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Squid Game Trivia Questions and Answers

Can You Answer These Squid Game Questions? What Is Squid Game?

Have some Squid Game trivia fun with these questions and answers about this new Netflix series. What is Squid Game you ask?

Squid Game is a who will die, who will live thriller series aired on Netflix. The show is from South Korea and has an interesting twist on playing kid's games. If you win, you take away a fortune. If you lose, you die. The organizers of this game chose people who were down and out and in need of money desperately. It was the only way they could get anyone to actually play this crazy, deadly game.

The players surely did not realize the seriousness of the threats against them, because who in their right mind would actually agree to this game madness? They were in denial until the first person died in front of their eyes. The game has many twists and turns, so let's see how much attention you were paying and can answer these trivia questions.

If you are not familiar with Squid Game don't go rushing off to Netflix to watch it without a little bit of warning. This game is shocking. This game is violent. It is not to be watched by those weak of heart or with a weak stomach. It should not be watched by children. Take this warning seriously.

The Squid Game Trivia Challenge - Questions And Answers

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. How many contestants show up to play Squid Game?
    • 456
    • 453
  2. What was the first game played?
    • Red Light, Green Light
    • Honeycomb
  3. What shape did the old man carve in the Honeycomb challenge?
    • A triangle
    • A star
  4. Which of the staff members have the most authority?
    • The square
    • The circle
  5. How were the contestants chosen?
    • They were in dire need of money.
    • They were great game players.
  6. Contestants were surprised because the games were ?
    • Very difficult
    • For children
  7. Is it true that the game will end if the majority votes to not play?
    • yes it is true
    • no, it is false
  8. Who was Hwang Jun-ho looking for?
    • His older brother
    • His younger brother
  9. What country is Abdul Ali from?
    • Pakistan
    • India
  10. How many games are in the competition?
    • 6
    • 7
  11. Who was the last contestant chosen?
    • Oh Il-nam
    • Seong Gi-hun
  12. Early in the first episode what do we see Gi-Hun betting on?
    • The Horses
    • The Boat Races
  13. What is the first game played in the competition?
    • Red light, Green light
    • Hopscotch
  14. What is the man in the black mask called?
    • Mr. Squid
    • The Front Man
  15. Where are the contestants held?
    • An Island in North Korea
    • An Island in South Korea
  16. What did Gi-Hun do for a living?
    • Gi-Hun was a police officer
    • Gi-Hun was a chauffeur
  17. Why did Gi-Hun give his daughter a gift?
    • It was her birthday
    • It was Christmas
  18. Who wrote Squid Game?
    • Hwang Hyuk-dong
    • Hwang Dong-hyuk
  19. What do the drawings on the dorm wall show?
    • The contestants
    • The games
  20. How many players are killed playing Red Light, Green Light?
    • 255 players are killed playing Red Light, Green Light
    • 201 players are killed playing Red Light, Green Light
  21. How many Squid Game episodes are there in total?
    • 9
    • 6
  22. How many players are killed during the entire series?
    • 455
    • 449

Answer Key

  1. 456
  2. Red Light, Green Light
  3. A star
  4. The square
  5. They were in dire need of money.
  6. For children
  7. yes it is true
  8. His older brother
  9. Pakistan
  10. 6
  11. Seong Gi-hun
  12. The Horses
  13. Red light, Green light
  14. The Front Man
  15. An Island in South Korea
  16. Gi-Hun was a chauffeur
  17. It was her birthday
  18. Hwang Dong-hyuk
  19. The games
  20. 255 players are killed playing Red Light, Green Light
  21. 9
  22. 449

Squid Game Official Trailer

Unanswered Squid Game Questions

The ending of the Squid Game left me with so many unanswered questions and here are some I want answers to, and I bet you do too:

  • Who was the recruiter? Is there only one?
  • How did the staff get hired?
  • How did the staff get sorted into circles, triangles, and squares?
  • The games supposedly started in 1988. Are there always the same number of contestants? Didn't anyone notice almost 500 people a year disappearing for thirty years?
  • Is Gi-hun the only survivor who tried to tell the police what was going on?
  • Where are the other winners?
  • How did the guards who were selling organs get to set up that deal without anyone ever knowing?
  • Who knew that ll-nam was the boss?
  • Is Hwang Jun-ho still alive?
  • How did In-ho become the front man?
  • Who were the VIPs?

