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My Favorite Male Skyrim Potential Spouse Marriage Guide

Dani has recently become interested in the awesome world of "The Elder Scrolls" and loves coming up with new, interesting builds.

The world of Skyrim is riddled with choices, and one of the most important is who you decide to marry.

Moth is an Orc blacksmith that lives in Markarth.

Moth is an Orc blacksmith that lives in Markarth.

Moth gro-Bagol

Race: Orcsimer

Gender: Male

Occupation: Blacksmith

Hold: Markarth

Follower: No

Unique Hearthfire Dialogue: Yes

Moth is an Orc Blacksmith that resides in the Understone Keep of Markarth. He serves as the Jarl’s personal blacksmith, but is still a merchant. He formerly served in the Imperial Legion for ten years with his sister. While all Orcs learn some level of blacksmith training from one of their mothers in the strongholds, it was in the Legion that Moth perfected his smithing skills.

Upon meeting the Dragonborn, Moth asks that you bring him a Daedra Heart to cool the Jarl’s sword, which begins the Miscellaneous quest “Coated in Blood.”

His political views are neutral, as he tells the Dragonborn that "The Empire has always been good to the Orcs, but this war of theirs is none of my concern." He also speaks highly of Thongvor Silver-Blood, whom he served with in the Legion.

His Hearthfire dialogue indicates that he prefers to raise children in a traditional way. Some of his favorite houses include Lakeview Manor in Falkreath, where your children will learn to be "little warriors" or Breezehome in Whiterun, where they are exposed to lots of trades. He doesn't think that Riften is a good place to raise children as they may "pick up a lot of bad habits."


Race: Breton

Gender: Male

Occupation: Miner

Hold: Markarth

Follower: No

Unique Hearthfire Dialogue:

Perth is a Breton miner found at Soljund's Sinkhole in the hold of Markarth. He will be waiting at the entrance to his mine when the Dragonborn first meets him, warning you of the dangers of dragur ahead. If the player chooses to clear the mine of this threat, Perth becomes available for marriage.

He is hard-working and dedicated to his job, as indicated by his interactions with fellow miner Tuthul, often telling him to "steel his nerves."

While not explicitly stated, it is possible that Perth is a member of the Forsworn, indicated by his warpaint and close proximity to several large Forsworn camps.

Stenvar is a Nord mercenary found in the hold of Windhelm.

Stenvar is a Nord mercenary found in the hold of Windhelm.


Race: Nord

Gender: Male

Occupation: Mercenary

Hold: Windhelm

Follower: Yes

Unique Hearthfire Dialogue:

Stenvar is Windhelm's resident mercenary and a devoted Candlehearth Inn patron. He, like most other mercenaries in the game, can be hired for a one time fee of 500 coins.

From a combat perspective, Stenvar is an excellent follower. He is a capable warrior and a hardy "tank," which makes him an excellent choice for ranged warriors and mages. He specializes in Heavy Armor and Two-Handed weaponry and is also proficient in archery. His default armor is Steel Armor and he will happily equip anything of a higher rating. However, he is prone to a bug that prevents him from equipping anything but his default bow. I like to think it's the hunting bow his ma gave him.

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Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on October 29, 2018:

I chose Moth gro-Bagol as well! He's easily the most attractive husband in the game.

This is a good article, but you should add a longer introduction, perhaps saying that you need the Hearthfire DLC to be able to marry people. I'd love to see this article on LevelSkip.

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