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Super Mario Bros. 35

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Super Mario Bros. 35

In only two days, "Super Mario Bros. 35" will be taken away from us. Although multitudes of fans will be heartbroken, many of us are thankful for the time we have had to enjoy this amazing game.


What Is It?

"Super Mario Bros. 35" is a platformer, that is heavily based on "Super Mario Bros." It was a reaction to the anniversary of the release of the original "Super Mario Bros." There are some noticeable changes from the game it is based on though. For instance, when holding jump and colliding with an enemy from above - Mario will jump higher (like in games like "Super Mario Bros. 3" and "Super Mario World"). Also, one of the most obvious changes - you get to play simultaneously online with 34 other players! Killing enemies gives you extra time, and if you run out of time - you die. Hitting multiple enemies, either with a shell, or by hitting enemies from above without touching the ground, will increase your added time even more! Also, eventually (if you survive long enough) your time will count down faster than before. Killing enemies can send enemies to other players.


My Experience

As someone who grew up with "Super Mario All-Stars", I was very familiar with the levels in "Super Mario Bros." I've also spent some time playing other versions of the game. Thus, I had a clear advantage over other players. I often come out number one in these matches. Once, I won first place by less than a second (the clock had already started counting down faster, and it was on one when my last surviving opponent lost)! I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with this game. Even if I hadn't been able to do as well as I did, I am sure I would have still loved this game. One interesting feature is that you can see where others scored on a round, in comparison to yourself after you either die or win.


Sounds, Music, And Graphics

The music is a collection of the classic sounds we fans are used to from "Super Mario Bros." However, there are some new sounds. There is one to indicate that a competitor has fallen. There's music on the main menu. Graphically, the game is in many ways identical to the original "Super Mario Bros."

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What Else Is New?

There is a leveling up system in the game. Instead of going into the hundreds, you eventually start from one again, this time with a star next to your level number. It seems as though this continues up to two stars. You also can unlock icons to display next to your name.

My Conclusion

I recommend you play the game while you still can, if you are able to have the time! It's a fantastic reimagining of a beloved platformer.

© 2021 Alexander James Guckenberger

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