playing as Phoenix is to master your blinding spell because if done incorrectly, you can blind your teammates.



Did someone order a stern military man? Here is Brimstone, another of the five available players that are already unlocked when playing Valorant. He can lay down smoke to provide appropriate cover for his teammates, can act as a beacon that can charge his own teammates, and can launch grenades that can lay out some serious damage to the enemies. You can also rain fire with Brimstone that can take out layers and layers of enemies but you need to practice consistently to use it perfectly.

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Sage works as a sentinel and she has the ability to lock down a specific perimeter under a protection spell that is extremely hard for your enemies to break. She also has healing abilities that are extremely beneficial to the rest of the players working out as a team. If you have got a knack for laying strong defenses against enemies and healing the fallen comrades behind the main lines, then Sage is the best beginner Valorant agent you can opt for.



Omen is a controller and one of the easiest of the bunch for beginner-level players to master. He can teleport throughout the map in a rather skillful fashion and can lay out blinds and smokes to help his comrades gain a competitive advantage against the enemy. But other than laying smokes and blinds there isn't much to Omen and his working as a competitive Valorant agent. It is recommended to start playing the game with him so you can gain insights into the overall agenda of the game.



Then comes Reyna, she is a duelist which means that you can use her to inflict some serious damage on your enemies. She can frag your enemies and can blind them too but this blind is a bit different than what you experience with other Valorant agents. When Reyna issues a blind it only does blind the enemies and has no effect on teammates at all. If you are willing to play Valorant on the competitive edge, then Reyna is the best agent to go for.

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