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Square Enix's 2021 E3 Presentation was... Surprisingly Decent...

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The title speaks for itself, as I was not expecting this showcase to be as good as it was. Not sure what kind of announcements might have elevated it for me, because I was expecting it to be at least better than the GearBox showcase. And since it was, I guess that's a win. But let's get into it with the assessment.

You're Star Lord. You've Got this... Probably... Me:"Wait, what...?"

You're Star Lord. You've Got this... Probably... Me:"Wait, what...?"

Please let there be a console port later on.

Please let there be a console port later on.

Why is it only on the Switch...?

Why is it only on the Switch...?

The Assessment...

Square Enix started off strong Guardians Of The Galaxy. Before I say anything I’d like to get something off my chest, as I’m shocked Guardians of The Galaxy has become as popular it has through the MCU. I remember coming across the comics in 2009, and never imagined GoTG would get this big. And this is the second game to be made with these characters aside from TellTale’s GoTG game. And the fact that it’s the second Marvel Comics game published by Square after Avengers.
That makes me nervous given how disappointing Avengers was for fans at launch. This game is a third person action game where you play as Star Lord and you’ve gotta save the galaxy. Which one? Dunno, the trailer wasn’t clear on that. This game drops October 26th 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC..
They even showed off a little gameplay. And with how you can maneuver Star Lord with his rocket boots, gives off Vanquish vibes. And that was a Sega title developed by Platinum Games. That and you can command the other guardians during combat, which gives it an action-RPG feeling.

Next was a brief announcement that Final Fantasy 1-6 remasters will be coming to Steam and mobile. It’s dubbed “The Pixel Remaster Series.” Hopefully there will be a release for consoles too. I guess if the demand is high enough. No specific date was announced, meaning I’ve gotta keep an eye out for that too. Fingers crossed for console ports later down the line.

Following that was Legend of Mana, which showed an animated cutscene with a little gameplay. Like one clip of gameplay was shown, and since it came out June 24th 2021, which was a week after Square’s E3 showcase, you think they would’ve showed off a little more. But yeah, Legend of Mana is now available on PS4, PS5, Switch, and Steam.

Next was announcement for new missions for Marvel’s Avengers. Honestly I’m surprised there are people still playing this game given all the negative press I heard for it when it launched. But apparently Square bounced back enough with this game to warrant the player and developer support.
So for the mission we’ve got The Cosmic Cube, where you have to save the future from the Scientist Supreme who wants to bend reality to her will. Then there’s Wasteland Patrol, where you search a wasteland for clues on how to prevent an oncoming apocalypse. And you’ll have to deal with randomized boss fights, which might not appeal to everyone.
Lastly was The War For Wakanda. Where you play as Black Panther and defend Wakanda and its resources from Ulysses Klaw. Wonder if this has multi-player too. Also Klaw turning into a giant vibranium monster gave me Avengers:Earth’s Mightiest Heroes vibes. And while this DLC will be available on PS4, PS5, Steam, and Xbox, there was no release date. Meaning it’s either out already, or it’s still in development, and I need to keep my eye out for when it drops.

Next was a a trailer for the mobile game, Hitman Sniper. A zoom out from a crowd, before panning to a sniper. That’s all we got. Granted an extended trailer that dropped June 13th. And that was the same trailer, except extended to a minute and 30 seconds. But apparently in Agent 47’s absence snipers were hired to work from the shadows. I’m guessing by the lack of gameplay it’s still in development, but the trailer announced it’s “coming soon.” So who knows when that is?

Following that was the mobile game NieR Reincarnation. A few snippets of some of the in game levels. Which makes sense since the game launched five months ago as of writing this. Don’t know why Square showcased it at this E3 then.

Following that was the War Of VisionsxFinal Fantasy mobile game. Announcing it’s limited collaboration from 6/16/21 -7/13/2021, along with Free 10x Summon. It is available on the Apple app store and Google play. But that means the collaboration ended this week as of writing this.

Next was Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which showed a few seconds of good old 8-bit gameplay. Though did my eyes deceive me or does this game feature characters from Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 10? Regardless it’s available on Google play and Apple app, and has a 5th Anniversary Countdown Campaign that started June 17th.

After that was Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, which went by so fast in its 21 second trailer, I didn’t catch the title, or get a good idea of what it was. But it’s multi-player battle royale where players are pit against each other to be the last man standing. Sounds like fun, but this is explained on Square’s site, not the trailer. You get to pick between multiple classes like warrior, sorcerer or ranger, each of which have their own abilities. Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier will be available in 2021 for iOS and Android.

Following that was Babylon’s Fall, which I hadn’t seen hide or hair of since E3 2018. And in that we got still image associated with a timeline of events. Here though, we get actual gameplay, and it looks really good. Well as far as action games go anyway. The gameplay looks like a mesh between God Of War, Bayonetta, and Metalgear:Rising Revengance. It’s slated to be released on PS4, Ps5, and Steam, though no official date was announced.
That and Babylon Fall will be an online MMO. I was expecting single or multiplayer story driven game. Plus it being online has me worried it might suffer the same fate as Final Fantasy XIV, before the revamp.

Next was Life Is Strange Remastered and Life Is Strange True Colors. Life Is Strange True Colors, much like The Adventures of Captain Spirit before it, takes place in a new town and has a different protagonist. And like the first Life Is Strange, the plot is mystery based, as Alex Chen uses her powers to uncover the secrets behind her brother’s death. I personally never got into this series because the execution never made the stories feel authentic for me. But I hope it’s enjoyed by fans of the series.
Life Is Strange:True Color will be available September 10th 2021.

And lastly we had CHAOS! I mean, Stranger of Paradise:Final Fantasy Origins. It’s developed by Team Ninja, and it showed, as the gameplay felt similar to the Ninja Gaiden
games from the OG Xbox to PS3 era. Not sure if Final Fantasy fans might like this, but I might. I enjoy a good hack ’n slash, and this looks right up my alley. It’s coming in 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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Finally some gameplay for Babylon's Fall

Finally some gameplay for Babylon's Fall

I probably should've played this when I had the chance...

I probably should've played this when I had the chance...

The Conclusion...

All and all that was a decent conference. I liked the games showcased, except Life Is Strange, but that’s more of a personal preference. I am bummed that you only play as Peter Quill in Guardians Of The Galaxy. I’m worried for Babylon Fall with it being an MMO worries me. But Babylon Fall’s been in development for roughly four to five years, so it might be fine.
I’m a bit hesitant about Marvel’s Avengers and its DLC, given how poorly received it was at launch. But it looks decent enough for me to want to give it a shot. I’m not fond of the smart phone games, but I do hope Square Enix gets their money’s worth for those.
I’m looking forward to Legends of Mana, and Final Fantasy Origin. I’m not sure what Square could’ve shown that would’ve made this a hit for me, but hey it was better than expected and better than GearBox. So I’m happy with that much.

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