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Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier Review

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An Endless Frontier

Yo! Kitsune87 here, or Karasu87 as I am known as in the fanfiction realm. Anyway, aside from fanfiction, anime, movies, etc. I am a huge gamer. From Dino Crisis, to Duke Nukem. To Kingdom Hearts to Final Fantasy XIII. And been watching E3 like a Velociraptor.

But aside from console games, many people forget the fun and excitement of the handheld variety. And not talking about IOS/Android games. Endless Frontier. Which is part of the Super Robot Franchise. And, I'm the type of gamer that plays the games for the stories, and I love to traverse the worlds of them. I even got lost in the world of Final Fantasy XII... literally...

The game was released on DS on April 28, 2009 in the US, and May 29, 2008 in Japan. It was developed by Banpresto and Monolith Soft, and Atlus for the US and Namco Bandai for Japan.

A sequel was made, which I have yet to play.

Meeting the Characters

The characters in the game surely bring the game and story to life. And, this is pretty Ecchi (Perverted). So, expect many bouncing breasts, innuendo, etc. No nudity or sex. It's pretty much just some fanservice. Not complaining. KOS-MOS and Suzuka-Hime totally steal the show. Yes. KOS-MOS. This game is both a crossover with Xenosaga and Namco x Capcom. Not really going to go into too much details over the characters. Don't want to spoil anything. Just a few of the lead protagonists.

Haken Browning: A 23-year-old bounty hunter from Lost Herencia. A Ladies man, as well as the lead character. Slightly perverted.

Kaguya Nanbu: A princess of the world of Kagura Amahara. Known for her large breasts throughout the game. Also becomes the love interest of Haken.

Aschen Brodel: An android. 23 years ago, she was found emerging from a crashed battleship, carrying the Infant Haken in her arms.

Suzuka-hime: The lovely Princess Suzuka. At least 100 years old, but appears 15.

KOS-MOS: The famous Android from Xenosaga. She and T-elos both appeared early on in the game from a portal. Have to say, I used KOS-MOS a lot. Especially since battling T-elos was frustrating.

Reiji Arisu: Like KOS-MOS, he suddenly appeared from a portal. The lead character from Namco x Capcom. He and Xiaomu appeared in hot pursuit of the lovely, and crazy, Saya.

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A Far Out Plot

The plot revolves around space cowboy/bounty hunter/self proclaimed ladies man, Haken Browning and his motherly android, Aschen Brodel. And a series of events that places them in the center of a adventure that crosses over with Xenosaga and Namco x Capcom. An adventure that has them meeting busty princesses, androids and the mystery of how their worlds came to be, and a threat that could spell the end to the multiverse.

The game starts out with a brief glance into the history of the world you're about to get sucked into. As Haken Browning and Aschen Brödel explore the ruins of Mai Tierra, the duo become nostalgic about what happened 23 years ago. And after battling through waves of defense droids, they stumble upon a young girl fast asleep in a bed...

Hmm, I really need to find a good site that allows me to write a full video game novelization. I was partly tempted there, but didn't know if Hubpages would allow that.

My review and thoughts on gameplay.

The Battle System is like juggling. Has that Disgaea feel. You knock an enemy in the air, and with a string of attacks, keep him there. It's turn based, and you must time your attacks just right, etc, etc, like many JRPG's!

In addition to that, expect a lot of random encounters as you traverse the large pixelated terrain (see above!). The dialogue and the cinematics kept me hooked. Everything about it is beautiful, and unlike many other RPG's. Every battle is unique, and the action keeps moving. Many people nowadays would probably be turned off by the sprites. But I loved it. Has that old school feel. And a bunch of cleavage and bouncing boobs during every battle, well, that's another reason it hooked me. Gotta love JRPG's that go out of the way with ecchi stuff!

The replay value: kinda high. Sure, there aren't really any collectibles or trophies, but for the experience and story. It's an out of this world game, and very fun and hilarious. I rented this from gamefly awhile back, hence why I'm leaving out a lot of details. But for RPG fans, and fans of Xenosaga, then this is a must play.

The game has item collecting, leveling and grinding, and a lot of mecha action. Expect long battles. game over screens and plenty of boss fights. If you want a nice DS game, this is it. Fanservice, intense battles, crossovers and a KOS-MOS vs T-elos fight.

I guess I'm a little biased in this regard, since I do love RPGS. So this review is just my thoughts, and wanted to share this little gem of a DS game.

Always browsing for another game to share my thoughts on, review, etc, since I love writing and gaming!




Endless Frontier Theme: Butterfly by Perfume

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