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Strongest Champion in LOL: Teemo, the Godlike Yordle

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Teemo's Weaknesses: How to Counter Teemo

Teemo almost has no weaknesses and he is the nightmare of every bruiser, however, there are some ways you can try to abuse in order to put this little Satan in his place. He can be very powerful both in the early and the late game, so you have to deal with him carefully.

  1. Get him before he is level 6 - Noxian Traps (Shrooms) are escapes, cc, wards, and an overall insane advantage at early levels. If you get some ganks before level 6 you can counter him by denying him one of his main advantages (to have lane advantage).
  2. Gank him - This little yordle needs to be taken out by overwhelming force, and ganking is a good option. I told you a gank pre-6 is good, but the good thing is that ganks can usually translate in kills if you keep the river entrances to the lane clear of shrooms. Teemo is squishy, and he can't handle the burst of 2 champions. Take red trinket and clear the minefield so your jungler can punish him.
  3. Take a bursty mage or a beefy tank - Teemo is weaker against bursty mages, just be careful not to be burst first. On the other hand, Teemo is all about his combo and those first few seconds while you're blinded. If you take a tank and build magic resist you can last those first few seconds and then kill him after. This can work, just avoid champions who are easily kited.

Picks that aren't meta can also be a good idea in this case. For example, Cassiopeia just straight out destroys Teemo.

As far as items are concerned, build Wit's End against him as it provides you with a way to kill him after those first few seconds and the Magic Resist to endure them.

The Strongest League of Legends Character is Teemo!

As I said, both in the title as in the paragraph title - Teemo is tiny, but he can own you and zone you so hard that you will have 3 minion kills by the fifteen-minute mark, and those were when he was fed up and got bored of harassing you or wanted to place a mushroom in the bush.

Now, don't get me started on Teemo - or do it, as I'm going to write about him throughout this article.

Here are the reasons that make Teemo so strong:

  • He can harass you and zone you on the laning phase, and this is just a huge hit against item dependent champions. On the other hand, he can also make you suffer a tremendous gold disadvantage that will make you suffer the rest of the game;
  • He can use his blinding dart to shut down an enemy that is attack speed based, making him miss his flurry of attacks for a short duration. This is especially dangerous during team fights, where your adc won't hit a thing and theirs just keeps shooting and hitting.;
  • He does an insane amount of damage over time, you'll probably die without realizing you're dead, even the most veteran players get caught by surprise sometimes, and this is especially dangerous if you have a shutdown gold bounty on you.
  • He can split push in a way that you would need mobility boots to stack and have five of them to catch that little hamster... or yordle, whatever. He has everything a split pusher needs, free wards from shrooms, movement speed to run, attack speed and AP to destroy towers;
  • He is always getting underestimated, and gets a lot of kills this way;
  • He has a global taunt, everyone wants to attack Teemo because he is Teemo. You can sometimes trick them by building Tank Teemo and making them focus you.

... I could go on and on really, Teemo is really an utter beast.

How to play Teemo: Strategies, Plays and Tips

Teemo is a deadly weapon even in unskilled hands, but in skilled hands he turns into a weapon of mass destruction and everyone will run away when they see you strolling in with your tough look and cane in hand.

Here are some things you should consider when playing Teemo:

  • Harass in lane: Making the laning phase last as long as possible and prevent your opponent from farming, keep harassing but focus on last hitting minions. Don't buy hurricane too early or you'll lose control of your farming speed.
  • Get kills early game: Teemo is very fragile early game, but if a kill falls on to your lap, then grab it, as it presents a huge snowballing potential - be careful because people always gank teemo based out of collective fear of his power!
  • Avoid Ganks: As previously said, you should avoid ganks - if you don't get ganked and you win your lane, proceed to carry the game while the other team cries and calls each other noob.
  • Go Hybrid or AD: I usually play Hybrid, but AD is fine too for backdoors. AP Teemo isn't viable for me because it isn't versatile, he doesn't get good results with spellvamp, he can't split push like Hybrid or AD and the damage of your mushrooms will be easilly avoided by skilled players with purple wards.

Now, these were some basic tips that will improve the way you use the strongest champion of all and that will get you to higher elos (now tiers) if you are Bronze or Silver - even silver players fail to understand some of these tips.

As far as strategy is concerned, check the following category for an indepth look upon the different Teemo builds and the strategies I use with them.

Teemo's cousins.... OP!


What is best: Attack Damage or Attack Speed

Now, this is always a pointy subject, but with Teemo there are two distinct strategies that work with these attributes and I'll share them with you:

Teemo Attack Speed:

If you optimize on Attack Speed and you start to stack it making Teemo blow darts like he is shooting a mounted MG42 than you should opt for a split pushing strategy. The best thing here is to push down a lane until the enemies come to get you and use move quickly to escape, as your speed is insane.

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When you are pushing, you should leave mushrooms next to where you were before running away and take the summoner spell teleport - so as soon as you lose the "heat" you can teleport to your mushroom and keep pushing until you reach the enemy nexus.

Teemo Attack Damage:

Attack Damage Teemo rules the laning phase. Most of the time, between last hits, you can only shoot the enemy once or twice, and AD will maximize the strength of the hits. Also, the poison of your darts doesn't stack, so you are not benefiting from AS, and hitting once and strong will be better than hitting multiple times.

