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Sunday Lawn Game App For iPhone - Tips, Hints, Cheats, Level Walkthroughs

Looking for Sunday Lawn game app tips, hints, cheats, tactics and walkthroughs? Then you are in the right place. Here we will review the iPhone and iPad game Sunday lawn, look at some helpful tips and hints, see if there are any cheats available and also look for some level walkthroughs and tactics. The Sunday lawn app is based on the online Sunday lawn game. The concept is very similar but basically on the iPhone. Currently Sunday lawn is a free download from the app store.

Sunday lawn is a basic puzzle game. It’s good fun, easy to play and very addictive. This is the kind of game that will have you hooked within minutes of playing it. As a free download it is well worth getting hold of Sunday lawn to keep yourself entertained for a few hours.


Sunday Lawn Game


When you open the app up you are greeted by your friendly little mower man. You tap the screen to head to the main menu. From here you can view more games, check the options or start the game. In the options you can check on your high scores for the arcade game, view the help files which show you how to play the game and also read the credits.

You can also view the global high scores. I like this feature as it gives you a good idea of what kind of score you should be aiming for. You can also read donut news. Sunday lawn is produced by donut games, hence donut news. In the options you can also change the controls from swipe, to tilt or arrows. This is a clever little features as well. You can also turn the music on and off, the sound on and off and you can reset all the scores and challenges.


When you click start and enter the game you can play three different games. Challenges is a series of puzzle levels that you must get through. Arcade play is 8 levels why you try to get your high score. Then finally sweet dreams is a bonus game that involves getting sheep to jump over a fence. The basic game play is simple, you are a little man with a lawn mower, hence the name Sunday lawn. You must mow the grass. To do this you guide your little man around the lawn.

In challenge mode there are 41 different levels to get through. When you start there is only one level available, you must beat each level to progress to the next one. The challenges start off very easy and get progressively more difficult as you go on. Each challenge you do has a name, for instance the first one is called ‘my first lawn’. Depending upon how many points you get on a level you are awarded stars. The idea is to try and get three star on each level.

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The arcade version of the game is very simple. There are 8 levels. You work your way through them and try and get the highest score possible. If you die, it's games over. So no lives. This is a good game to try and get a really high score on. Some of the levels are quite tricky as you are trying to dodge hedgehogs and guard dogs, so getting a good score is not easy at all.

Tips, HInts, Cheats & Level Walkthroughs

If you are looking for tips & hints for Sunday lawn there are a few we can look at. The first tip is to earn more points by mowing long continuous lanes. If you go over a square you have already mown your run will end. You get bonus points for a long run so try your best to only mow fresh grass. On some levels it is possible to mow all the grass in one go. Another tip is to avoid the hedgehogs, they follow a set pattern so learn this and then make your move. Another tip, avoid the dogs and the dog poo! This knocks 250 points of your score. If you can pick up the oil pack this supercharges your mower and makes you invincible for a few seconds. These tips should help you to improve your scores.

If you are looking for Sunday lawn cheats then sadly there are non on the iPhone or iPad. This is still quite a new app so maybe someone will come up with a way of finding some cheats, but for now there are no cheats for Sunday lawn. A good way to get helpful tips is to look for walkthroughs of the levels. There don’t seem to be any around at the moment but hopefully in the near future a few walkthroughs will appear on you tube.

The Sunday lawn game app for iPhone and iPad really is a good fun little app. It’s easy to play and free to download. If you want something to put a smile on your face and keep you occupied for a while then the Sunday lawn game could well be for you. If you do like the iPhone version you could also try Sunday lawn online.

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Taryn on May 20, 2012:

This game is so good

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