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Soul Knight Game Review

Nowadays, everywhere you go, there are people playing games on their mobile phones during their free time. There are quite a lot of mobile games are trending right now. It’s either under the category of puzzle games, Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), adventure, sports, etc. But there’s this one game in app store that will be reviewed here in this article. I’ve been playing this game since 2018. I’ve been thinking, why not make an article review of it to let everyone know what this game really is.


The game is called “Soul Knight”. Soul knight was created by ChillyRoom and was released on the 17th of February 2017. It belongs to a dungeon rogue-like genre. If you have played games like this (like The Binding of Isaac), it is a nice game under this genre and platform. It has over 800 thousand reviews with an average of 4.5 rating in google play and 4.8 rating in app store. Not bad right? The game is more on adventure and exploring dungeons, collecting treasures and weapons, fighting with ghosts, aliens, and monsters. It features unique heroes with unique abilities, weapons according to it’s rarity and critical hit, buffs you can choose after every quests and different types of bosses in every level.


There are currently 15 playable heroes in the game. Different heroes have a unique set of stats, skills and starter weapons. Some heroes like the vampire, werewolf, druid, necromancer, paladin, and berserker can only be acquired by purchasing them with money. Before going on a quest, the player must select a character by tapping on them in the Living Room. Each character has their own set of skins, which can be purchased through coins you will earn during your adventure.

The Heroes of Soul Knight



The most versatile hero in the game (for me). The stats are balanced making this hero friendly for beginners. His starting weapon is ranged which is a pistol. This character’s special ability is very useful in handling every enemy in the game because the weapon currently equipped will be dual wielded thus giving out double damage. The only downside of this special ability is when a weapon equipped has high energy consumption. Yes, it gives double damage, but it also consumes more energy. The consumption could be mitigated by, if you are lucky enough for it to appear during a run, choosing a buff that gives energy upon killing enemies. The second skill of this character called “Weapon Superiority” which allows the Knight to use all the weapons (You’ve read it right. ALL weapons. Not just the one equipped). This skill will have a better output when you have a buff that lets the Knight carry a third weapon and the energy buff for efficiency.


A character that favors energy in her (from the looks, I’ll assume it’s a female) stats. When using this hero, you can be trigger-happy when using weapons because of the large energy pool. The special ability is really good when handling hordes of enemies as this skill also stuns them for a short time effectively making a breathing room for the player. This hero is perfect for support role in multiplayer because of high energy and the effect of her special ability. The high energy pool is perfect for sustained damage and her ability to disable. The second skill of this character is also great for disabling minor enemies and bosses alike. But unlike the first skill, this one has a ground area of effect and only cast in one direction. The choice in special skill could be depending on the player. Whichever skill he/she is comfortable to use.


My personal favorite. This hero is also a versatile hero for me. Unlike the knight, this hero doesn’t have balanced stats. His stats favors defense because of the high armor making him a tank in multiplayer mode. He gets more tanky because of his first special ability which gives him immunity to all the incoming damage and converts incoming bullets to energy (when skill is upgraded) for a certain amount of time. But despite this high armor, his health is too low with only 2 health points. This makes the paladin the hero with the lowest hp among the rest. When the armor gets low or broken, this low health hero gets more susceptible to damage especially when he doesn’t have the damage limiter buff. Without the buff, when the damage received is higher than the remaining armor, it can pierce through may kill the Paladin because of its low health.


The priest (or should I call Priestess), like the wizard, also favors energy stats than armor and hp. The priest could be pretty hard to use when playing solo. The low armor and health will make the priest very vulnerable to bullet hell situations especially when playing in “Badass Mode” (another difficulty which makes the game harder). The priest will be likely effective and easy to use in multiplayer mode as support. All her special skills provide an area of effect (AoE) healing. The first skill creates a circle with healing effect and the second skill will heal, replenish armor by 2, and increase the speed of all friendly units.


Another hero under my favorites list. Even though this hero only has an armor fit for a single hit (it will deplete after a single bullet hit from an enemy), his special ability compensates for it. The ability lets the Rogue to roll and dodge all incoming damage for the duration of the roll (about 1 second), and this ability only has a very short and reasonable cooldown letting the Rogue spam it in bullet hell situations. It could also be used to dodge the damage per tick of poison and burn (if you time the dodge right). When fully upgraded, the ability gives more critical chance to the weapon after using it. The second ability also has a dodge function but instead of rolling, the Rogue dashes towards the enemy and damages them.



I don’t play much runs with this hero even if I have trial cards to spare. His ability is perfect for solo play because he spawns a turret (maximum of 2 and not spawned all at once. The other one can be spawned after ability cooldown) to help him deal with the mobs and bosses. This reminds me of the commando class in Borderlands which spawns turret with their action skill. The second skill lets this hero equip an armor (similar to a C5H6O5 armor mount that can be crafted) for several seconds or until the life bar of that armor gets depleted. This skill makes this hero useful for bursting out mobs and bosses.

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Yet another hero on my least played list. Although it has high armor and reasonable health and energy, I still haven’t mastered using this hero yet. Its special ability is like the Wizard’s except all the lightning hits a number of enemies all at once and keeps damaging them for the duration of the skill. The second skill spawns drones that attacks with lasers and projectiles. This hero is really great for sustained damage. It’s just the cooldown that holds the effectivity of this hero.


