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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH): Mid-End Game Farming Guide


Welcome and I want to start things off by thanking all of you who made my previous post so successful. Since November, SWGOH has gone through more than a few changes for the better. More than a dozen toons have been added to the game, and the developers have done an excellent job of breaking the previous standard metas. What this means for newer players is there are now more than a handful of very accessible teams for the free to play community to be successful in this area of the game. If you are a beginner, I recommend you check out my previous guide to help get you started, but once you’ve reached at least level 60 you should take a look at this guide. Please make a note of the first section of this blog as it answers a few questions my fans have asked about the first guide and addresses some elements that are now out of date. Enjoy.

Don't Farm Jedi's First (and other revisions)

For those of you who read my previous guide, my advice was to farm several of the easily accessible Jedi first. The logic at the time was that they are a requirement for the Grand Master Yoda Event. Don’t get me wrong, Jedi are still pretty powerful in this game and my Jedi team still holds its own in the top 500 ranks of my Arena Shard. However, ever since the Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader reworks, this past February, their viability has been steadily declining. They are still an excellent squad for the Rancor and AAT raids, but if you’re in a decent guild, you should be clearing that content on auto pilot by this point. Having the optimal teams for that content is no longer the best strategy as the new Sith Triumvirate Raid heavily favors dark side toons. I still recommend at least passively farming Jedi as Grand Master Yoda is still a great toon who receives a massive boost to his tenacity and potency in the Sith Raid. He also helps to counter the current Palpatine meta by boosting your team’s tenacity, so Palp and Vadar have a much harder time stunning or applying damage over time. Palp never stuns my Jedi team when I have Yoda’s tenacity buff up.

Another change I want to propose is that while beginning to farm the phoenix toons from the start is a solid strategy, you might want to consider first building a team of Bounty Hunters/ Scoundrels and then progressing as I laid it out in the beginners guide, I’ll break down why later in this post.

Lastly, I received a lot of questions regarding why the clone troopers weren’t part of my previous farming list. While they are a nice little team, to be honest, they are terrible. I’ve never encountered a clone team I couldn’t beat, just focus down Rex, then Cody to get rid of their healer and all their synergy just falls apart. Rex is the only trooper that is really worth farming as he works well in several teams, but he really only shines in the leadership slot, and there are so many better options for team leader, that I just avoid him all together. His ship is also sub-optimal compared to the dark side ships that just flatten the competition in arena. Hopefully clones will get a rework down the road, but I doubt they’ll be beefed up before Jedi get their time in the sun, so farm at your own risk.


Phoenix Toons are Stronger Than Ever

If there was one team that didn’t need buffing, it was the Phoenix Squadron, but they got a rework anyway. They were always the best Rebel team next to the CLS Meta (Commader Luke teams). This is do to Hera’s leadership allowing them to share the buffs from their unique abilities, but to top it off they each got Zetas during their rework back in the February. Zeb used to be my least favorite choice. Despite his unique causing the team to regain protection at the beginning of each of their turns, I always felt it was defensive overkill considering Choppers unique was constantly healing the team and giving them protection each time they were attacked. Zeb’s Zeta makes him a powerhouse dealing upwards of 40k damage under the right conditions. Kanan’s Zeta is also very popular due the foresight he grants allowing a teammate to ignore the next attack against them, and Sabine’s Zeta can land several exposes on the enemy and grants a monstrous amount of offensive buffs. Don’t neglect this team. Farm them as quickly as you can. Here is an updated list of where to farm them.

Sabine Wren: Dark Side Battles 1-A

Ezra Bridger: Cantina Battles 2-B

Chopper: Cantina Staore

Zeb: Galactic War Store

Kanan: Squad Arena Store

Hera: Cantina Battles 1-F


Bounty Hunters are Crucial to Farm

For a long time bounty hunters were one of the worst teams to farm in this game, but they received a massive rework at the end of April when the developers added the contracts and payouts mechanics to these toons. Several bounty hunters with leadership abilities now have a condition that needs to be met, such as deal damage to the weakest opponent 10 times. Once this condition is met, it applies massive buffs to all other bounty hunters. In addition, each bounty hunter has their own individual payout in the form of an additional buff unique to each toon. Here is a list of the best bounty hunters in the game and where you can farm them. Keep in mind they aren’t the most accessible team in the game.

