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The 6 Different Maps of ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved started out as just The Island, where you played an amnesiac survivor on an island crawling with creatures straight from when dinosaurs walked the Earth. Over time, more maps have been added with expansions and other content, so here we will give you a few details.

The Island


This is the default map of ARK, and it is included in the basic version of the game. All the general game mechanics apply, without any of them being special (no permadeath or anything like that).

You have several types of biomes, from desert to snowy mountains or volcanoes. You can consult an interactive map with the zones (completely in English) in the following link, or a map of basic resources (also in English) here.

Scorched Earth


This map comes with one of the paid expansions. It consists of a huge desert area. In addition to sandstorms and thunderstorms, it has special mechanics, such as water evaporating from canteens. There are also new altered states, such as heat stroke, that you will have to take into account. The environment can also destroy structures faster.



Aberration is the second paid expansion of ARK. It contains a map where the surface is extremely dangerous, thus, the areas to explore are mainly caves and subways. There are new natural threats: we have earthquakes, radiation zones, pools of harmful liquids in caves, and extremely high temperatures on the surface.


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This is the last expansion of the ARK Trilogy. It is an extremely dangerous place, where the zones are located around Sanctuary, in the center of the map.

There are areas where we can collect deliveries of orbital supplies, natural points from which we can extract elements, places where we will have to defend ourselves from waves of enemies... There are mechanics, elements, and creatures from other expansions and corrupted dinosaurs. The most characteristic creatures are the Titans, which are the final objective of the expansion.

Genesis I


2 maps are included in the Genesis Season Pass Expansion.

The first one is made up of five completely different biomes. To move between them, you will have to use a teleportation machine. You have a swamp, an arctic zone, a volcanic zone, an oceanic zone and a lunar zone.

In each biome there are certain special mechanics. For example, in the arctic you must pay attention to the avalanches that can go downhill, taking you ahead and doing damage. You can't use flying creatures to move around the map either, except for the Astrocetus.

Genesis II


Genesis: Part 2 has the survivors exploring a vast world filled with strange new biomes, story missions, and exotic creatures. The map is set aboard the massive Genesis ship with two rings: on the right side is a normal ring with green terrain as well as normal creatures, and the left side is a corrupted ring filled with purple terrain and horrifying creatures. The ship travels through deep space in search of a habitable planet.

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