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The Adventures of Robin Hood and Anno 1800 Are Both Intriguing Strategy Board Games


Strategy Board Games Rule

There’s this misconception that board games have become passé — no longer appealing in the digital age where anything and everything appears on smartphones and tablets. But the reality is much different than supposed, because board games fulfill a wide range of interests in a way that a screen can’t: there’s a physical element to playing a board game that digital ignores, and a bonding between people playing that online gaming mostly avoids. Plus the opportunities presented by board games — which consist of so many different genres that it’s impossible to name them all — ties in nicely with families and disparate age groups. So if a parent and child (of any age) can get together and agree on something, it’s that a board game holding interest for both of them exists. And creates a great mood and a pleasant way to spend an afternoon or evening, be it for a couple of hours or just 1 or 2 at a time.

Two board games exemplify this, and they both happen to be from Kosmos, or to be more accurate, Thames and Kosmos who are known for their games encompassing attractive artwork, intriguing stories and elements to manipulate that make for a fun time. So let’s get to those games then, with one being The Adventures of Robin Hood and the other being Anno 1800. Since Robin Hood is a bit more well-known, that will start us off.


Head For Sherwood Forest

The Adventures of Robin Hood is a board game (obviously…), and so consists of a board (again, obviously) along with tokens that are used. Being family-friendly and cooperative based, one shouldn’t expect extreme violence of any kind and none is found for the 2 to 4 players who are 10 years old or older. Now for those who can appreciate hearing a bit of the backstory, it’s England in the year 1192 and the forest is Sherwood Forest where Robin Hood and his band of merry men (one expects) are hiding out from the Sheriff of Nottingham who is one bad dude indeed and a henchman of Prince John who runs the country beyond poorly because the real King is off elsewhere. So it’s up to Robin and Little John and Maid Marion and Will Scarlete to fight against the evils going-one and discover dark secrets and of course “save the day” for justice. Expect to use strategy tos escape the sheriff’s guards and more than just common sense as you make your way across the game board — a board that doesn’t stay static just because others do, but changes as the story progresses and you go about your adventures.


Strategize in an Open World

There’s not a single adventure and it takes a 200+ hardbound book to provide the details as to what it needs to be done (as opposed to cards being used), taking the role of narrator moving across during the game. A game that doesn’t require you to go from point a to b to c, etc., but allows for free movement across the board because it’s an “open world” (video gamers love this, you betcha). The game allows for a quick setup/tear down as well so no excuses about being too tired to get it ready to go.

So you see there are no set paths and each time the board changes as the characters move about using different wooden pieces (wood being warmer and more personal to the touch than hard impersonal plastic). It’s fun and simple to play but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be on your game to succeed. Besides, who doesn’t want to be a hero?

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Here Comes The Industrial Age

The other game, Anno 1800, deals with the rise of the Industrial Age, which created amazing opportunities for those who could seize control of vital resources and opportunities the mechanics of the time. Based on the Ubisoft PC game, this city-building strategy board game, For 2 to 4 players (12 years of age and up) strive to develop an island society by building up industrial might and using naval resources to reach aims — but with an eye at keeping one’s citizens pleased (maybe pacified is the actual word here?). Think of it as building up a society or where and having to plan and work at procedures at dealing with changes and then improvements in life as well as the repercussions of growth. Of course while all this is going on, there will be opposition from other societies looking to do the same and surpass what you are doing — and get to the resources and elements in the world before you can get to them. Good And with a game play time of two. hours, for thinking on your feet fast and making correct decisions and executing same is vital. Physically the game consists of a board to play on and tokens and population cards and cubes and a whole host of other cards to deal with the massive environment that this game encompasses. And yes there are game aid cards as well.

Both The Adventures of Robin Hood and Anno 1800 can be found in greater detail at the Thames and Kosmos site,

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