Bobba Fet: Cantina Store (easy farm and the best leader if using for the Sith Raid)

Dengar: Occasionally in the Guild Store. (he is a must farm for the bounty hunter faction)

Greedo: Squad Arena Store

IG-88: Galactic War Shipments

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Bossk: The latest addition to the game is currently only available in packs. (also a great team leader)

The only other options are Zam Wesell and Cad Bane. Zam is the better of the two but is found only in the Guild and Fleet Store. There is so much to farm from the Fleet Store that I really don’t recommend wasting your time with her. Cad Bane is easily accessible through Galactic War Shipments, but he’s the most lack luster option. The problem with Cad is bounty hunters were reworked with PVE in mind. They are power houses in the Sith Raid and have two events they are needed for, Rebel Roundup, which drops a lot hard to farm Rebel/ Rogue One shards, and Galactic Bounties, which gives players an opportunity to farm really difficult characters needed for both Territory Battles. Unfortunately, Cad is designed to be a Jedi killer and none of the above mentioned content has any Jedi in them. However, its only a matter of time before Jedi get a rework, so he might not be a bad toon down the road.

All of the bounty hunters are also members of the Scoundrel faction, which you need to clear the Credit Heist event, so that’s 4 birds with one stone. I recommend farming them as early as possible.


Nightsisters are the Definition of Over Powered

One of my favorite things about the Clone Wars animated series was how they introduced force religions other than Jedi and Sith to the mainstream fan base. While fans of the comics know there are dozens of force religions, the Jedi/ Sith binary always felt a bit stagnant to me. The Nightsister rework earlier this year really broke the mold in Arena and they are amazing in every area of the game with ships being the only exception, because they don’t have any. The Nightsister strategy in a nutshell is, MAX OUT NIGHTSISTER ZOMBIE!!!!!

It really is that simple, even at 5 stars they are hands down the hardest team to beat in Arena. The Nightsister Zombie has a mechanic where as long as another Nightsister is alive, it just keeps resurrecting itself. If you get her Zeta, she revives with her taunt active. Couple her with Nightsister Acolyte and everyone on your shard will curse your name. If you play Nightsister Acolyte correctly she can essentially stay in stealth for the entire match. If these toons are the only ones on the board, your opponents will be forced to constantly target the resurrecting zombie as the acolyte slowly chips away at the enemy team, and there is nothing they can do to stop it. The best counter strategy against Nightsisters is to keep stunning the acolyte, which can be tricky. I personally avoid fighting them in Arena like the plague, and it can easily take 3-4 teams to take them down in Galactic War.

The only downside is while they are far more accessible now than they were three months ago, zombie and Mother Talzin can only be found on a single 20 energy light/ dark side battle, respectively. This means they are long-multi-month farms. Here is a list of where to find the best Nightsisters,

Mother Talzin: Lightside Battles 8-A

Asajj Ventress: Squad Arena Store (great leader ability choosing between Talzin or Asajj for leader is very situational)

Old Daka: Cantina Store

Nightsister Acolyte: Cantina Battles 2-A

Nightsister Zombie: Dark Side Battles 8-D

Avoid farming the other night sisters as they are sub-optimal. The only exception is the Nightsister Spirit whose abilites lets her shred past protection and is farmable through Cantina Battles, but I find myself at a loss when it comes to deciding what Nightsister to sub out for her. Daka can revive your team and all the others on this list are just too amazing for too many reasons to sub out in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

If you're enjoying the game and the content I've provided but having difficulty finding a guild that is actually progressing through all the bags of new content they've dropped this year, I highly recommend you check out Sigma Alliance . We are a group of guilds that are always actively recruiting. We have guilds that fit every play style and we've been very successful with progressing through the Sith Raid. All are welcome. Just make sure you follow the instructions for applying.

Stay tuned as my next blog will include an end game farming guide and updates for acquiring Jedi Training Rey.

Stay frosty my friends,

Darth Fonz, Out.


Eternal Student on August 01, 2018:

Daka can be farmed from Dark side 4b too (not only cantina)

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