One of my favorites. This hero also have balanced stats and has a strong damage output because of his special ability. The first ability lets this hero throw bottles that will produce a circle of poison gas on the ground that slows and damages enemies that walk on it. The nice thing about this is the damage of the poison gasses stack. The second skill will make the alchemist throw individual bottles that deals explosion damage and leaves poison/fire/ and ice on the ground (the ice bottle doesn’t explode). However, in single-player mode, this hero may be easily overwhelmed especially in Badass mode when no melee weapon is equipped because melee weapons can nullify bullets when struck with them. The hero could be useful in multiplayer as a support because the bottles produce reasonable sustained damage and disable the boss (slows if poison bottles and freezes if ice bottles)


Another least played hero of mine. This hero, like the werewolf, has a high amount of health but has low armor. The nice things about this hero’s special ability are its effect cooldown. It makes the Berserker’s current equipped weapon to fire at a high rate, increasing the burst potential, and it just have a low cooldown. I tried the second skill and it lets the Berserker fire a projectile from a weapon that divides to smaller projectiles hitting more enemies.


I’ve tried this hero several times in badass mode (not yet in normal). I just can’t finish a whole run with this hero. Maybe because of the stats and my lack of mastery. This hero could be useful damage sustain in multiplayer especially when holding a bow or any charged weapons because of his innate ability (each of the heroes has one when fully upgraded) that lets him charge weapons at a faster rate. The more weapons are fully charged, the higher its damage and critical chance. The first special ability is nice for handling mobs because it pierces through and explodes upon impact. Upon activation of this ability, the elf enters a locked position and manual aiming mode. I also haven’t tried the second ability yet. But with the description, it looks like a nice damage sustain for bosses in multiplayer or solo mode.



I played several runs with this hero. All I can say is the stats are balanced and his first special skill is similar to the Rogue. His ability will let him charge with increased speed, dodging all the bullets, and the first enemy he gets near with will be struck by a blade with high damage. The second skill makes a shadow clone (yes, like the ninja in orange clothes *wink*) when activated which holds the current equipped weapon upon activation. The effectivity of this hero varies on the player.


The Druid is, I think, the best spawner hero of the game. He will be much more effective with the pet/follower buff. His special ability spawns wolves that help him fight enemies. These wolves function as pets and the efficiency of these will be increased with the buff mentioned above. I haven’t tried the second skill yet, which you need to collect fragments and learn it after collecting.


This hero’s special abilities could be imbalanced at some points but the stats compensate for that imbalance. Why imbalanced? The first ability only spawns bats that damages enemies and steals health and energy from them. The damage and steal is dealt by EACH bat. The second ability just creates a blackhole that sucks all near bullets and enemies. The blackhole will steal life and energy from every enemy in it while damaging them. The stats and cooldowns, however, balance this hero. For me, he is not an ideal hero for the badass mode in single player. Because when overwhelmed, he could easily die without the special ability.


I haven’t used this hero much. But after I used this, I can say he could be tanky at times because of his high health. He’s like a reverse paladin. He has high health and low armor. Taking just a single hit will damage through the armor. His special ability, however, transforms him into a werewolf having melee attacks and gives him lifesteal especially when in low health. This hero could be perfect for players who prefer a “brute” type in dungeon games.


The newest hero as of version 2.5 of the game. This hero belongs to my least played heroes list. Upon trial, the stats make this hero inefficient in the front line and solo play because of low armor and health. This hero now automatically (for me) belongs to the support role. The special skill marks an enemy mob and after killing a marked one, a ghostly hand will be spawned from that enemy and will function as a pet. The ghostly hand can’t be killed and just have a certain duration. After its duration expires, the hand disappears.

Here are reasons why the game is good and why you should try it!

It’s free on the app store

Yes, it’s free on the app/play store. You can download it anytime and anywhere. Though, just some note that there are some characters cost money but can still be played by using a ticket that can be found during adventure/quest.

No forced ads

Yes, the game as no POP-UP ads! You can enjoy playing the game without those annoying forced ads. You can watch ads by your own choice when you want to buy a weapon that you like from a trader, or revive your hero to continue a run.


You can play with your folks!

It has a multiplayer game – up to 4 players. You can have an adventure, explore dungeons, and fight together with your friends. It would be an amazing adventure if you and your friends have different heroes to fulfill roles and be an efficient team


It’s a challenging game

Soul Knight is not an easy game. Bullet hell games were never easy especially for casual players of this genre. There are some bosses that are really hard to kill especially when you play solo and set the difficulty to “Badass” mode. Though it requires a fair amount of skill to find a bullet hell flaw and dodge a bullet wave, it is still fun to play.

Has cool original soundtracks and art

The game has cool background soundtracks, it makes the game more fun and challenging to play because the sound gives the mood on every quest especially on the boss level. Also, the pixel art of hero skins are really pleasant to the eye. For a free game, it is really nice to see that the devs put a lot of work on it. Worth supporting to be honest. My favorite soundtrack of the game is the final boss background soundtrack.

You have an adorable company

These cute, loyal and brave sidekicks of yours, depending on what you will pick, will always be there for you on your adventure and will help you fight monsters.


Possible cons:

  • Can be repetitive if you’re going to play for several runs
  • It could be hard to obtain in-game currency especially in the early stages of the game. iPhone users don’t have access to gift codes which gives gems for starters.
  • There are some minor grammatical errors

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