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The Art of Making Tools From Scratch. Experience It in ARK: Survival Evolved

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Throughout the history of mankind, high technology, no matter how advanced, has gone through a process of building from nothing. It is an amazing and remarkable process that tells us of mankind's impressive intelligence, creativity, and problem-solving ability. So, what can be done to create all kinds of specialized high technology out of nothing? If you're interested in this question, perhaps you can experience it in the survival sandbox game ARK: Survival Evolved, which does a great job of recreating the human process of invention, allowing you to master the principles of making various tools and weapons.

To make a gun in ARK: Survival Evolved, just keep leveling up and when you reach the required level, you will learn the blueprints to make a gun. The reason why ARK: Survival Evolved players can do this is that the survivors in ARK have a kind of amnesia, and the player's upgrade process is the process of recovering the memories, and by the time the player recovers them all, the blueprints for the ARK: Survival Evolved pistol will be naturally created by the player.


Once you have the blueprint, you will have to find raw materials in nature for manufacturing, such as metallic ores, and yellow saltpeter. With these two resources, you will be able to obtain both iron ingots and gunpowder in the refinery.


Then you'll need to use a hammer on the blacksmith's table to keep pounding away at these resources, and eventually, you'll be able to craft a gunpowder gun. This is how players craft weapons in ARK: Survival Evolved, and as you spend more time in the game, you'll craft a selection of varied tools and weapons. Every blueprint and knowledge you acquire in your character is derived from life experience, and as you level up, you'll gain more knowledge about human development and evolution.

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