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Strategy to solving Jigsaw puzzles


Jigsaw puzzles

Solving Jigsaw puzzles is a fun and easy way to boost confidence and increase brain activity. It is extremely important to have some type of brain stimulating activity as you get older because it is actually very beneficial to your health. The benefits range from longer, better quality life to less chance of mental diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's. Also, the constant success gained through jigsaw puzzles is a great way to boost confidence.

As you move on to the harder puzzles, you're going to need to know the best strategy for finishing these fun, therapeutic puzzles. I'm going to show you how to solve them as fast as ever, and I'm going to just go over the main points to make it a lot less reading.

Make it a good setting

First of all, you have to choose a puzzle. Easy puzzles are easy to choose, harder ones are a little harder. Hard jigsaw puzzles are ones that are mostly the same color. If you want to find a doable hard puzzle, all you have to look for is the number of patterns. If it has a lot of distinct patterns, then it will be easier than it looks. If the patterns and colors are the same, then you just found yourself a hard puzzle.

Next, you need to have a good area to put your puzzle on. A table is good, but something you can move is much better because you can move it under a couch or something when you want to hide it. I suggest getting a square piece of plywood or a cookie sheet to put your "solved" puzzle on. It's a lot easier to solve it when the plywood piece or cookie sheet is a few inches bigger than the puzzle on all sides because it allows you to put all of the pieces on the playing board. This way, you can move all the pieces at once.

Lastly, make it a comfortable environment. You can solve jigsaw puzzles with music, food, and friends. Make it a fun time.

Jigsaw Puzzle Strategy

Part 1 - Get all the edges. Find all of the straight pieces and corners and separate them from the other pieces. Solve for these pieces first. This gives you a base idea of how big your finished product will be and the sizes of different sections in the puzzle.

Part 2 - Empty all pieces and flip them over. Take all of the puzzle pieces out of the box and place them on board/table. Place them so that none of the pieces are stacked on top of other ones. You want to be able to see all the pieces. Then flip them to where the picture side is facing up.

Part 3 - Organize based on color - This is helpful with the easier jigsaw puzzles because the harder ones are usually the same color throughout. For example, put all the blues with the blues and the reds with the reds. Then see if you can solve a little bit with the help of color separation. (Hint - separate the colors that are NOT dominant in the puzzle - Eg. if the puzzle is mostly green, separate the non-greens with their respective colors)

Part 4 - Organize based on patterns - This will make little subsections of the colors sections that you already made. Now you've super organized your puzzle pieces. All you have to do now is solve the puzzle. Go have some fun!

Order some puzzles NOW!! :)

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You need to do some sort of brain stimulating activity to make sure you don't end up with a mental disease like dimensia, Alzheimers, or something else.

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Iris on January 03, 2014:

I went out with my husband to get Monopoly Millionaire And I got home with a jigsaw puzzle instead. My husband got me a 3000-piece puzzle. He's not even helping me now so I really have to be methodical on how to solve it. It's funny how actually I have followed all the steps even before I read this article. With a puzzle as big as this, i really have no other choice than to be methodical. Thanks!

chasemillis (author) on April 04, 2011:

And if not just for the fun, at least for the reason that it helps keep your brain active. Personally, I still want to be partying at 80 years old.

6hotfingers3 on April 04, 2011:

Interesting hub! I help my grandchild with puzzles from time to time. I never considered getting a puzzle for myself. I like to do word search games. I think I will go by the store and start a new hobby with jig-saw puzzles. Good article and pass time.

Shampa Sadhya from NEW DELHI, INDIA on April 01, 2011:

My latest hub is on jigsaw puzzle. After posting it I read yours. I found it very interesting and methodical.

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