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Become Unbeatable - Using the New Ammo Box In ARK: Genesis Part 2

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Fortifications and Ammo Box

In the sandbox survival game ARK: Survival Evolved, fortifications are a type of structure that players must learn to build. Only with fortifications can players have the ability to defend their bases from enemy attacks. But in many cases, players' fortifications are breached by the enemy due to the big problem of ammunition; even with the strongest defense and perfect position planning, the defense capabilities will be greatly reduced without ammunition. To prevent such things from happening, in ARK: Genesis Part 2, there is an accessory called the ammo box, with this accessory, players will be able to constantly add bullets to their various weapons, so their defensive fortifications will become much stronger and efficient.


The appearance of the ammo box in ARK: Genesis Part 2 also shows that this tool is a combination of various ammunition, such as bow and arrow, stinger ammo, artillery ammo, Gatling bullets, and more. The ammo box works in a fully automatic mode, which means that it will constantly refill the various structures with bullets as long as there are bullets inside the box.


The Limitations...

However, the capacity of the ammo box is limited. Players must always be on the lookout to replenish it. In order to provide players with the most intuitive way to see the capacity of the ammo box, the ARK: Genesis Part 2 development team came up with the idea of using a model screen, so you can directly judge whether you need to replenish ammunition by the number of ammunition models, and of course, if you have a lot of time, you can directly open the ammo box storage screen to see the capacity of the digital ammo box.


With the addition of ammo boxes, PVP wars and raids in ARK: Genesis Part 2 are likely to change a bit. The existing tactics of giant turtles and rhinos used as bait to draw bullets from defenses will be less efficient and players will look for more means to demolish their opponents' bases. These battles of wits can easily give players a great gaming experience and are what make ARK: Genesis Part 2 so much fun to play.

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