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Stocking Stuffer: A Review of the Upgraded MelMelKat Rechargeable Hover Soccer Ball

I'm an avid weapons collector. Whether it be blades, blunt weapons, or ranged weaponry, I have a little bit of everything in my collection.

A really awesome toy, especially considering the low price.

A really awesome toy, especially considering the low price.

With Christmas being right around the corner—as it is all year if you ask me—the time has come to hunt for gifts and goodies for the kids. However, I'm not the type to want to stuff stockings with cheap toys that break in less than 48 hours; no, I'm always in search of those lower-end prices that seek to provide higher-end quality! With that being said, I'm confident in saying that I've come to find one of my most favorite stocking stuffers to date: The Upgraded MelMelKat Rechargeable Hover Soccer Ball!

This product boasts a low price, good quality, and even the ability to entertain me as an adult; but without further ado, let's get down into the finer details off this little gem of a toy.

A Quick Personal Overview

With every review I like to include a quick detail-rundown section for those of you with very little time to read. Here you go:

  • Sturdy material, won't break easily
  • For hard, smooth floors only
  • Lasts longer than other hover toys
  • Can be charged via USB
  • Won't damage floors and furniture
  • Decent for pretty much all ages
  • Great for indoor play
  • No assembly required
  • Comes fully charged
  • Can take a beating
  • Made in China, and possibly a reverse-engineered product

Now that you have been given a quick rundown, let's hop right into the pros and cons of this sweet little toy.

A pleasantly quiet and compact toy that I'd recommend to any Christmas shopper with hard floors!

A pleasantly quiet and compact toy that I'd recommend to any Christmas shopper with hard floors!

Possibly An Unfortunate Moral Downside to Purchasing This Toy

As far as I can tell most Chinese products tend to be reverse engineered, or blatantly stolen and rebranded. The patent laws in China, as far as I know, allow for such shady practices to occur without any recourse for the person who initially created the product. If you're the sort of individual who cannot, under any circumstance, purchase a product that may fall under this sort of description, then I suggest you take a look at what I believe is the original product: The WizToys Kid's Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set.

To be wholly and completely honest, the same individuals who produce the WizToys version of this toy may also be the ones selling it as an individual product under a different brand name. I say this because the box that the MelMelKat version comes in does not have any identifying marks for the MelMelKat brand, nor an address for the manufacturer in case you felt like contacting them. This, at least to me, is a surefire sign that something isn't completely copacetic in the production and sale of the product.

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However, I don't believe this problem to be anything more than a moral quandary, and one to be swept under the rug and ignored at that. The product and price are too good to pass up!

Still One of the Coolest Stocking Stuffers I've Ever Bought

Whenever I purchase a product off of Amazon, especially when it is on the cheaper side from a brand I've never heard of, I'm expecting to be returning it within the first few hours of its delivery. I was pleasantly surprised, and am happy to say, that this awesome stocking stuffer is going to make a great gift for everyone's kids and family members. It really did blow every expectation I had for it away.

Upon first opening the ball I was expecting to hear some insides rattling around that broke off during delivery, and then having to disassemble, reassemble, and charge the thing just to get it running. Boy was I wrong, and should perhaps revisit my prejudices about cheap products, because this thing came rip-roaring and ready to play! I turned it on, set it down, and immediately began bouncing it off every wall of the house to put it through its paces.

From my foot, to the wall, to my son's hands—and even unexpectedly through the air to a few hard landings—this thing stood up to the beatdown we forced it to endure! Which really surprised me because I was certain that the LED lights within the plastic housing would pop loose, disconnect from the power source, or even bug out to some degree; but nope, even the delicate lights and wiring held strong and true through a toddler's relentless play session. A play session that lasted for well over thirty minutes I might add, which only added to my interest in this little gem.

Overall I say that you would be making a wise choice in buying this for any special occasion.

My son absolutely adores it!

My son absolutely adores it!

Final Verdict: A Stocking Stuffer Worth Stuffing Your Stocking With

Whether you're looking for a gift to fill stockings with, or just something to give to family members for the holidays rather than another one of your infamous fruit cakes, this little gadget will not leave anyone disappointed. It's been three days since I received it, and already I've developed all kinds of games to play with it. Honestly, I don't think something so cheap and simple has ever provided me so much stimulation.

It's almost like an enlarged version of air hockey, where the ball is the puck and your home is the table. Adding furniture in the mix to create obstacles, bridges, and scenery while trying to bounce it off as many surfaces as you can before it returns back to you makes for some really big laughs and challenges. Even just sliding it back and forth with your kid can provide hours of entertainment for you both.

I say hours of entertainment, and that's the last point I'd like to add before closing this out, because this thing has lasted as long as 47 minutes in one play time and only takes about an hour and a half to fully charge. We have already ordered another to make up for lost time between charges.

If you plan on picking up the Upgraded MelMelKat Rechargeable Hover Soccer Ball any time soon, then here is a suggestion for a game to play with your kids that I think they'll really enjoy, because my son sure did: Purchase a bunch of balloons—any size, and the more the better—blow them up, and scatter them all throughout the room you plan to play in. Then taking turns, try to get as many balloons pushed back to your opponent as you can using the hover soccer ball. The player with the least amount of balloons in their area after three pushes wins! If your kid is too young to enjoy a complex game like this, it is really cool to just watch the reaction of them ramming the ball into the balloons!

So, with all that said and out of the way, what are you waiting for? Go purchase this awesome stocking stuffer—or three—right now!

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