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"Stress" - A Different Way to Play UNO Cards


A variation played with UNO cards, with a twist - "Stress"

There are many ways to play UNO and here is a different variation of playing with UNO cards, it is called "Stress", is a pretty fast paced game and would consist of only two players at a time. All cards that do not consist of numbers like the "wild", "reverse" and "adding" cards, are removed from the stack; only numbers remain.

Each player is handed 7 cards (this can be modified according to your preferences) and the rest will be in a stack, which is set aside. From this stack, 2 cards are drawn and placed in the middle, whilst the stack of cards is set aside. This is where the fun starts: players are supposed to match the cards in the middle with the cards they have, numerical wise.


For example, if the cards in the middle are a 2 and 7, players can place any number above or below the numbers placed in the middle, in this case a 1 or 3, and a 6 or 8. Players do not take turns, whoever is faster gets to place the cards there.


If a player does not have any corresponding number from the cards in hand, he or she is to pick cards from the stack set aside until they get numbers that correspond to the ones placed in the middle. This continues until either player finishes the stack of cards they have in their hands. Here comes the tricky part, players must be on the lookout for numbers to be the same (which means that players have to be fast).

For instance if one of the cards in the middle is a 3 and the other is a 4, and if one of the players has either a 4 or 3, then that player is to quickly place that card on the correct card (in this case 3 or 4) and shout "Stress" before the other player gets the chance to add another card to make the cards in the middle different. If the player successfully does so, the other player has no choice but to take all the cards that have accumulated so far in the middle - speed is key in this game.

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The aim of the game is to have no cards at the end, the loser would be the one left with the most cards. Rules can be modified and added to accommodate the other cards without numbers. You are only limited by your imagination!


David on November 11, 2016:

So very good! My friends and I loved it, we made some little changes and it's really fun and also supee stressful! Thx for killing our bore

Sontos on February 17, 2015:

Dan,This is by far the best educational game I have seen and used. My almsot 6 year old daughter is so addicted, she is on it 2-4 hours a day. She has learned shapes, Abbreviations, Capitols, locations, flags in less than 10 days. She is a pro now. I tout this game to friends and family. I am a web devloper myself so I understand what you have done is amazing. Even I learned a lot myself never having really attempted to learn shapes and locations. I also have stack the countries which is great.Thank you!Manoj Joshi

rihana on December 07, 2014:

Nice game

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