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Stellaris New Frontier

I'm a gamer i love to play video games. it helps me relax. Writing about them would be a dream of mine.

this is a stock photo of Stellaris that i found on google that came from Reddit

this is a stock photo of Stellaris that i found on google that came from Reddit

What is Stellaris

Stellaris is a game where you create and rule a space Empire. You are in control, From what the species looks like to what their life is like. The Empire will either grow or die in your control. That is really up to you.

Choose your ethics wisely. They will either help or hinder you. Choose if you are going to be research or military focused first. That will help you in the long run. giving you an edge against other empires. Focusing on The military will also give you an edge. The faster you can dish out ships and armies the better you have at wining wars. even if your enemy has better tech.

You start off with nothing more then a planet a few resources. As you research techs and gain a footing in the galaxy you can work down your path. Are you going to a tyrant and enslave the rest of the galaxy or are you going to bring everyone into peaceful Federation. Don't think it will be easy the other Empires are out for the same prize.

The Play station 4 version

Stellaris for the Play station 4 release date was February 26, 2019. The game was an unbalanced mess when it first came out compared to its PC counterpart. the game was almost unplayable. you could only have a certain amount of systems and planets at once, and the resources were not balanced to force a player to be small.

The Updates fixed the resources and border problem. They allow the player to control more space and fixed the resource shortage that the planets faced. They also add features like envoys that help with diplomatic options with other empires.

For the next four years. Paradox worked on the game giving it much needed re-balancing and details. The expansion packs made the game a little better. The expansion packs added new races and other ethics. They also added new slave types and the Slave market if you are looking for some quick credits.

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The early years of the Play station 4 Stellaris

When the game first launched it was a mess. the resource shortage with the lack of border expansion made the game almost unplayable. the planets where small and were lacking in the housing department. only a few housing had resources.

Expanding your borders was dependent on two things. Your empires population growth, and your station cap. Population growth was also limited by your planet cap. When the game first came out you were heavily limited in what you can do. from your planets to how many main stations you can build.

In later updates and expansions this was corrected. The planet and station caps turned into Empire sprawl. Empire sprawl is how much your empire can effectively control at once. you can expand your Empire sprawl with Administration offices, they take commercial goods and turn them into empire sprawl. Commercial goods can be made in industrial factors. those take minerals to create them.

Minerals in the early stages of the game were hard to come by. now they are a base material. it seems to be everywhere now. Making it easy to work on the planet infrastructure, as it became easy to come by. new building materials were added to game. Alloys were added for space infrastructure and ship building.

The Overlord Expansion pack

The overlord expansion adds new mega-structures and Vassal management. They plan on adding a new origin to the game as well. Origins are where you start in the game allowing you to pick the best start for your story. Paradox plans on releasing the new expansion on May 12.

The new Origin story is called subterranean. Where your people start with cave dwellings that give you a boost in minerals. Minerals are the building block of an empire they are used for Industrial and Alloy factories. they are also used to build planet infrastructure. This new way of life will also give you a bonus in defense against orbital bombardment. with an hindrance of your population growth.

The Newest Features

Control your Vassals path. with the new overload expansion. you can control your vassals path. From resource manufacturing. They can also help with your research. Ask or demand contracts from your vassals take what is rightfully yours.

New Empires and special Enclaves. Searching through the stars just got interesting. you will find new empires to interact with. As well as new enclaves graced the galaxy with their presents. From Mercenaries to salvagers. And a new weird Shroud walker.

New origins, each empire has epic Origin story. Paradox gave us new ones to play with. One was highlighted earlier. One of the others is Imperial Fiefdom. You start out as a small specialist Empire with the ambition of controlling all of the galaxy,

in conclusion

The game came a long way from its harsh beginning. A lot of people had left the game to die. Other die hard Stellaris players stayed and kept it alive. Now the game has is at a golden age.

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