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Taking Back My Video Game Racing Hobby

You Have to Start Somewhere

How Did I Get Here?

As a kid in the 90's I loved racing games of all kinds. I think the first one I really fell in love with was Mario Kart on the SNES. Later I played games like Daytona USA and Cruis'n USA. It was something I really enjoyed whether it was sim racing or arcade I loved it all. I finally got a PS1 in 1999. Before then I was a Nintendo fanboy. I missed Gran Turismo completely back then but got the console just in time to experience Gran Turismo 2. I had the demo disc that I got from a magazine, and I was completely blown away at the scope and depth of the game. I spent hours playing the game. I used a dualshock though and never really got behind a race wheel.

When I was about 80% complete with the game though something terrible happened. My little brother thought he was loading his save data in arcade mode and ended up saving his data over mine. It was a simple mistake but after all that time I had just lost on the game something broke in my head. I never really played racing games since then. I think the last racing game I played semi-seriously was Burnout Revenge, and I really only played that at a few parties when I was in college.

I'm middle aged now and all I can think about lately is how much I loved Gran Turismo 2, and it dawned on me that I could just get back to doing what I loved. I checked my steam library. Thanks to Humble Bundle I actually had a bunch of really cool racers I didn't even realize I had. So, following what I already knew was potentially a delusional rabbit hole adventure I downloaded all the games I had, and some of them from game pass, went on a shopping spree for classic racing games, and bought 2 racing wheels.

I've had this problem over the past few years where I start out saying, "I want to be a part of *Insert Community*" and I overspend and buy all the games I can related to it. I did it with the fighting game community, and I did it with the MMO community, and countless others. I don't want to run from what I think is really causing the problem anymore. I really want to get back to what I love. So, in an effort to cement this for myself I'm going to start blogging my return to the world of racing games.

What's the Plan?

The plan is basically to get back into all kinds of racers. I want to play all kinds. I've already streamed a few times playing Asphalt 9. Please try to contain your cringes sim race players. I did a cursory search for what a good starting place would be and what I keep finding is that people say Project Cars 2 is a good place to start. Eventually I want to build a community for people to come together, or join a community. I don't know. I'm so wide eyed about something for the first time in my life that I feel like I'm overloaded so I wanted to pick a game, fire up a blog and chronicle my shenanigans. I'm kind of tapped out financially after all of this, and I still have more money to spend unfortunately. For right now I'm just going to hook up my PXN wheel that I got while I wait to get paid again to buy a sturdy small table or mount for my Thrust Master wheel. I'll be posting content to YouTube and I'll be streaming on Twitch. If things take off I'll be able to grow friendships and add quality to my life. I need something that I love that I can do every night, and I think this is it. You can bet it'll get really fun for me when I can get all the consoles and gear I need to really devote to playing racing games from all the hardware generations I can. Here's hoping that Gran Turismo 2 gets trophy support! I want to platinum that game when or if it does. So, check back here on my blog for updates. The plan is to make this blog at the very least a weekly thing for me. To start I got a PXN racing wheel from Amazon that works with a staggering amount of consoles and PC. So far it seems sturdy, and has such a wide variety of options I can't believe it is as cheap as it was. I'll be relaying my observations with it as they develop, but so far it's like a dream come true. Let's get out there and race! I'll see you all soon!

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