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Summer Game-Fest Day 1 Hour 2, Day of The Devs

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Honestly I was gonna skip this one, because I expected this to be a round-table discussion about game development. But upon giving it a look, I learned that there were games being showcased. Meaning, yeah I decided to blog about it. Plus it was their tenth anniversary, so why not cover it? That being said, let's get to the assessment.

I kinda wonder what the final product will look like since this is a rough outline of the game.

I kinda wonder what the final product will look like since this is a rough outline of the game.

Yeah this is ten pounds of nope in a five pound bag.

Yeah this is ten pounds of nope in a five pound bag.

The Assessment...

First game shown off was a concept a fly living for 24 hours, and doing varies tasks before it dies. It’s called “Time Flies,” and it made me think of Mr. Mosquito from back in the day.

Next was Planet of Lana, which is a side scroller platformer where you play a girl named Lana exploring an alien planet. It puts me in mind of another platformer, which eludes me. It’ll be released on Steam, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

After that was a showcasing of Choo-Choo Charles. I’ve seen this game in passing like Midnight Suns, but hadn’t looked into it. But after seeing the gameplay, yeah I won’t be playing this. It’s an FPS horror game where you run and defend yourself from a Train monster with spider legs and a clown face called “Choo-Choo-Charles.” This thing is like two of my childhood nightmares fused together. You also have defend yourself against people trying to kill you.

It’s developed by Markeplier’s editor, so if you’re a fan of him, you’ll like this. It comes out some time in 2022.

After that was Escape Academy is a FPS puzzle game where you get to train with escape artists and escape from numerous rooms. Escape Academy will be available on July 14th 2022 on Xbox Gamepass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4/PS5, and Steam.

After that was A Little to the Left is a puzzle game where you organize various items. Of course there is an obstacle like a cat ruining the process, and you have to reorganize them. It’ll be on the Nintendo Switch with no specific date announced.

After that was Bear and Breakfast, a game where you play as a curious bear named “Hank” who lives in the woods with his mom. You get to explore the woods, build and customize homes for humans moving into the forest, and interact said neighbors. Bear and Breakfast comes out July 28th 2022 for Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Then there was Animal Well, a side scrolling Metroidvania platformer where you play as a small animal traversing levels and avoiding dangerous predators. It’ll be available for Steam and PS5, with no specific date announced.

Next was Naiad, a game where you play as spring water nymph named Naiad. As the game progresses Naiad will grow and mature, while obtaining vitality from leaves and flowers. Through Naiad’s growth it will learn how to swim like a duck, dive like a fish, and dash like a frog. And along your journey you’ll meet other animals like butterflies, rabbits, snakes, turtles, crocodiles, and more. After meeting these animals, you’ll help them avoid obstacles and dangers with your skills.

You will traverse through many places like a deep forest, a dark cave, a joyful creek, and more. You can also sing to regenerate nature, making flowers sprout in your path. And eventually you become the river’s guardian, as you protect it from human spawned dangers. Naiad will available for PC and Consoles lay the end of 2022.

After that was Roots of Pacha, a game where you build a village from the ground up, and do various tasks like farming vegetables, caring for animals, and explore various environments. Roots of Pacha has a demo available on steam.

After that was Desta Memories Between, as a role playing game where you play the role of Desta who returns home, and upon falling asleep, before awaking in a dream world. It is here that Desta learns how to reconnect with their family and friends.

Then there was Schim, a top down adventure game where you bounce from shadow to shadow. It kinda reminds me of Frogger. Scheme will be available on Steam, as Steam users can add it to their wish lists.

After that was Fox and Frog Travelers:The Demon of Adashino Island. It’s an action game where you play as a girl named Fox who traverses throughout Adashino Island with an anthropomorphic frog… Named “Frog.” It’s planned to be released in a few years with no specifics announced.

Then there was Goodbye World, a narrative game about two young indie game creators Kanji, and Kumade who develop video games. Goodbye World will be available on steam later this year, 2022.

After that was Birth, a point and click puzzle game about living alone in a large city. In order to cope with your loneness, you create a “friend” out of spare bones and organs you gather throughout the city. You can also solve many puzzles to unlock tokens and treasures. No date or platforms have been announced, which makes sense, since it’s still in development.

And lastly was How To Say Goodbye. A narrative puzzle game. How to say Goodbye will be on Steam in 2022, i.e. “to be announced.”

There's a nostalgic vibe from this, don't know why...

There's a nostalgic vibe from this, don't know why...

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The Conclusion...

In conclusion Day of The Devs showed some interesting titles. Though I think only Choo-Choo Charles will be the only game in this conference that will appeal to hardcore gamers, while the rest seem more for casuals. I for one enjoyed the creativity showcased in all of these titles.

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