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Star Trek Fleet Command Guide: Essential Tips and Cheats

Star Trek Fleet Command is the latest mobile entry into the Star Trek Franchise (there have been more than you might imagine) and to date it's arguably one of the toughest. Scopely, which is known for its free-to-play MMO games, is behind this one, and you'll be facing off against loads of other players while unlocking new ships, finding new officers to station aboard your bridge and in the crew, discovering resources such as Tritanium, Dilithium, Latinum, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Star Trek Fleet Command!

Right from the get-go, do a lot of missions in order to make progress in the game, to earn rewards, and to gain experience in the game. HOWEVER, do take a note of caution. Start off with the easy missions, and then work your way up to the tougher ships. Work your way up gradually; harder missions give better rewards, but if you take on missions that are too hard, you won't be able to complete them, and you'll end up stuck with no space to take on easier ones.

You need ship parts in order to build a new ship or to upgrade/tier up a current ship. The first rule of ship part farming is that the type of ship you destroy usually determines the type of ship part you get. Destroy a survey to get survey parts, and destroy an interceptor to get interceptor parts. Secondly, you also want to fight against higher level ships in order to increase your chances of earning 2* and 3* parts.

Mining for minerals can be complicated because there are a ton of solar systems with a ton of mines, each of which has its own set of minerals. Some solar systems have no mines, while some have two or three. Minerals and resources in this game include Parsteel, Tritnaium, Dilithium, Raw Crystals, and Oil or Gas (2* and 3* included). Make note of what mines serve you well and hit them as often as possible for the resources you want.

Upgrade your ships, not only to increase their stats, but to increase the number of officers that you can fit inside of them. You can station officers in two places: in the bridge and in the crew. The bridge is where your stronger, rarer, etc. officers should go, while the crew is where your weaker officers should go, but in general, the more officers that you have, the better.

The choice of what officers to put where isn't always an easy one, too; in fact, it often depends on what kind of ship you're using, and what its statistics are. You can go as well-rounded as possible and use officers to mitigate a ship's statistical weakness (I.E. use officers with high attack power on a ship that has low attack power). Or you can go the other way, pick one statistic to max out to a crazy level, and use a combination of ship and officer with the same strengths in order to do that.

Wanna switch servers? Right now, you can't, but Scopely plans to add that to the game. Instead, you can start back over with a new account by deleting the app, and then downloading it again and playing through the tutorial again. Be in a different location if you want to be on a different server, or use a VPN and/or a proxy server to make it look as if your phone or other device is coming from a different location.

Recruit tokens are how you execute summons in this game. At the beginning, if you are not happy with your initial mass-summon, you can delete the game, download it again, and then reroll for a better batch of summons. Recruit tokens can be used for more summons later on; sometimes a glitch occurs and the game freezes, and the summon doesn't take place, but if this happens, put in a helpdesk ticket, and you're very likely to get a swift response from the developers.