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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Sith Update 2-15-17 Tips


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Sith Faction Update

The 2/15/17 update is a big one for The Dark Side, but more exactly, it's a big update for the Sith order. I won't spend time tackling the minor updates to Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren's ship being added here. This space is to tackle all the news around the Sith.

In this guide, we'll touch on:

  • Lord of Hunger
  • Improved Count Dooku
  • Improved Darth Maul
  • Improved Darth Sidious
  • Improved Darth Vader
  • Improved Savage Opress

Let's get started, already!

Lord of Hunger

A few weeks back, EA hinted at the addition of Darth Nihilus, a reference to a Sith from KOTOR. Now they've officially introduced him as the Lord of Hunger, and have also added a couple other token Sith characters - Sith Trooper and Sith Assassin.

Given the game's previous history of treating generic trooper and assassin characters as such, I'm going to focus on Darth Nihilus. If history is any guide, we know that Sith Trooper and Sith Assassin are going to range from absolutely useless to mildly useful. And with a limited amount of time and resources to farm characters, you and I can make better choices.

So let's look at Darth Nihilus:

  • Lord of Hunger Leadership - 30% offense boost to Sith allies and 70% health steal! They also lose protection and gain that amount in max health. Immune to healing effects, and can't score critical hits. Translation - Nihilus is going to be a very fun leader since Sith toons are going to do a lot of damage, and steal a lot of health. Given the amount of protection someone like Vader or Savage normally brings to the party, they're going to be giving and taking health in massive amounts.
  • Annihilation - Nihilus is getting a countdown-style assassin move which will deal instant death. I can only imagine how the whales are going to invest in him just to have this ability, and how they're going to become the bane of humanity in Squad Arena and Galactic War.
  • Debuffs - Nihilus also is apparently going to be the master of the debuff. That's obviously going to affect some opponents more than others, but at the very least, I would steer clear of Nihilus teams until we can really see how he handles himself.

Verdict - Clearly a must-have Sith leader that gives you even more reason to build up a 2nd squad of Siths.

Darth Nihilus

You will not pass, Nihilus

You will not pass, Nihilus

Improved Count Dooku

Dooku used to be such a popular toon with his counter-attacks, his naturally high speed, and his decent leadership skills. Then protection was introduced, which ultimately weakened him, and you don't see him nearly as much. But since I had a fully loaded Count Dooku before these updates, I'm happy to report that things are looking up for him. Here's why:

  1. Basic attack is better at debuffs, and gets a damage boost and can't be countered at Omega. Any update to a toon's basic attack is a big deal, and we're getting multiple reasons to love Dooku again.
  2. Force lightning debuff chance increased, plus damage boost and chance for shock at Omega. I'm loving the addition of shock, since Dooku used it several times during the movies. The debuffs and damage up again take Dooku from average to above average where he should be.

Dooku also gets a Zeta, but honestly, if you have to spend one or two, you're better off spending them elsewhere.

Verdict - Good love for the student of Darth Sidious, but he's still feeling like a 2nd team Sith.

Clone Wars Dooku

Clone Wars Count Dooku

Clone Wars Count Dooku

Darth Maul

Darth Maul gets the least amount of love - a minor tweak to his Zeta skill.

Verdict - Unless you have him at Zeta, he's too flawed to use extensively unless it's again Jedi. EA decided it's time was better spent improving other Sith, so you should do the same.

Maul Sidious Savage

Three Siths Enter...

Three Siths Enter...

Improved Darth Sidious

Sidious was the original Sith baddie in this game, and for a time, he was the bane of everyone that invested heavily in Jedi. They couldn't hit him, he would inflict healing immunity, and it was only a matter of time before his team won. Then he got nerfed again, and again. I swore once Palpatine was introduced that Sidious's best days were behind him, but he has new life with these updates:

  • Basic attack gets damage boost, and increased chance to ignore defense at Omega. Sidious needed damage boost more than anything so this is good news. Ignoring defense is nice during raids but we'll have to see if this makes him raid-worthy.
  • AoE attack gets damage boost and Expose at Omega. Well this is interesting! You don't see Expose very much, I can imagine a scenario where Sidious can tee up opponents for Vader or Palpatine since Expose is a significant difference-maker.
  • Leadership Omega gets offense stacking for critical hits for Siths. So, if you can manage to either fight long battles, or stack critical hits, Sith will get stronger as the fight goes on. Still not the best Sith leader out there, but intriguing it is.

Verdict - Like Dooku, Sidious is relevant again. If you invested in him before the nerf-dom, you'll be happy to see his return to mediocrity.

Improved Darth Vader

The addition of Darth Vader shards to the Fleet Shipments has changed everything, in that now you see Vader everywhere. Of course this exposed the fact that while he could be devastating when used properly, he was still a far cry from the galaxy-conquering balancer of the Force from the prophecy. The Zeta update closed that gap, and these updates take him even closer to dominant status:

  1. Basic attack gets damage increased and additional damage at Omega. This has been the biggest critique of Vader since you need to spend 4 turns between skills. His "Terrifying Swing" was hardly terrifying, but if the damage gets brought up to even average level, Vader will be very popular in Squad Arena.
  2. Force Crush damage increased. Before you basically got all the damage from DOT, so if the opponent had high tenacity, this skill was completely useless. Now it's still prone to being useless again high tenacity, but when it connects, it'll hurt more.

Verdict - Just enough improvement to quiet everyone complaining about the mediocrity of non-Zeta Vader in the forums. It won't change the number of people using him, or how they use him, though.




Improved Savage Opress

As you know from the Clone Wars animated saga, Savage is a sympathetic character, turned evil after watching the death of his brother. I've always rooted for him, because he's truly shaped like a tank but you know that there's some sense of honor in his actions.

While we've all been asking for the obvious synergy with Darth Maul, we weren't given that. But these improvements make it at least 5x as likely that you'll Maul and Savage on a Sith team in Squad Arena in the new future:

  1. Basic attack more likely to lower offense, and damage boosted. Oh, and critical hits deliver lower defense 100% of the time. Wow! While it's almost impossible to fix his historically low critical chance, at least now it's going to be worth it. And honestly, they really needed to boost his damage. I mean, look at him, he's huge!
  2. Overpower at 50% at Omega. A fan-favorite has always been the Overpower skill which deals 99999 damage on toons in the red. Well now it'll work on toons in the yellow, which is a major development! Savage now becomes relevant in Squad Arena against high-HP tanks.
  3. Leadership defense changed from amount to %. WHOA~ At Omega, you could be looking at a Sith team that has +75% defense and 30% tenacity which promises a long, grueling fight. I can't wait to test this out in Squad Arena.
  4. Unique - he takes debuffs from a random ally. While not as good as Barriss Offee's complete removal of debuffs from the most damaged ally, this is still good news. My experience with Savage is that he's typically got the most health and defense on a given team so it's better that he deals with the debuff than someone else.

Verdict - Massive potential as a new Sith leader, and the renewed Overpower ability will make him more fun to use. I'm going to immediately put him to the test, and look forward to having him with Vader, Sidious, Dooku, and Palpatine.


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