Squid Game Cast And Episode List

The Squid Game Cast - Main Characters

  1. Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun
  2. Jung Ho-yeon as Kang Sae-byeok
  3. Park Hae-soo as Cho Sang-woo
  4. Wi Ha-joon as Hwang Jun-ho
  5. Anupam Tripathi as Ali Abdul
  6. Kim Joo-ryoung as Han Mi-nyeo
  7. Heo Sung-tae as Jang Deok-su
  8. Oh Young-soo as Oh Il-nam
  9. Lee Yoo-mi as Ji-yeong
  10. Lee Byung-hun as The Front Man

The Squid Game Episodes

  1. 1. Red Light, Green Light
  2. Hell
  3. The Man with the Umbrella
  4. Stick to the Team
  5. Fair World
  6. Gganbu
  7. VIPS
  8. Front Man
  9. One Lucky Day
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Fun Squid Game Stuff And Information - Find Out More About Squid Game

List Of Squid Game Children's Games

  1. Red Light, Green Light
  2. Honeycomb
  3. Tug Of War
  4. Marbles
  5. Glass Stepping Stones
  6. Squid Game

High Risk, High Reward Dystopian TV Series And Deeper Thoughts To Analyze Squid Game

What is dystopian? Why is Squid Game considered to be in this category?

Dystopian is defined by Merriam and Webster as "an imagined world or society in which people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives" and according to the five signs of this kind of society are:

  • Government control
  • Environmental destruction
  • Technological control
  • Survival
  • Loss of individualism

Squid Game is a story about corruption, the classism benefits of being wealthy vs being poor, and about people wanting to survive. Despite the brutal challenges in this game we also see the very human traits we all have in that kindness survives, family matters, and sacrifices are made.

The giant glowing ball filled with money is a blatant metaphor on capitalism. We see the class struggles of society highlighted with the poor being constants in death games while the rich sit back and watch, eating and drinking and wagering over the games like people at a horse race.

Our contestants are given numbers and this lack of using names takes away a piece of their humanity. The children games played to the death is also kind of fair, you play well or get lucky, you win. You don't you lose, or in this case die.

The soldiers are also victims of these games, more in control than the contestants perhaps, but not by much. We don't have names to identify them, only the shape on their masks give us a clue to them. And it's to their rank, not to who they are. They are not here to judge the contestants, only to take out those who don't win in the games.

We get to see some of the humanity left in the main characters who are competing in the games. We see it in the pieces of their lives outside the games. For example we see Seong Gi-hun, a compulsive gambler who wants to get out and take care of his elderly mother and young daughter. We see Kang Sae-byeok, a young woman who wants to take care of her younger brother since they have been abandoned by their mother. And then there is Cho Sang-woo, someone who had the chance to make something of himself, but failed to achieve that goal and now hides that fact from his proud mother. There's Hwang Jun-ho, a police officer searching to find answers to a missing persons mystery that involves his own brother.

Another mysterious character in the game is Oh Il Nam, the old man. He says he's nothing left to lose but we find out that he is not in it for the money. He leads us and the other competitors on in this episodic quest to discover what? We don't know until the last episode airs. He has had us all fooled throughout the series.


HalloweenRecipes (author) on October 16, 2021:

And it was creepy! I couldn't get enough of it. Thanks

Gab Ov on October 16, 2021:

great article, the dynamic with a quiz are interesting, i saw the serie and i first time when the game light green - light red killed many persons, I just said at the time that "THIS was going to be creepy"

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