The enemies are a bit addicted to running away from Teemo too, so you can only get one hit every so often, and AD will max it out, leaving your enemy in tears and smashing his keyboard.

Tank Teemo:

As I stated earlier, you can also build Teemo as a tank because everyone attacks Teemo.

Teemo as a tank is also a viable option.

Take Grasp of the Undying and build Blade of the Ruined King (BOTRK), Frozen Mallet and then tank up on everything.

You'll slow, do percent damage and be able to tank up for everyone.

Let me tell you this Teemo build is very circumstantial so use it with care.

Teemo Gameplay High Elo:

Teemo on the Diamond Tier: High Elo Teemo Gameplay and Guides

I found a video that matched my playstyle and that I like. The player behind the video is FeelTheTeemo, a player that I really like and that spreads the word about Teemo through his own religion.

He actually wrote a Teemo Bible, you should check it out.

Now, the video can give you some good ideas on how to play Teemo at a High Elo (High Tier) level, so be sure to check it out!

Bottom line, don't underestimate Teemo in any Elo. He is simply a beast of a champion that will teach you the meaning of humility.

On the other hand, if I had to pick a weakness for him it would be his low contribution to teamfighting, but you should spend your game split pushing and warding with shrooms anyways.

What do you think of Teemo?

Teemo's Skills and Maxing Order:

In my oppinion you should always max out Toxic Shot first. Toxic shot will be one of your main sources of damage, regardless of what kind of Teemo you are.

It is such a useful skill to secure kills and to harrass that you have to max it, not maxing it is a sin!

After Toxic Shot is maxed, you should max either Move Quick - if you are hybrid Teemo or AD Teemo - or Blinding Dart - if you are AP Teemo.

As AP Teemo, Blinding Dart will be your huge poke and so you have to max it, but with AD Teemo one point in it is enough early on.

As an AD or Hybrid Teemo, you should max Move Quick to split push, to run away, to escape ganks, and to effectively have the upper hand while trading.

This is my choice, but try your own things - the risk is minimal since Teemo is a powerhouse!

As a tank Teemo, build movement speed last.

On the other hand, if you see yourself split pushing early, take move quick before blinding dart.

Teemo Combo: Stealth + Surprise


League of Legends Vox Pop:

Teemo's Popularity: Why Is Teemo So Fun?

Teemo's Popularity is pretty strange. He is very popular throughout all the Tiers, but here is what I find odd:

  • Teemo AD and Hybrid fills Low Elos
  • Teemo AP fills medium Elos
  • Teemo AD and Hybrid fills High Elos

So, what gets me thinking is:

Why are low elos and high elos opting by the same Teemo while medium elos opt for the AP Teemo?

It is kind of hard to point out where this trend occurred. The only way I can think of this making sense is that low elo players like to copy the pros, while medium-skilled Teemos already recognize they don't have the skill to play hybrid and opt for the simpler AP version.

Then the high elo Teemos are skilled, and can use the value of the hybrid build to its full potential. But that's just a theory... a TEEMO Theory!

What's your opinion on this? Answer me on the Comment Section please.

Items for Hybrid Teemo - My Teemo

These are NOT items I use simultaneously, but some ideas on what works well in each phase of the game, notice that the way you build your Teemo is highly situational!
If you are low elo then buy this and you will be fine!

Early GameMid GameLate Game



Frozen Mallet


Nashor's Tooth

Trinity Force

Or...Doran's Blade

Mercury Threads

Hextech Gunblade (Heal from Shrooms and DOT)

Disclaimer: Teemo is Broken, OP and Free Win

I honestly believe there isn't a "stronger" champion, but I found that the arrogance and omnipotent tones would show you the passion I have for this little champion.

It worked for me because:

  • I really like Teemo;
  • It got me to smile while I wrote;
  • Telling people Teemo is the strongest will increase its popularity. Heh!

Teemo is simply a work of art, different than all the other champions in League of Legends and one everyone loves to play.

His gameplay is satisfying on levels other champions simply can't reach. His kit makes him very versatile as well.

He has a skill ceiling that is way higher than most people think, and he is a champion that is easy to get into.

Teemo Rules:

Forget about:

  • Jax
  • Jayce
  • Twisted Fate
  • Lee Sin
  • Nasus
  • Veigar
  • Sion
  • Everyone!

Teemo is the strongest champion in LOL and he will absolutely "pwn" you all day everyday if he is played by the right guy. So, be careful.

Danger comes in small packages!

Teemo's Runes: Different Runes, Different Experiences

One of the main things I have to say is that Teemo can use a lot of different runes successfully.

Here are my top recommendations depending on which type of Teemo you build:

  • AP Teemo: Dark Harvest or Summon Aery
  • Hybrid Teemo: Fleet Footwork
  • Tank Teemo: Grasp of the Undying

If you're playing in Low Elo, you should ALWAYS take Gathering Storm no matter what you build.


Rui Carreira (author) from Torres Novas on January 04, 2016:

Ah Come on, Teemo is so cool to play man!

Dylan Parado from Manila, Philippines on January 03, 2016:

Teemo......Teeemooooooo! Why did Riot created such a champ?

Rui Carreira (author) from Torres Novas on June 23, 2013:

Captain Teemo on Duty!

Parallels on June 22, 2013:

What's funny is I never have played as Teemo, but I'm always really glad when he's on my team. Those mushrooms are so good!

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